13 Best Places to Buy Outdoor Furniture Online


If you already don’t like shopping for furniture, buying outdoor furniture might seem like something you don’t like either. But it doesn’t have to be! Really, that’s not the case. The interior furniture is heavy, expensive and overwhelming. You have to think about both what works as you need it and what it looks like in a room and how the pieces look alike. It’s exhausting.

But buying outdoor furniture is a whole new game because this stuff goes outside, where there’s room to breathe, room to stretch out, and not four walls to constrain you. , you and your new penchant for patio chairs. First of all, this business is easier because there just isn’t as much to navigate in terms of furniture types. So if you’re not sure what you want, there’s not an endless amount of things to choose from. Generally, outdoor furniture includes dining tables, coffee tables and side tables, chairs, for dining, relaxing or lounging, and sofas. That is just about everything.

Plus, you can have more fun with the styling here. You don’t have to work around the same constraints you might have in a home, where you navigate odd corners and styles that look different when you’re inside your home. On the outside, you can mix and match a bit more, opt for materials you wouldn’t normally be able to – waterproof and rust-resistant materials – and you can go as far or opt out of color and pattern as much. as your home decor heart desires. Here are the 13 best places to start your outdoor shopping trip.

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If Target isn’t the first place to buy outdoor items on your list, get a new list. The outdoor stuff is like Target’s bread and butter. They have great basic sofas and decor, but they also tend to use family items that work double duty, like outdoor storage ottomans.



Also, Amazon. Amazon outdoor furniture isn’t quite as quiet as some other stores, but damn is there a lot. Come here when you need a dining or living room set, when you need something fast, or when you have no idea what you’re doing and just need a fucking chair now.



The item is where you go to upgrade your home furniture and decor. It’s a bit more high quality than the cheaper stores, which means it’s also a bit more expensive. But Article generally rates things by their value. You might spend a little more on that concrete chair or table, but it will also last you longer.

Bed bath and beyond


Bed Bath & Beyond is another highlight of outdoor furniture. There’s a ton of stuff online, sure, but they also tend to have great in-store setups, if you’d rather check out items in person before you buy them. Come here for the cheapest version of any pricey outdoor set you’re considering – and wait for the proven 20% off sales to hit.



CB2 stuff is cool and it’s fun. It’s definitely an upgrade from your starting outdoor furniture, but it’s also something you can build on. The style is modern but not so modern that it won’t easily match anything you have to do outside. Replace your cheaper outdoor furniture one at a time.



If you hate navigating the cluttered pages and pages that is the world of online shopping, go to Floyd. The brand does a few things well and organizes these styles tightly. The outdoor collection is simple: a table, a chair, a bench, or a set. Everything is made of aluminum and it is available in four colors.

Front door


Frontgate give me big Better homes and gardens feels in the best possible way. It’s like, I have a swimming pool and I’m going to decorate the hell. (I don’t, so I won’t, but if I did, it would be here.) It’s great for large spaces and seating lots of people.

Lulu & Georgia


Lulu & Georgia is for the chic, ideal for outdoor spaces where you want high quality things. Things are a little trendier, when it comes to outdoor furniture. There are lots of cool fabrics and playful shapes, lots of gigantic tables that are dramatic yet fun. It’s an atmosphere.



Come to Overstock when you have time to scroll and track sales. You have to wade through the pages a bit to find what you want, but if you have the patience, it’s worth it. There are often hidden gems that pop up from big ticket items at a discount and entire patio sets on the cheap.

TJ Maxx


Also good for bullying: TJ Maxx. They don’t have a crazy big online storefront, but it’s worth popping by once in a while if you’re on the slow hunt for bargains. If you have a store nearby, it’s also good to drop by once in a while. They tend to sell products from the previous season which have nothing different except a lower price.

Urban outfitters


Urban Outfitters has a small but tight collection of fun and playful outdoor items perfect for if you’re outfitting a small space or just for a person or two. There are indoor and outdoor chairs and side tables that look cool and useful together.



You know and love Wayfair for its home furniture, and its outdoor furniture is just as good. While there’s literally nothing missing from the site, it’s especially good for shopping for outdoor dining sets or anything that needs to accommodate a family.

western elm


West Elm is also very good for seated families and large groups of people, but with more attention to style. The exterior stuff is simple but beautiful. Lots of water resistant wood and extendable tables. It’s the kind of place you want to shop before a big outdoor barbecue you’re trying to impress people with.

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