15 Items From Wayfair’s New Minimalist Furniture Line, Steelside

Ah, Wayfair, how do we love you? As a homeware and décor site, Wayfair constantly charms us with its free shipping – no subscription required! – and a selection of products to rival Amazon’s home goods section in price and variety. You want a massive, horse shaped bench? Wayfair has got you covered. Need a worthy Don Draper low table? Ended.

“Steelside” can look like a lot of things, from a building materials processing center to the latest erotic novel by Danielle Steel, but it’s actually a brand new line of furniture and decoration (with a unique aesthetic) at Wayfair. And given Wayfair’s pedigree for delivering affordable yet expensive-looking furniture, we were eager to see why the Waybabes are trying to make Steelside a reality, and whether they succeeded.

Think about steel side as a “soft industrial” design. It feels like a more breathable take on 2000s industrialism that graced such hallowed design ground as CB2 and Catering equipmentwhose aviation-inspired pieces can be timed by my fellow reality TV goblins like the offices on sell sunset. The line has beautiful Brutalist tendencies for lovers of Ricardo Bofill, but southwestern rugs and raw wood shapes feel much more JB Blunkcool carver-off-duty that dorky Wright Brothers-core. Remember: Peak Steelside decor is not in the pattern, it’s in the material, so stay away from that propeller art unless you’re 12, or really into planes.

If you dig industrial design, but hate when it starts to feel too bro-centric, Steelside is also a sigh of relief. When the aesthetic focuses on earthy, minimalist materials and lived-in finishes, it moves away from the vibe of creaky, rustic, man-cave decor, and instead features tables, lamps, and loveseats that draw inspiration from spartan silhouettes of Japanese designand even a pinch of 1950 googie architecture. Furniture feels substantial, but not overwhelming; it’s the perfect design base for layering your home with tchotchkes, textured throws, and eucalyptus bouquets. It feels organic, personal and, in the words of the fraser Niles Crane character– « intimate, but just hard enough to pronounce to intimidate the scum.

We walked the whole line furniture and bedding, living room pieces, and more to bring you the best Steelside pieces in all price ranges to spruce up your apartment, just in time for spring. Wayfair also offers up to 70% off during his President’s Day Salewhich is a great excuse to give your living room some love and move on to the Steelside of life.

An inviting leather lounge chair

Our beef with a lot of mid-century reading chairs is that they look sexy, but not always so inviting. the Wassily chair is a work of art, but we’d rather choke on an ice cube than read it for an hour. Apartment living requires furniture that works twice, and you deserve a chair that’s both great to look at and to sit in, and the Akeem is one of the best-rated pieces in the range. It even comes with a little slot for your book or remote control.

steel side

Akeem Wide Lounge Chair and Ottoman

A minimalist chair with strap

This is what we call a “spare chair” first. We’re, of course, talking about the kind of chair that collects books and groceries, or tends to an unexpected guest’s tuckus. That’s why it’s crucial to have a spare chair that doesn’t take up a lot of visual space, but has more girth than your average folding chair. The “Storm” has a 4.6 star rating, with customers calling themselves “industrial, modern and [of] generous size but not heavy.

steel side

Large Storm Armchair

The best loveseat

This is the kind of loveseat you might find on Itemwhose sofa lookalike goes for a whopping $1,899. “We love this couch!” writes a Wayfair reviewer of the faux leather loveseat, which is made from real wood materials. “The distressed look is so cute. We were worried it might look cheap, but it’s far from it. It is also very comfortable. »

steel side

Aisha Square Arm Loveseat

The best accent mirrors

A key part of our design gospel is finding more décor that allows you to bask in your glorious reflection throughout the day. These accent mirrors from the Steelside collection aren’t your standard square or circular mirror, but rather the line between wall art, shelving, and another way to kiss you. The rustic wooden trio is perfect for witches and lumberjacks, while the Devonte shelf mirror is a great way to not only group together, but showcase some of your most treasured odds and ends.

steel side

Devonte Wooden Farmhouse Wall Mirror

steel side

Clancy Mirror Set

A mat that lets people know you have a “New Yorker” subscription

The Southwestern-inspired Astoria rug has a 4.8-star rating and customers say it won’t fade in the sun, is “soft underfoot,” and is easy to clean if you have pets.

steel side

Astoria Southwest Red Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug

A well-equipped library

Do you love mid-century design, but are tired of seeing angled legs on every MCM piece of furniture? Then this sultry piece came to your rescue. Known as the “Hendrix”, the premier media cabinet can fit your TV and/or record player, and comes with plenty of interior storage. Take it home while it’s huge 55% off the original price.

steel side

Hendrix multimedia and TV cabinet

The Best Steelside Lighting

Maybe you already have all the expensive furniture you need, but you’d like to trade in that rose gold and marble lamp you bought in 2016? (Ditto.) Steelside has quite a few minimalist lamps that would look great on a reading or side table thanks to their clean silhouettes and brutalist materials. Plus, the Crewe even comes with its own USB port.

steel side

Crewe desk lamp with USB and socket

steel side

Crystal table lamp

Minimalist bar stools

We love the look of custom wood furniture, but heck, the price can be high. The brown colored “Abington” chairs are made from solid acacia wood and will bring some welcome texture to your kitchen island or outdoor space, as they look much more expensive than they are. “I’ve been looking for this style for a long time,” writes one reviewer, “and struggled between a few. Couldn’t be happier with these! They’re solid wood and much heavier than I expected.

steel side

Abington 24″ Solid Wood Counter Stool (Set of 2)

A trendy wooden coffee table

Nothing says “I’ve got taste, but I’m down to earth” like a huge piece of wood working double time as a coffee table. A piece like this will anchor the whole room and beautifully offset every vase, tote, and meticulously stacked pile of TASCHEN art books.


Cassius Solid Wood Drum Coffee Table

But if you don’t want to waste floor space, the Annabel is another great option. It’s made from buttery mango wood and has rimmed edges that will make it harder for your cat to knock off any stray glassware.

steel side

Annabel Round Mango Wood Coffee Table

Steelside sconces kick ass

The iron material on these babies will be offset by the softness of your plants, and climbers in particular pothos and philodendrons will especially like to roll up their curved sides.

steel side

Josiah 2 Piece Iron Wall Planter Set

We learned the hard way that burning candles too close to the wall is fun and vibrant for about 10 minutes, then you realize you have a pile of smoke residue to clean off the wall. So when Saint Steelside offers covered candle wall sconces, we’re breaking that order button.

steel side

Wall light bracket

Frasier Crane Sheets

Don’t let Steelside’s obsession with iron fool you: he loves a comfy sheet set, too. We’ve always wanted sexy black bedding, and this subtly striped set definitely looks like something Frasier Crane, or at least a hot vampire, would own. Of course, they also come to Burgundy.

steel side

300 Thread Count Egyptian Certified Cotton Sateen Sheet Set

Happy zhuzhing, Steelers.

Rec Room staff independently curated all items featured in this story.

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