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The beauty of the vintage furniture market is that nothing ever really goes out of fashion – trends come and go but eventually regain their relevance as the next generation rediscovers them and brings them to life. If my colleague Hannah Martin has taught us anything with her object lessons, it’s that there’s always Something retro having a moment in design. Our interiors are a reflection of our inner world, providing a window into the most intimate part of ourselves. Even international pop stars like Harry Styles draw inspiration from the well of domestic life while challenging us to think outside the four walls that surround us.

According to 1stDibs, the top-selling vintage and antique categories that saw significant order volume growth in the first quarter of this year were dining chairs, wall sconces and sconces, and chandeliers and chandeliers. suspensions. Top search terms included Eames, Knoll, Thonet, Pierre Chapo, Cassina, Nakashima, Noguchi, and Murano, as well as styles such as Art Deco, Space Age, Brutalist, and Mid-Century.

During the pandemic, there has been a resurgence of interest in Cesca chairs, Togo sofas and Murano mushroom lamps. To find out what’s hot right now this quarter, I checked out seven top vintage dealers across the country on the latest bestsellers in their inventory so far. These collectibles are selling out so fast they can barely keep them in stock – act fast if you’re looking to score one of your own.

USM Haller units

“I’ve noticed that over the past year more and more people are turning to items that are built to last, timeless, modern and stylish. I feel like every time we buy a USM Haller unit it goes pretty fast, especially the colors. We have a few USM units ourselves and love them. »–Jessica Li, founder of renews

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USM Haller Credenza E2 Storage System

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USM Haller storage (C1AF)

Mandarin chairs Ettore Sottsass

“Bold and vibrant side chairs are moving quite quickly in our store. We recently had a number of Ettore Sottsass Mandarin chairs. There are always a few available on the market as they have been mass produced by Knoll , but the ones available are almost always in pretty dull colors. We had ours reupholstered in much bolder colorways, more true to the Memphis style, and they all sold out within minutes of being listed.”–Jonathan Sanchez-Obias, founder of main studio

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Set of eight Mandarin dining chairs designed by Ettore Sottsass for Knoll

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Tangerine chair Ettore Sottsass for Knoll

Marble nesting trio tables

“Anything made of marble…. What used to be only travertine demands, now people love richer colored marbles: hunter green, brown, red travertine, etc.Tricia Benitez Beanum, Founder of Ephemeral house

“We’re seeing a lot of interest in strong textural elements this year, such as stone and marble coffee tables, burnt woods, canework, and luxurious velvet textiles with geometric patterns.”–Sara Swan, co-founder of The Swan House

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1970s Italian travertine coffee or side tables – Set of 3

Sofa beds

“As for sourcing requests, we’ve had an unusually high number of customers asking us to help them find unique sofa beds this year! I don’t know if they’re low-key Airbnb schemers or they’re just optimistically trying to make their homes friendlier for a post-COVID world (knock on wood). Anyway, it’s been fun finding them for customers. We have an amazing vintage sofa bed in stock right now.”–Laura Weiszer, founder of Betsu Studio

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Umbo shelves

“It’s always had a cult following, and we’ve seen it trending in recent years, but it seems interest in space-age furniture continues to grow. I recently purchased an Umbo shelf for the shop, and it became one of my most engaged articles.–Jonathan Sanchez-Obias, Founder of Primaried Studio

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Umbo Vintage Mid Century Brown Shelf

Bruno Rey chairs

“Simple, elegant dining chairs like Bruno Rey’s Rey or the Magnus Olesen 8000 Series chair are bigger than they’ve ever been in the United States, and people are styling them with all kinds of table, proving the versatility of the chair.”–Daniel and Meghan Larvey-King, co-founders of Syndicate Home

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Black “Rey” Chair by Bruno Rey for Dietiker


“Waves and ripples are always in style, like these zigzag martini glasses we can’t seem to keep in stock, this wavy edge side table and matching coffee table (half of the set has already been sold), and this amazing full-length wave mirror that’s been in at least a dozen baskets this week!”–Laura Weiszer, founder of Betsu Studio

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Set of 4 Vintage Zig Zag Martini Glasses

Knoll Pollock Office Chairs

“Another item that is selling very quickly for us is the Knoll Pollock office chair. Now that more and more people are working remotely from home, it is important to invest in a comfortable yet stylish office chair. We usually sell them out within a few days.–Jessica Li, Founder of Renewfinds

The image may contain: furniture, chair and cushion
The image may contain: furniture, chair and armchair

Mid-Century Charles Pollock Desk Chair for Knoll

Chiclet sofas

“Chiclet sofas had a resurgence last year, and Herman Miller ended up reissuing them. I thought it would be harder to sell the vintage ones once that happened, but every Chiclet we’ve had after the reissue sold out within minutes.Like the Mandarin chairs, they have a really identifiable and fun silhouette, and the fast-selling ones are always in a vibrant color.–Jonathan Sanchez-Obias, Founder of Primaried Studio

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Vintage Ray Wilkes Sofa for Herman Miller Chiclet

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Wilkes Modular Sofa Group Sofa

Trombone stool K700

“Bar and counter stools are also in high demand. The K700 Paperclip stools are a fun and unique way to spice up a kitchen island.–Jessica Li, Founder of Renewfinds

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Set of four Mid-Century Modern Chrome K700 Paperclip Bar Stools by Kinetics

Sonneman Lamps

“Oversized, sculptural Sonneman-style lamps are popular in fabrications ranging from chrome and lucite to plaster and ceramic.”–Sara Swan, co-founder of La Maison du Cygne

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Robert Sonneman chrome cascade floor lamp from the 1970s

Modular sofas

“Sectional sofas are so popular because of all the ways to configure them. When we do these kinds of stories on social media, they get high engagement; it’s always fun to be creative with a larger piece of furniture like a sofa!”–Tricia Benitez Beanum, Founder of Pop Up Home

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Cini Boeri for Arflex Modular ‘Strips’ Pair of two-seater elements

Caprani Lamps

“The Caprani lamp is clearly not going anywhere either. They are never available in our store for more than a day or two. It’s kind of become a Home Union staple, and we still get requests for them all the time.–Daniel and Meghan Larvey-King, co-founders of Home Union

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Original Caprani bentwood floor lamp, ca. 1970

Tubular Jacks

“I also had this yellow tubular valet at the shop for almost a year, which finally sold out a few months ago. I’ve since picked up a few more, and they actually all sold out in my shop before I could put them online. A lot of people asked me if I was getting more involved. I think it clearly speaks to the interest in playful silhouettes, vibrant colors and the space age moment.–Jonathan Sanchez-Obias, Founder of Primaried Studio

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Vintage Tubular Metal Valet

Sculptural candlesticks

“I’ve noticed people are moving away from the sculptural candle craze and collecting more sculptural candle holders, which is a more sustainable investment. This pair fits both trends, and I’m surprised they’re still going strong. in stock!I have a few of these faux marble stands in my house that I am obsessed with.–Laura Weiszer, Founder of Betsu Studio

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Pipistrello lamps

“We have noticed that people always ask us if we have smaller prints or floor lamps available. For some reason, floor lamps are generally harder to find than table lamps. Another piece that is not for sale, but is generating a lot of interest is our Pipistrello lamp. This lamp is an eclectic piece that can definitely enhance any room.–Jessica Li, Founder of Renewfinds

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Large Pipistrello Table Lamp by Gae Aulenti for Martinelli Luce

Togo sofas

“We still get frequent emails and calls for Togo sofas all the time. Any design sofa with three or more seats never stays in the store for long. With the world experiencing some form of supply issues, the possibility of having something NOW is appealing. Many companies are delayed for a year or more for sofa orders! »–Daniel and Meghan Larvey-King, co-founders of Home Union

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Vintage Togo 3-Seater Sofa in Black Leather for Ligne Roset, France

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