4 albums, 2 years, a barrage of art for change by Justin John Scheck

Artist/producer Justin John Scheck returns months away from his debut album “From the Cradle,” announcing a barrage of art to come. He plans to write, record and produce four concept albums, including one every six months over the next two years. The first in the series he calls The Blue Collar Diaries is the upcoming album “A Drunk Monk’s Morning Daydreams On A Distant Planet Far Far Away Right About Now”. It is currently in the works and will be released on November 11, 2022, but will be available exclusively on Bandcamp on November 1 when the first single is released.

Continuing his experimentation with an MPC, an electric guitar, a midi keyboard and a computer, he again mixes hip hop, garage rock and pop.

The new album is written from the perspective of a drunken monk on his deathbed as he daydreams on a dying planet in another galaxy. He plays Anthropologist and Theologian and Lonely Drunk on 16 tracks spanning over an hour.

He doesn’t say anything else about what’s to come other than his plans for the final release. The final episode of The Blue Collar Diaries will be released in late 2024 just before the next presidential election and will be a political protest album titled A Peasant’s Voice. He is an unapologetic progressive and with all that at stake he wants to do his part as a citizen of the world. We are the superpower that can lead the world away from ecological disaster or we are the superpower that can end this organized human life experiment by continuing to line the pockets of the few until we and the Earth are gone . Armageddon, in this case, is an option chosen for us by the few. It’s up to us to stop the machine.

JJS also partners with Hope House in Kansas City, Missouri, a nonprofit organization serving the community by helping victims and children of victims of domestic violence. All, yes, all proceeds from these albums will go to Hope House, giving fans a whole new reason to buy any of his work. When asked why JJS proclaims he has what Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos will never have. Sufficient.


Justin John Scheck lived a life of adversity. He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and placed on disability in 2008. He hasn’t let that stop him in his mission to make hard-hitting music and he recently moved to Kansas City where he plans to to give back. He evokes these difficulties in “The Sea Is Red”, an extract from his first album.


Official site: https://justinjohnscheck.com/

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