48 calls to the municipal police on Tuesday, including theft of garden furniture, collision, abandoned vehicle and arrest for driving with drugs

Forty-eight calls have been made to downtown police in the past 24 hours – including reports of theft of garden furniture, a collision with three vehicles, an abandoned vehicle and an arrest for driving with drugs.

In his police report on Wednesday, Wrexham Town Inspector Luke Hughes also provided an update on some arrests made earlier this week and the whereabouts of the ‘Pram Bandits’.

Happy Wednesday, it’s the middle of the week and the weekend is approaching, the weather forecast is also looking good so let’s cross our fingers.

Arrived at work this morning bright and early (usually around 5:30/6am). It’s the best time of day and a time for copious amounts of coffee and lots of contemplation.

Take a look at the custody and I saw that the man arrested yesterday for the assaults in Rhostylen has been charged and remanded in custody he will appear in court this morning and that is absolutely the right decision, why should he be allowed to roam around showing aggression towards innocent members or the public.

I also note that we have arrested a man and a woman following a fight in a town center pub, behavior which is disgraceful, does not reflect the local licensees concerned and we have an excellent relationship with our licensees.

Unfortunately, it is sometimes the customer’s behavior that leaves something to be desired. We are now taking a much stronger stance on these issues with restraining orders and bail conditions preventing access to the city and authorized premises.

Additionally, courts can now issue “Alco tags” as a sentencing option, they detect if people are consuming alcohol and place them in violation of the order. Clearly not for those addicted to alcohol, but certainly useful against those who abuse alcohol and cause carnage.

So on with the last 24 hour review, in all fairness, an improving demand situation, 48 service calls and, as usual, a good mix.

08:42: Report of patio furniture theft from a location on Stansty Close, I’m satisfied I now have a series of thefts like this, I count at least 3 incidents all in a similar location, I also think I know who is responsible . I just need to prove it.

Officers were given clear instructions that they must stop searching anyone wearing a rattan sofa at 3 a.m. In all sincerity I feel for those affected, these items are very expensive and currently hard to acquire, I guess that’s what is driving the demand. If you have such items please just check your security and of course I always recommend home CCTV, this can often be a great deterrent and good evidence.

08:45: Concerns for a woman not seen for a while – everything is in order.

10:36 a.m.: Abandoned vehicle report St Margaret’s Way – vehicle causing obstruction and recovered. The police have very little power over parking at present; However, if it blocks access, the owner has found out the hard way.

11:10 a.m.: Two teenagers arrested for shoplifting at a large downtown retailer. One 12 and one 14 – case will be settled out of court and referred to the Juvenile Offender Team – my question is why weren’t they in school? Follow-up required.

11:29 a.m.: Call from a member of the public who states that there is a young man driving a silver Citroen like an idiot. Officers are on the scene and the vehicle has not been seen, no license plate number known at this time. If it was you and your reading, stop driving like an idiot.

11:50 a.m.: Reports of insistent cold calling in the Hightown Road area – never engage with door-to-door sellers, call trading standards for further advice, if it sounds too good to be true. . it is…

1:38 p.m.: Shoplifting, spirits stolen from large supermarket – man unknown but described as a repeat offender, officers reviewing CCTV.

I have been asked for an update on the Pram Bandits, I can confirm they have traveled out of the region, the pictures I have so far are not the best so rather than share them now, I’ll wait for them to be of good quality…rest assured they’re gone…and I won’t rest until they’re brought to justice!

4:08 p.m.: Rhosddu price lane/road RTC report – 3 RTC vehicles, one vehicle collides with rear of first vehicle, third vehicle collides with middle vehicle then fails to stop… . Investigations in progress..

7:15 p.m.: Reports of a man in Plas Coch business park – he is not allowed to be present and is actively begging – this person has a house but chooses to present himself as homeless – follow-up inquiries are ongoing – a support will be offered but his behavior now intimidates others.

7:39 p.m.: Report of an aggressive woman in the city center she is drunk and eventually arrested after an assault with a man she appears to be with, for the sake of clarity they are not part of our community of homeless and should definitely know how to behave better in public – also spits on officers while in police custody;

8:11 p.m.: A woman arrested for driving under the influence of narcotics.

10:17 p.m.: Report of very intoxicated man – Prince Charles road – this is the same man who caused trouble yesterday – NPT asked to look into and see what support we can put in place.

11:36 p.m.: Report of someone prowling around Cefn y Nant – officers present – area search negative and no offenses confirmed at time of writing.

05:56: Oh my goodness… a PC that will go unnamed (although I’m tempted) overturns in a parked car – minor damage to the police vehicle, tow bar on the parked vehicle…. The term fine cake was used…the supervisor contacts the owner and apologizes to make sure…. Not his finest hour….

Have a nice day everyone, stay safe.

Inspector Luke Hughes, Wrexham “City” Police Station

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