Alan Wake Anniversary Update Shares Alan Wake 2 Concept Art

The recent Alan Wake Anniversary Update interview shares details about the development of Alan Wake 2 and shares spooky and atmospheric concept art.

Yesterday, Alan Wake‘s IP got a special anniversary update from Remedy Entertainment. In this update, Remedy announced Alan Wake Remastered will be released on Nintendo Switch. In addition, the developer touched a bit on the development of its highly anticipated Alan Wake 2which was announced at the Geoff Keighley Game Awards last December.

In the special anniversary update, Vida Starcevic, Senior Community Manager at Remedy, interviewed creative director Sam Lake as well as the two halves of Alan WakeThe main character of , motion capture actor Ilkka Villi and voice actor Matthew Porretta. This included behind-the-scenes footage of Villi’s motion capture and how both actors are surprised and thrilled to return to the franchise. However, around eight minutes into the Remedy update interview, concept art is suddenly shown that offers a closer look at the survival horror atmosphere that Alan Wake 2 will look towards.


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Alan Wake 2The concept art of pushes the idea that pure darkness is a constant threat and will perhaps be part of every environment’s survival horror tropes. Dark areas are lit enough from distant sources to maintain an eerie atmosphere, such as when Alan is on a pitch-black rooftop or in a pair of lighted telephone booths outside the darkness of an urban neighborhood. Concept art of a dark forest is shown, which may refer to the same crime scene in the woods that was teased in Alan Wake 2trailer of.

But most interesting among the concept art is that of an oven or basement with a burst pipe flooding the room, while in the shadows is a creepy elderly woman sewing red fabric together. It may be purely a concept that will never reach a fully fleshed out character in Alan Wake 2, but it could also be shown intentionally to give fans a first look at one of its main antagonists. We know so few details about Alan Wake 2 apart from the ambient images that have been described so far.

In the latest piece of concept art shared, Alan stands ominously in the middle of a street, where shadowy birds can be seen. It may imply that swarms of malevolent crows will make a return, but no news on potential combat mechanics or any gameplay has been shared yet. However, the motion capture showed the actor holding a flashlight and a gun, so players might expect a similar combat approach to that of Alan Wakewhere shadowy enemies had to be scorched with light and then shot at.

Alan Wake 2 is planned for 2023 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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