Antigua: Meet a teacher who turns paper into beautiful art

Paper can be folded, folded, cut, glued, sewn, layered and molded into beautiful works of art.

And while many see paper as something to write or print on, teacher Bevian C. Browne-Greenaway sees beautiful two- and three-dimensional objects waiting to be created.

Browne-Greenaway is the owner of Cleo’s Gift Production which offers a range of exceptional handcrafted items.

Paper wall decoration by Cleo’s Gift Production

One day, while making greeting cards for her sister’s birthday, her husband told her it was time to turn her hobby into a business. And after doing some research, she decided to do just that.

The mother-of-six now puts a unique twist on fancy pleats using paper, a versatile craft material.

She said, “I used to look at things and find a way to make them different or special from what’s on display.”

Therefore, she started adding quilling and paper flowers to her designs.

Paper bag by Cleos Gift Production

Cleo’s Gift Production now specializes in perfect greeting cards and gift sets for men and women and made primarily from paper.

“I also make large and small flowers for decoration. I also do quilling which is an ancient paper art that is gaining momentum in the world now. Quilling can be applied to bookmarks, hair accessories, key chains, wall hangings, to name a few.

“Origami is also another hobby of mine that I’ve applied to bookmarks so far,” she shared.

Another interesting paper craft that can be found at Cleo’s Gift Production is selfie frames and quill numbers for birthdays and other occasions.

Fancy Fold by Cleos Gift Production

The 38-year-old’s creations can be had for as little as EC$5.

But in addition to paper, Browne-Greenaway also recycles bottles to create other works of art.

And although her business is still small, the owner says the goal is “to one day go to different businesses in Antigua and see my products on display.”

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