Antiques Road Trip comes to Petersfield Shopping Village

POPULAR TV show traveled to a rural trading village as part of filming for a new series.

Petersfield Shopping Village in Gosfield welcomed the Antiques Road Trip team to their grounds, as they prepare for the next series.

The village completed its grand opening just a few months ago and has been a big hit with the village and surrounding area.

In June they hosted the Antiques Road Trip team to view some of their items.

The series aired for over a decade, starting in 2010 on BBC Two, before moving to BBC One in 2013.

On the day in Petersfield, presenter and antiques expert Catherine Southon was on hand, joined by celebrity partner Charlene White of ITV’s Loose Women.

The show arrived in the trading village in its old form several years ago, with the new owners wanting them back.

Halstead businessman John Potter, who runs the venue with his partner Charles Dawson, was delighted to welcome the team to Petersfield.

He said: “Charles sent them several emails as they were here years before, and before we knew it we had a phone call on a Thursday asking if they could come on Saturday.

“Everything went pretty well, they came in at 4 p.m. on Saturday afternoon for a few hours, filmed the show, got quite a few people to watch them who were there at the time, it was great.

“Obviously we can’t report what they bought as it’s a surprise, but it goes without saying that they were very impressed with the selection of antiques in Petersfield Village.

“The TV program will hopefully air later this year, and we’ll let people know when we hear.”

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