Antiques Road Trip host James Braxton visits Mumbles to look for bargains

A famous face from a popular daytime TV program has been spotted in Swansea – and he was on the hunt for a bargain.

Antiques Road Trip sees experts set off on a journey across the UK in search of treasure and competing to win the most money at auction.

After that, they head to auctions where they put the collectibles up for auction and hope to make a profit. Antiques on display range from typical items like household items to one-of-a-kind finds that include historical artifacts.

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And, as part of the show, famed antiques dealer James Braxton was spotted scouring the Mumbles for items to auction.

He visited Langland Bay Antiques where he met the store owner, Jeff Joseph, who showed him around his store and helped him find some of the hidden gems on offer.

Inside Langland Bay Antiques

Mr Joseph said: “They were lovely, really nice people, and James Braxton is an acknowledged expert in his particular field.

“It’s the first time they’ve called to visit us. We’ve been here for three years, and I think our presence on Instagram, and on the net, and on Facebook, led them to see us.

“They’re trying to get a mix of the second-hand shops and the real antique shops that we have here.”

He added, “I really enjoyed meeting them and really enjoyed talking with them. It’s a very good advertisement for the store and it was quite well received by the information we put out on Instagram and Facebook.

“We have a lot of stuff here in the store that he found interesting, but not necessarily that he could afford. They give a budget of £300 for five days of shooting. That would get me through in half an hour! I respect the In fact they also do it for charity Although they don’t want you to be benevolent by just saying it’s for charity you definitely give them the items at a cheaper price because you have that at the back of your steer.”

The antique dealer bought two sphinxes at the store

Mr Joseph revealed that the expert did not leave empty-handed.

“He bought a pair of sphinxes,” he said.

“They were actually items waiting to be restored, but he liked them and I thought we’d make a deal for him.

“They don’t know themselves when it will be on TV, but usually they say it will be between now and three months from now. It’s pretty cool and it’s good for the store.”

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