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Antiques Road Trip experts Philip Serrell, Roo Irvine, Izzie Balmer and Raj Bisram are about to welcome a new face to their team. Mark Hill has joined the lineup of the BBC show and is ready to engage in some friendly competition with his cast members. On his first trip, he was paired with Roo and he gave a glowing tribute about their time working together.

Although he has only just joined the Antiques Road Trip team, Mark is no stranger to TV screens as he has appeared alongside Fiona Bruce on Antiques Roadshow since 2007.

He has also appeared on other BBC programs such as Collectaholics and Antiques Uncovered over the years.

Speaking of joining the show, Mark said: “It’s basically what I do for a living. Finding treasures in antique shops is what I do, so doing it with that kind of added competition makes me very excited.”

For his first trip, Mark was paired with longtime Road Trip member and “dear friend” Roo Irvine, to whom he paid a heartfelt tribute.

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He said OK! : “Working with Roo is really great. She’s so much fun, and I think what stands out is that they’re really two good friends traveling across the country with a competitive edge.”

Mark also teased what the duo managed to do on their outing and said: “There were a few occasions where I had some really nice surprises.

“Very, very nice surprises, but you will have to tune in to find out! I will say that there are some very good surprises with extremely pleasant results.”

Mark has a deep passion for treasures from the past and has revealed that he enjoys wearing vintage clothing and cares about being sustainable.

Roo recently celebrated Mark’s arrival on the show and took to the official Antiques Road Trip Twitter page to introduce him.

In a video, she began, “Hi Antiques Road Trippers, hope you’re doing well, I have some exciting news, a brand new expert, and he’s here right now.

“Enter the dragon… Mark Hill! How are you?” to which Mark replied, “I’m doing great, good to see you. Can’t wait to drive through Scotland with you.”

She also took to her own personal Twitter account and said, “Storytime with Roo & Mark! The only thing missing is a crackling log fire, because taking an @AntiqueRoadTrip with the legendary @antiquemark has been the equivalent of a cozy night in a winter storm, crackling fire and Brie De Meux! I’m really lucky! Come join us.”

Fans were eager to welcome Mark to the team, with Brian Peters tweeting: “Welcome Mark, what a wonderful way to start your road trip experience with the glamorous and talented Roo, although a word to the wise, refrain to wear a kilt in this beautiful windy weather!”

Susan Silver added: “Love Mark. Can’t wait to see him with you, Roo should be a fabulous road trip.”

While Anne Edward commented: “Good luck I’m sure you’ll break it.” (sic)

Antiques Road Trip is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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