Antiques Road Trip star Izzie Balmer sells iconic record players

Music fans yearning for ‘the way it sounded’ are in for a treat – the Chippenham auction house home to BBC Antiques Road Trip star Izzie Balmer is to sell an old collection of Wiltshire record players .

And if the starting bids have anything to do with it, they might go for a song.

Wessex Auction Rooms in Draycot Cerne, near Chippenham, is holding an online timed-only auction of highly sought-after vintage turntables made in Wiltshire at the legendary Garrard factory in Swindon.

The precision-engineered manufacturer was world famous for its high-end record players. But although music industry experts raved about the products made by the highly skilled workforce, the assembly line was closed in 1982.

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However, music lovers can now bet on a bit of nostalgia. Of the 47 lots in the auction, 42 come from a collection in Wiltshire and most of them were made by Garrard.

“There is already a lot of local interest in this sale,” said auctioneer Martin Hughes.

He added: ‘The collection comes from a lady in Swindon whose son has been collecting them for many years. He filled his garage with them, then decided he was done with collecting them and left them for her to dispose of as she saw fit.

“Sometimes it’s not just about being ‘high end’ or high value, it’s about collecting – and this collection ticks all the boxes for us. Garrard is an iconic brand, still highly collectable.

“Some people don’t know that there was a time when Garrard was the gold standard for quality all over the world. If you loved records, you wanted to listen to them on a Garrard turntable. What a great piece of history for Swindon and Wiltshire”.

The Wiltshire workers did the best.

Bids for the auction can be taken now – and the starting price for most lots is just £10. Auctions will end at 9 p.m. on March 20.

“Some items are of very little value, but there was no way I would let them end up in the landfill. In many cases the components are very hard to find and I expect many collectors will be interested by spare parts and repairs,” Martin said.

You can see the full auction here.

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