Antiques Road Trip’s Natasha Raskin Sharp Reveals Surprising Reason She Almost Lost BBC Role

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Journey on the road of antiquities Star Natasha Raskin Sharp quickly became a fan favorite after her first appearance on the BBC show in 2015.

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But did you know that she almost lost her role as presenter?

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Discuss with Sunday post before debuting, she explained how she got on the show: “I was doing Bargain Hunt when the executive producer of Antiques Road Trip called me asking if I wanted to audition for the show.

It was intense. I had to pass three or four auditions until finally, I got to a big meeting, where a panel of people, including the director, were looking me up and down thinking, ‘Is she going to be okay?’

“The thing is, I had something pretty big I really needed to relax – I couldn’t drive!

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Considering the show centers around the experts who go on journeys across the UK in search of treasure, a driving license is a crucial requirement.

Natasha joined the BBC show in 2015

Revealing the producers’ reaction to the admission, she said: “They couldn’t believe it. Everything had been soft and light up until then, but then everything got a little serious.”

Luckily, the job offer still stood, but on the condition that she quickly pass her driving test.

She took a crash course and passed on the third attempt. “There’s nothing like STV on the phone to watch you and help you fail,” she added.

The BBC show wouldn’t be the same without Natasha and it was thanks to her father, contemporary artist Philip Raskin, that she got into the antiques business.

Discuss with HELLO! Earlier this year, the 36-year-old revealed her father inspired her career when he took her to a contemporary art auction over a decade ago.

Natasha’s father is artist Philip Raskin

“It hadn’t occurred to me to work in the auction world,” the Bargain Hunt star said. “If it wasn’t for my dad, I wouldn’t have known you could do such exciting things. or auction contemporary art, which I continue to do to this day, and indeed, not only catalog them, but sell them from The Rostrum.

“So I have a lot to thank him for and I remember very, very clearly a real defining moment.”

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