Antiques Road Trip’s Roo Irvine lands an exciting new role away from the show

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Roo Irvine was a highly valued member of the Journey on the road of antiquities family since she joined the BBC program in 2018.

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Over the past four years she’s unearthed incredible antiques and made incredible profits at auction and now it’s been revealed that Roo has landed a brand new role on another show – and we think that Journey on the road of antiquities fans will be delighted!

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Roo, whose full name is Arusha Irvine, has been announced as one of the Bargain hunting new presenters. Although the Scottish antiques dealer and TV presenter has previously appeared on the show as a pundit, she will present the show for the first time later this year.

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Roo isn’t the only new face you can expect to see on the much-loved daytime show when it returns later this month as Caroline Hawley and Danny Sebastian were also announced as new presenters.

Roo will debut on the show on Monday, June 13.

The trio join existing presenters Natasha Raskin Sharp, Christina Trevanion, Eric Knowles and Charlie Ross as they scour antique fairs across the country in search of pre-loved pieces that will bring profits to members of the public, by head-to-head in the red and blue teams. The first episode of Roo will air on Monday, June 13 and will see her visit an antiques fair in Southwell, Nottinghamshire – so mark your calendars now!

Speaking about the shoot, she described it as “exhilarating, exciting and a lot of fun”, but added that the early start was not what she was used to as she is an avowed “night owl”.

Can’t wait to see Roo on the beloved BBC show?

“I’m a night owl and definitely not a morning owl, so waking up in the morning during filming often makes me cry into my pillow!” she explained.

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Nonetheless, she added that she “loved every second of it” because “Bargain hunting has such a happy and laid back vibe and it depends on the competitors and the crew. It’s like a big family. They say “do what you love and you’ll never do a day’s work again” – that’s definitely me!”

Away from her television job, Roo owns Kilcreggan Antiques, an antique shop in her home town of Argyll and Bute, Scotland, and lives with her husband Mark and two adorable Maine Coon cats.

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