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Furniture expert Lennox Cato got to know the Bishop of Taunton on a recent episode of Antiques Roadshow which gave him the rare opportunity to see the legendary 16th century Glastonbury chair. He saw the “truly wondrous” object at Bishop’s Palace, Somerset, which has been a site of special religious significance for over 800 years. After inspecting the historic piece, Lennox revealed it would be worth “many, many thousands” of pounds if it were on the market.

Lennox began, “It’s a proud moment for me to be in the grounds of the Bishop’s Palace and in front of me is this famous chair that I’ve only seen in books.”
When he asked his guest if she could tell him more, she smiled as she hoped he would be able to educate her on the historical subject.

The guest was the Bishop of Taunton and introduced himself to Lennox as Ruth.
However, she explained: “Glastonbury was reputed to be the place where Joseph of Arimathea brought something of the history of Christianity and the Christian faith and planted that famous thorn above the little Glastonbury Tor.

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The Bishop interjected to say she wanted people to see the chair, but joked that they weren’t allowed to sit on it because of its peculiarity.

Lennox then revealed he thinks people would pay “several thousand” pounds for the item if it was for sale.

“There’s not another one, it’s this one, it could be worth £50,000 or £100,000,” he explained.

“It’s something so special, thank you,” he told the bishop after evaluating the piece.

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