Antiques Roadshow Experts Baffled As Guest ‘With More Money Than Common Sense’ REFUSES To Sell Item

Experts at ANTIQUES Roadshow have been left baffled after a guest refused to sell John Lennon’s old door number – despite its staggering valuation.

The man took the plaque – which bore the number 251 – when the show traveled to Liverpool, where the Beatles formed in the 60s.


A guest on Antiques Roadshow had an old door number that belonged to John LennonCredit: BBC
The owner was told that the door number could be worth a lot


The owner was told that the door number could be worth a lotCredit: BBC

There were gasps in the crowd when he said it was the door number to the late star’s childhood home.

And people were even more shocked when antiques expert Raj Bisram told him the few could ‘easily’ fetch an incredible five to eight thousand pounds at a specialist souvenir sale.

“But it could double that, it could double that, it could really double that,” exclaimed Raj.

The owner explained that his uncle owned the property at some point after the Lennon family sold it.

He added that he was then “one of the few Beatles fans to have walked into the house for about 36 years”.

“When he was making changes to the door, he gave me the old license plate,” he said.

Clearly excited, Raj said: “It’s an iconic thing, you know, we’re talking about one of the biggest bands in the world.

“It’s the house number, it’s a great article.”

However, the man said he doubted he would ever sell the piece as he just liked having it in the family.

Viewers were stunned when the article was rated.

Referring to Lennon’s famous song, one quipped: “Imagine £5,000-8,000 for John Lennon’s original house number, might even be double that.”

Echoing their comments, someone else said, “Want to keep an old door number knowing it’s worth thousands.”

While a third added: “What a lucky man he has such a famous door number. Just sell it man!”

Antiques Roadshow is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

The number was on John Lennon's door


The number was on John Lennon’s doorCredit: BBC

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