Antiques Roadshow fans are in disbelief at guest’s jaw-dropping assessment of old razor

THOSE who tuned in to the Sunday night episode of Antiques Roadshow were stunned by a guest article.

The BBC show headed to Salisbury in Wiltshire for the episode, where they filmed outside the famous Salisbury Cathedral.


A man had an object that belonged to Napoleon
The razor was made from expensive materials


The razor was made from expensive materials

Hundreds of antique enthusiasts gathered on the grounds for the show hosted by Fiona Bruce.

The show opened with a very strong article from a guest.

A man came with a very old razor that had been in his family for centuries.

Antiques expert Marc Allum introduced the segment by saying, “I really need to ask you how the hell you seem to have Napoleon’s razor.”

The expert at the antique fair REFUSES to appraise the object
An Antiques Roadshow expert was shocked by a guest's cheeky royal memorabilia

The guest said: “In 1816 my great-great-great-grandfather’s older brother purchased this item.

“And there is an inscription inside the case written by him, where he explains that he bought it from a Prussian officer in 1816, who had taken it from Napoleon’s carriages at the end of the Battle of Waterloo, when the Prussians were pursuing and trying to capture Napoleon.”

Expert Marc was stunned by the razor, saying “the design matches perfectly with the designs of items in various travel kits commissioned by Napoleon.

“It’s absolutely perfect for me in terms of the overall design.”

He continued, “Interestingly, there’s no ‘N’ on it, but the other item we have is this, which is for sharpening your razor,” pointing to the other part of the antiquity of the guest.

Marc explained: “There’s a number ‘N’ on it, and there’s also the French imperial eagle on it.”

Moving on to the valuation, the antique dealer said there was “absolutely no doubt in my mind that these are period items, and obviously of good enough quality to belonged to Napoleon.

“So the question is, are they right? I think maybe a little more research to nail it down conclusively, but in my mind it’s very, very good. Looks like objects that carry the Napoleon’s DNA.”

He placed the value of the razor at between £10,000 and £15,000.

The guest was impressed, exclaiming, “Wow! Fantastic, thank you,” as the crowd behind gasped.

Fans of the show took to Twitter to discuss the rating.

A viewer said, “Shouldn’t something belonging to Bonaparte be in a museum?” adding “but DNA, looks like a cloning nightmare there, not too shabby for 10-15k.”

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A few found the antique rather odd, with one fan tweeting: “Napoleon DNA all over them 😖😖. I would wash my hands after touching these items”

As another commented, “Who the hell wants Napoleon’s death mask?”

The expert Marc was amazed by the antique


The expert Marc was amazed by the antique

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