Antiques Roadshow guest gapes as she learns secret message hidden on necklace

A guest on the ANTIQUES tour was left speechless after learning the secret message hidden on a necklace – and its enormous value.

In a classic episode of the BBC show, expert Geoffrey Munn met a lady who had brought in a pristine Fabergé necklace.


An Antiques Roadshow guest was stunned by the value and history of a necklaceCredit: BBC
The necklace was from Fabergé


The necklace was from FabergéCredit: BBC

As regular viewers know, Fabergé is one of the most famous jewelry brands around, and items that make it onto the show often end up with enticing valuations.

The necklace came in a “beautiful” box inscribed ‘K. Fabergé, Moscow’ inside, displaying the three blue eggs.

The guest revealed the item belonged to a friend who received them from her aunt and added, “She thinks they’re Russian but that’s all she knows about them.”

After acknowledging her friend’s hypothesis, Geoffrey said: “But I just want to discuss this article in a backwards way and tell you about the sky blue eggs with tiny diamond laurels.

“It’s quite important in a way, because in the tradition of jewelry, the color blue is for love and it’s something borrowed and something blue and what we have is clearly written .

“Above we also see tiny laurels with diamonds and it’s a visual revival of a Latin phrase that means ‘Love Triumphs Over All’.

“There’s also another message coming through here because these are Easter eggs and it’s a gift from someone on Easter in holy Russia to present to someone they love.”

Geoffrey then confirmed that it was a genuine item produced by Fabergé and added: “In 1917 a catastrophe occurred because the Russian Revolution took place and Fabergé’s empire was completely destroyed. completely and forever and so when we see these things going through the mound of excitement tremendously.”

“Your friend kept it in pristine condition and it’s kept in this box that signs it like a picture frame.”

He then revealed the item was worth £12,000 and the guest gasped, saying, “Oh my God, she’ll be ripped to pieces.”

She then added, “Just recently she had a pretty big fire in her house and she lost a lot of stuff, but it’s one thing that survived.”

Geoffrey replied, “Well, that’s wonderful, and maybe that’s a little compensation. But it was so exciting to see him here today.”

The guest was shocked to learn it was worth £12,000


The guest was shocked to learn it was worth £12,000

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