Antiques Roadshow guest is in shock when she learns the truth about the clothing collection picked up for £20

An ANTIQUES Roadshow guest gasped after learning the truth about a clothing collection she bought for £20.

In an episode of the BBC show, expert Judith Miller met a woman who brought her Biba fashion collection.


An Antiques Roadshow guest was shocked to learn the truth about her clothing collection
The lady had brought a range of clothes from iconic fashion brand Biba


The lady had brought a range of clothes from iconic fashion brand Biba

Judith asked how she got them and the lady replied: “Well the first trace was in the Daily Mirror.

“My father, who was English, bought the Daily Mirror and that’s where the catalogs were advertised.

“So I loved the Biba stuff, so I sent for the catalogs and most of those clothes are catalogs.”

Judith replied, “It must have been quite exciting to open them.”

The guest replied, “Oh, that was absolutely fantastic. It just blew my mind. My colors and everything, so yeah.”

Judith then asked what she had spent on clothes at the time, and the woman said: “£3.15 and sixpence. It was about the most expensive thing I’ve bought, which was the white blouse.”

Pointing to one of the models, she added: “I loved it so much. I loved the sleeves, I loved the style, and I got married in it.”

The women then discussed the famous Biba store which opened in Kensington and she asked the guest if she had ever been there.

She replied, “Just once, yeah, I went with my dad and he kind of said to me, ‘Hurry up, get in, buy something and get out.’

“Because he was absolutely mortified, all these hippies and hipsters, so that’s where I bought the nightgown.”

The time has finally come for appraisal, and Judith said: “In terms of value, oddly enough, your catalogs are actually worth a lot of money.

“I think for four of them I would say it’s probably £1,200, because they don’t come anymore, people have dumped them and they’re so menstruating.

“And I would say, really, looking at all of this, say, a specialist auction, we would be looking at something like £2,000.”

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The guest exclaimed, “Oh wow! Thank goodness. They probably cost me around £20.”

Judith replied, “Very good investment! But congrats on keeping them.”

The woman commented, “I just couldn’t throw them away, I loved them so much.”

Expert Judith Miller said the clothes and catalogs were worth around £2,000


Expert Judith Miller said the clothes and catalogs were worth around £2,000

Antiques Roadshow airs Sundays on BBC One and is available on BBC iPlayer.

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