Antiques Roadshow guest left stunned after silver bookmark was valued at exorbitant amount

A GUEST on Antiques Roadshow was stunned after her silver bookmark was valued at an exorbitant amount.

When the Antiques Tour The team visited the Woodhorn Museum in Northumberland, they were shown an eclectic range of treasures.


An Antiques Roadshow guest was gobsmacked during a recent episodeCredit: BBC
Grandma got her vintage silver bookmark appraised


Grandma got her vintage silver bookmark appraisedCredit: BBC

A guest and her granddaughter asked if antiques consultant Adam Schoon could inspect a vintage silver bookmark they owned.

But when he rated the unique-looking item, which was made by an esteemed company, they were left speechless.

Adam began, “Well, you brought this little hallmarked silver gadget, what do you think it is?”

The guest said she thought it was a page turner or a page holder for a book.

The expert said she was “absolutely right” that the bookmark was made by a famous London company called Sampson Mordan & Co.

“I mean, what a great invention,” Adam continued as he inspected the antique.

Adam then asked the guest’s granddaughter how much the bookmark was worth, but she smiled and admitted she had no idea.

He revealed: “There aren’t many and if I put this up at auction I would expect a minimum of £500-800.”

The pair were stunned by the staggering valuation before he told them they might even fetch a little more at auction than £800.

“It enlightened you,” he told the guest’s granddaughter who was still smiling about the assessment.

It has not been revealed whether the couple sold the bookmark or decided to keep it in the family.

Antiques Roadshow episodes can be viewed on BBC iPlayer.

Antiques consultant Adam Schoon said the unique-looking item could fetch up to £800


Antiques consultant Adam Schoon said the unique-looking item could fetch up to £800Credit: BBC

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