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Antiques Roadshow is a BBC favorite and in a classic clip from Wollaton Hall, expert Raj Bisram shared his thoughts on a guest’s signed photo. Former footballers Vinnie Jones and Paul Gascoigne appear in the image which has become one of the most famous photos in football history. The guest was surprised to learn that the photo could be worth thousands of pounds at auction.

Antiques Roadshow expert Raj couldn’t contain his excitement when he saw the black and white shot of Jones and Gascoigne.

The photo showed Jones grabbing Gazza’s groin as he tried to fend off the attacking midfielder.

“What an iconic photograph you brought,” Raj told his guest, who had a personal connection to the photo.

The guest shared, “I was the referee for that game, it was on my birthday, pretty funny.

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“It was a Premier League match between Wimbledon and Newcastle United.”

“I have to admit I didn’t see that incident,” he laughed as the pundit watched Jones’ unfortunate hand positioning.

“I mean, if you had seen this incident, obviously you would have booked Vinnie Jones, huh?” He asked.

The referee agreed, saying, “I suppose that would be uncourteous conduct.”

Jones said: “As a Newcastle free-kick was taken, I didn’t want Gazza to go forward for the ball.

“As we were jostling, he suddenly said to me, ‘You make your £100 today.’

“It was meant to be an insult, so I just grabbed it by the you-know-what and it was perfect. There was no mess.

“It was straight on the button and I didn’t let go.

“The game ended 0-0 so I guess everyone was happy the grab happened because there wasn’t much else to talk about.”

Antiques Roadshow airs Sundays at 8pm on BBC One.

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