Antiques Roadshow guest stunned as expert reveals hidden message in brooch donated by hubby

A GUEST on Antiques Roadshow was stunned when an expert revealed a hidden message in a brooch given to her by her husband.

Jewelery specialist Geoffrey Munn was also shocked to discover the stunning piece had an odd connection to royalty.


The guest was stunned to discover the value of the brooch1 credit
Geoffrey revealed that it was made by the famous Fabergé


Geoffrey revealed that it was made by the famous Fabergé1 credit

The woman had brought the small brooch to be appraised by Geoffrey, 68 – who was left speechless thanks to his connection to Tsar Nicholas II.

Asking the owner of the jewelry how she got her hands on it, she explained that it was a gift from her husband.

“That’s very nice, isn’t it, because jewel-buying husbands are an almost extinct species,” Geoffrey joked as he inspected her.

“It’s one of the most beautifully chosen, and I think it has a very interesting subliminal message, which is only secondary to what I’m going to tell you next, actually.”

He went on to explain that the brooch signifies being “forever stuck in love” with a horseshoe element to represent luck.

The diamonds were to represent the “forever” element, alongside a small spring of mistletoe that never sheds its leaves.

But the best news was yet to come for the female guest, as Geoffrey explained that the brooch was actually made by Carl Fabergé.

“It’s really amazing, because I looked at the back earlier and there’s a series of features, and they’re important for what I’m going to tell you next,” he said. added.

“Well it’s a sequence of hallmarks, not only do they tell me this brooch was made in Russia in 1900, but there’s also a hallmark there that tells me it’s made by the goldsmith the most famous that ever lived.”

After taking a moment for a dramatic pause, Geoffrey flipped the wick: “It’s a Carl Fabergé brooch.

“And it says 56 because there are 56 parts of pure gold and it’s made for the immediate circle of the Emperor and Empress of Russia.”

Explaining that the Tsar of Russia was a frequent buyer of Fabergé, he detailed the unlikely connection to Tsar Nicholas II.

“They bought exactly this kind of thing as a gift and in this case it’s made out of gold and decorated with this very interesting orange enamel and diamonds,” Geoffrey continued.

“And it’s a sentimental thing, and it did that job for someone, maybe in Nicholas and Alexandra’s circle, but it did that job for you too, didn’t it?”

“Amazing really. I can’t believe this happened – I can’t believe this happened to me, it’s been a wonderful journey of discovery.”

Finally, the expert revealed the possible price for the jewel, explaining that it could fetch up to £10,000 at auction.

“I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t, actually,” he concluded. “You have a gem of a jewel, but also a gem of a husband.”

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The guest was stunned to find it was worth £10,000


The guest was stunned to find it was worth £10,0001 credit

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