Antiques Roadshow viewers stunned as Helen Mirren’s ‘sassy’ design receives impressive review

AN expert on the antiques tour left a guest speechless after discovering the true value of one of her objects.

Lisa Lloyd was joined by a guest from the BBC show, during an episode filmed in Hackney.


Helen pictured in the portrait from years ago
The actress is now 77


The actress is now 77

The guest was eager to know the value of an astonishing portrait of a young woman that she had recovered a few years ago.

The framed drawing was actually of a young Helen Mirren and showed the award-winning actress naked.

In the artwork, Helen can be seen smiling as she tilts her head back and holds a sheet to her chest.

Lisa told the guest: “Now it might not be immediately obvious, but it’s 19 or 20 year old Helen Mirren.

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“Of course she became one of our most prominent actresses.”

The guest told Lisa that she found Helen’s sketch at Portobello Road Market, which is near her home.

She said: “I go there every Friday morning and look in the boxes and it was there.

“There’s a guy I see most weeks, sometimes he’s rubbish, sometimes not.”

The guest had picked up the vintage artwork because it was a “bit sassy” and “kitschy”.

Lisa replied, “Well, it’s those two things because it’s sassy and kitsch.”

The expert explained that the famous sketch was created by an artist named Nicholas Egon who was self-taught.

“She’s a bit sassy, ​​she’s got a bit of a spark,” Lisa said.

“It’s only semi-erotic, you can’t quite [see anything]’ Lisa added, which the guest said made the pic ‘sexier’.

The guest had paid £100 for the artwork but told her husband it cost £50, to keep the peace.

The expert told him that in general such portraits – if they were of an unknown sitter – would fetch around £150-200 at auction, which is already a profit.

However, she added that: “I think the fact that it’s Helen Mirren, we could probably double that to £300 or £400.”

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The guest was overjoyed, responding, “Oh that’s great, well I love that!”

Antiques Roadshow episodes can be viewed on BBC iPlayer.

Helen photographed with the painting


Helen photographed with the painting

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