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The first article today is the interview with singer Suzzonn – Art and Music Prevalent Everywhere – Singer Suzzonn. Here the singer talks about his early days in music and various other things close to his heart, including the fact that music is universal and not limited to particular regions. Let’s move on to the interview:

How did you come to be drawn to music?

I have always loved listening to music and singing. After a while, I realized that it was not like a normal person would like to do. There is more than that – a connection I have with music. I don’t remember exactly when, but after that I started singing for the audience and gradually started writing down my thoughts.

What did your parents say when you made this crucial decision?

The creative field was never considered a career option a long time ago and even when we are so progressive, preference is given to a stable profession. Coming from a bourgeois family, I have always known that their support would be questionable. They didn’t like my sudden career change at first, but eventually accepted it because they realized this was something I’m good at and that’s what makes me happy.

The music business is unreliable when it comes to monetary benefits. Your point of view.

I strongly disagree with this statement. I believe that anything can be fruitful or substantial if we are determined enough. And I’m earning enough for myself right now. It’s not just about the musical field, I feel it in all fields, if you have talent, patience and determination you will make money.

What prompted you to change your name to Suzzonn? And when was it?

My real name is Sujan Sinha, I was exploring and experimenting right at the very beginning of my career when I chose Suzonn for my stage name. Since it’s something unique, not that common and easy to remember or something that will grab attention.

Are you excited for a new upcoming song?

Yes. There are a few lined up. Right now I’m pretty overwhelmed with the response, got a song for myself Humse khafa ... It was released in November of last year on an independent label, Selekt by Koinage Records. Humse khafa … is about two people who are apart and the emotions that run through their hearts in this situation. It’s all about modern relationships.

What are you looking forward to?

Currently, I am looking forward to my new album, the first of this year. And me being a true believer of going with the flow, I’m not taking too much stress about anything else just yet.

The subways of central India are considered to be more hip places when it comes to art and music. You are based in Guwahati. Is your location right for you in terms of your job? Did you run into any issues because of this?

In my opinion, art and music were widespread everywhere, but now, thanks to digitization, it has become easier for artists to disseminate their art. My location is quite pleasant for my work, in fact it is a boon for my art as I prefer to work in a quiet environment. And I have all the resources available for me, because Guwahati is quite adequate so I have not encountered any problems here.

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