Art donated to raise funds for self-injury awareness for all

Over 150 artists from Cumbria donated over 250 pieces of art for an art sale to raise money for a self-harm charity.

The money raised will go to Self-Harm Awareness For All (SAFA).

SAFA President Ian Burns speaks out to help raise awareness of the full spectrum of self-harm.

He said: “Until I joined SAFA, I was very naive and assumed that ‘self-harm’ was simply related to people cutting themselves.

“Although this is one aspect of self-harm, there are so many other examples that people don’t consider to be self-harm.

“Self-harm is any form of action, routine or behavior that is not in your long-term best interest for your health and well-being.

“Once you expand the definition like this, self-harm includes all types of eating disorders; excessive alcohol consumption; the use of illegal drugs; excessive use of prescription drugs; excessive work; physical overwork; excessive risk-taking, etc.

“Suddenly, self-injury is not something extraordinary that only affects a few people, it is really important that we recognize that self-injury is much more prevalent in society than we imagine.

“Some people suffer visibly but others suffer in silence and all deserve our support.

“At SAFA, we don’t offer a standard ‘eight sessions and on your way’ course.

“We are able to handle all types of cases, from relatively minor to very complex, and the number of counseling sessions corresponds to individual needs, not to a predefined limit. So the message is that self-injury covers a wide range of things and help is available from SAFA if there is an aspect of your life that concerns you.

“Let’s also watch out for each other and look for signs when someone’s actions or behaviors are likely to cause them harm. ”

To raise funds for SAFA, Dalton artist Sharon Wendy Tait and a team of dedicated volunteers are launching an affordable art sale that starts at 6 p.m. October 25 through 8 p.m. November 28 via Facebook titled ‘ArtWorks – Art4All’ .

Following the great success of raising £ 20,000 for the mental health charity SAFA and Dalton Leisure Center in Barrow & Kendal, Sharon and her team decided to do more to help those in need of guidance and support.

Many people suffer from persistent mental health problems and one in four people will experience mental health problems at some point in their life.

There are over 250 pieces of art with something for everyone, prices range from £ 5 to £ 30, each piece would normally sell for a lot more. The sale will also give people the opportunity to own affordable works of art.

You can contact SAFA at [email protected]

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