The artwork was chosen from a diverse and striking list of 50 nominations for the best vinyl record covers of 2021, chosen by a panel of illustrious artists, designers and music industry experts. The 50 nominations form an incredible art installation in the window of the Hari, London from January 27 to February 17

The winner Fever dreams covered by Paul Phillips at True Spilled Milk Designs, sees a figure floating in a pool, a doe sleeping peacefully by the pool, starlight and dreams bouncing off the water, while appearing to grow from surrounding trees, a giant sleeping bear hovers above the stage. Playing on the idea of ​​scale, the image conveys the singer-songwriter of Villagers Conor O’Brien’s creative ideas of serenity juxtaposed with a sense of menace and the connection of the Big Dipper constellation of the disc. The artwork continues with a unique design concept of three more interchangeable sleeves cut out by the artist, using images from a “fever dream” of an elk, an eagle and a snake that are also represented by constellations.

The artwork stung Pop Legends, At Duran Duran cover for their 15and album, Future Past, which second blends and illuminates a pair of originally black and white images by a Japanese photographer Daisuke Yokota. Keyboardist’s use of reflective ethics Nick Rhodes, “We obviously have a pretty big past now, but we only ever look to the future.”

In third place, the photographer Jason Joyce for his stunning and fully intact final capture of the Singing Ringing Tree sculpture in Burnley for the thirteenth studio album by English hard rock band Thunder All the good noises. The final image used on the album cover is the result of a 24-hour chilling shoot under different lights. The dawn photo is the one that made the final cover and takes its place in the Best Art Vinyl archive of winning covers.

First place artist, Paul Phillips explains the concepts behind his work, “I got the idea out of my love of playing with scale, I love themes of seduction and being overwhelmed as I have struggled over the years with my own mental health and topics of anxiety and being overwhelmed are prevalent in my work I felt a giant sleeping bear was perfect for this concept I added the man and deer to hammer the scale of the bear, then the yellow dots are the dreams themselves. I liked the idea of ​​the three being asleep as if the image was a dream in itself.

It’s the 17thand winner of Best Art Vinyl Award, the unique contemporary art award that celebrates record cover design by bringing together the best of art, photography and graphic design in modern music culture.

The 2021 Best Art Vinyl winners join an impressive Art Vinyl archive of famous visual artists. Notably design studio Hipgnosis, legendary Dutch classical artist Pieter Bruegel, and the many unknown and unsung heroes of the music industry, who use design to create modern visual icons. Full archive here.

Founder of Best Art Vinyl, Andrew Heep comments, “We see vinyl records and vinyl culture continue to evolve to deliver an artistic statement complete with art and music. This year’s winning cover art is built around a self-contained frame border , which allows the owner to swap and enjoy all four versions of the cover with each work produced in the same style and theme. The originality of offering the LP owner both quality and quantity of artistry in one tidy package, simply shows how the humble vinyl record holds few barriers as to where this everlasting music format can take artists’ creativity with musical and visual artists working in a common passion for their art. “

Best Art Vinyl Award nominees and winners feature in numerous exhibitions in the UK and across Europe, and can be viewed at All designs will be displayed in the unique Art Vinyl Flip Frame which allows instant access to music and additional inner sleeve designs.

The 50 Best Art Vinyl 2021 records nominated with designer credits can be viewed at

A full list of each year’s winners is also available at


Sarah Baron: [email protected] + 44 (0)7941 242444
Andrew Heep: [email protected] + 44 (0)1474 816053/ +44 (0)781 581 2631

With thanks to the jury of the shortlist of Best Art Vinyl 2021 nominations:

  • Russell Oliver, Painter/Artist – Winner of Best Art Vinyl 2020 for IDLES ‘Ultra Mono’
  • Alison Fielding, Chief Creative Officer at Beggars Group
  • Andrew Heep, Founder of Art Vinyl
  • Rob O’Connor, Stylorouge Creative Consultants – Cover art credits for Blur, Squeeze, Morrissey.
  • Matthew Cooper, Designer mcooper – artistic credits coverage for Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand, Noel Gallagher. Winner of Best Art Vinyl 2016 for Last Shadow Puppets – ‘Everything You’ve Come to Expect’
  • Bill Smith, author of Cover Stories: Five Decades of Album Artwork book/cover-stories/bill-smith

Vinyl Art Traveling Exhibition Dates:

  • The Maison du Printemps Arts & Heritage: November 8 – December 23, 2021
  • The Hari Hotel London: January 27 – February 17, 2022
  • Haselmere Educational Museum: July 5 – August 27, 2022

Notes to Editors

Art Vinyl and Memory Box

Art Vinyl has held annual exhibitions to celebrate the best in record cover design over the past 16 years.

Memory Box UK is the company behind Art Vinyl and in 2008 for three years the first UK gallery dedicated solely to record cover design, the Art Vinyl Gallery on east london Broadway Market.

Memory Box is now responsible for organizing the annual Best Art Vinyl poll which brings together numerous record cover exhibits simultaneously showcasing the best record cover design of the year. Exhibitions from previous years have toured the UK in multiple public exhibitions and around the world Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Sweden.

Memory Box is the creator of the very first Flip the frame, a unique display frame designed specifically to celebrate record covers.

The first one Flip the frame “Play & Display” now has more than half a million art and music-loving customers. With a host of music and design customers, Memory Box under the “Art Vinyl” banner is well qualified to reach people who are passionate about music art and design.

The Hari, London

The Hari Hotel opened its doors in August 2016. The hotel is the vision of Dr. Aron Harilela, Chairman and CEO of Harilela Hotels Ltd, and the first hotel to open under the ‘The Hari’ brand. A second hotel opened in December 2020 in hong kong.

The Harilela Group was established in 1959 and is still 100% owned by the Harilela family. The Harilela Group is the parent company of Harilela Hotels which owns 15 properties across Hong Kong, China, Far East, Europe, and the United States.

About Vinylize

Since 2019, the Best Art Vinyl Award trophy has been redesigned and manufactured by Vinylize. the Budapest The based brand has been making eyewear by hand from unwanted vinyl records since 2004 and is a design pioneer in alternative vinyl culture.


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