BBC Antiques Roadshow guest floored by the value of the vase she uses as a rubbish bin

A BBC Antiques Roadshow guest was surprised by the true value of her vase. The guest took a vase which she used as a BIN on the BBC One favourite.

The expert’s assessment left the guest in awe. Expert Ronnie Archer-Morgan was tasked with running the rule on the item and giving it a price.

He explained: “They had a pottery there that was created by Michael Cardew in the early 1950s, right? “A very famous potter started working there around 1953 or 1954 called Ladi Kwali and he was the one who made this pot.”

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He added: “It was always a great balance, and it almost looks like the pot could float. His pots are really acclaimed around the world, I don’t know if you know that?”

The guest replied, “No, we really didn’t know anything about her. My husband with his work went to Nigeria and he saw that there was a Ladi Kwali street. And then you realized that she was someone.

“Ladi Kwali pots are very popular, people love them for obvious reasons. They are very decorative, they give a room that gravitates and as such they have value. This would easily be valued at £1,000-2,000. Oh. That’s great. Well, I’ll have to deal with it more now.

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