BBC Antiques Roadshow guest in tears over truth behind dad’s collection

A BBC Antiques Roadshow guest broke down in tears upon learning the truth about his late grandfather’s rugby collection. Expert Wayne Colquhoun analyzed the collection.

He estimated the value at around £1,200. “So it would be a shame to come to Dyffryn and not have rugby memories,” Wayne said.

He added: “And I see we have a few items here. Who is the man in the photo?” The guest then explained the background behind the articles.

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“It was my grandfather, Len Attewell,” he said. The guest then commented: “He was a farmer in Newport. Then he played rugby for Newport Rugby Club.”

Wayne told him: “Well that’s important to me because it’s almost the evolution of rugby in its very early days before the money got involved. It comes from athletic clubs starting I know Len started playing for a little local team called the Pill or the Harriers.

He asked, “So tell me about these caps, what were they assigned to?” The guest then responded by saying: “Well the red cap with the 1921, was the Welsh cap he was given for playing for Wales. And that cap is his Newport cap for being selected for the Welsh team which was donated by the Newport club.”

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