Best Online Garden Furniture Stores France 2022

Whether it’s a rattan dining set, a wooden lounge chair or garden sofas with decadent cushions, these are the online garden furniture stores to help you furnish your spaces. outdoors this summer

Best online garden furniture stores: from budget to luxury

Yes, we fully accept that the UK weather is as fickle as ever, but that doesn’t stop you from preparing your outdoor space for a summer of relaxation and restoration. Firm in our belief that “if you furnish it, it will come”, here are our favorite online furniture stores for superlative garden furniture.

You might think outdoor furniture is just a few aluminum lounge chairs and maybe a picnic table. And while there’s a lot to be said for keeping things simple, there’s plenty of more stylish furniture to check out.

Whether it’s a garden dining set, fire pits, parasols, hammocks or a plush outdoor sofa – the current ranges of outdoor furniture available are truly impressive and you allow you to cultivate your own haven of sunshine, no matter how limited the space you have, or how many people you need to organize your garden to entertain.

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Should garden furniture be left outside?

Let’s be honest: some of us will be conscientious about our garden furniture and treat it as it should – lovingly covering it overnight with a sturdy, weatherproof cover, or moving it into our shed. of garden.

But more of us, we suspect, will leave it outside all year round, regardless of the weather.

Whether or not this speeds up the disappearance of your outdoor furniture depends on the material of the furniture, its quality and its durability. Some of the most aesthetically pleasing pieces of furniture are made with a look first and foremost in the designer’s mind, but less concerned about its durability.

Here our advice is to make sure you read the product information carefully before ordering. Check – is it weatherproof? (you are golden). Rust resistant? Or just weatherproof (in which case you’ll have to treat it with kid gloves and cover it during the winter and in the rain)? Also pay attention to the weight – if you are in a windy part of our country, the weight will determine whether your furniture gets washed away or not.

Be sure to read the product information carefully before placing an order to check whether it is weatherproof, rustproof or weatherproof, and research the weight of the furniture so that it is not easily washed away by the wind.

What is rattan garden furniture?

Rattan outdoor furniture is currently having a ‘moment’ in the UK, proving to be an extremely popular option for people looking for outdoor furniture. You know the look: woven and a bohemian touch. But what is it?

First – it is not wicker, which is a style of weaving. Rattan, on the contrary, is the material used to make the weaving. This means that rattan furniture is most often not really rattanbut rather a synthetic material designed to mimic rattan.

The synthetic version is quite often cheaper and wears well, so it’s a solid option if you really like the look.

How do I start furnishing my garden with garden furniture?

As you would with your home – start with the basics and then you can further develop the “look” of your garden from there. It’s worth spending a little more on these garden staples, as they’ll likely last season after season, while garden accessories can be replaced more cheaply and more frequently.

The fundamentals ? A garden dining set – tables and chairs – is the best place to start entertaining, whether for others or just for yourself. If your space is limited, opt for a bistro or patio set – more jeweled, but perfect for lunching in the sun.

Got a little more space and money? Now add an outdoor sofa, lounge chair or deck chair. Once these cozy pieces are in place, you can expand the realm of lighting and heaters (or a fire pit, best of both worlds) to keep things going when the sun goes down, then aspects to make things more comfortable, such as sofa cushions and outdoor rugs.

What are the best online furniture stores in the UK?

Best garden furniture store:

Topa Garden Corner Dining Set

We love their furniture sets are both sleek, contemporary and timeless, as well as comfortable. Even better, they offer a sense of luxury at far from exorbitant prices.

what are they selling: fire pits, sofa sets, dining table sets, garden tables, bistro sets – everything, really.

Our favorite track: The Topa Garden Corner dining set offers luxurious sofa seating and a dining table for persistent lunches. Summer entertainment perfection.

Best patio furniture store for investment pieces: Cox & Cox

Canopy day bed Cannes

Elegant, traditional, comfortable. Cox & Cox is British style at its best – totally bucolic, dare we say old-fashioned, furniture for seriously decadent outdoor living. They aren’t cheap, but each piece screams quality.

What are they selling: Dining tables and sets, fire pits and braziers, daybeds and lounge chairs, garden accessories, hanging chairs

Best brand of inexpensive garden furniture: Aldi

Intex 4 person inflatable hot tub, £399

Of course, you already know Aldi, the mega discount store that sells almost everything. They have cult status among shoppers for their dupes of more expensive garden pieces at very competitive prices – most legendary, the sold-out Hanging Egg Chair.

Although there is a natural depreciation in quality, their furniture offers an impressive and affordable choice for those who want on-trend pieces but can’t pay full price.

What are they selling: Lounge chairs, furniture sets, gazebos, bistro dining sets.

Our favorite piece: Arguably not ‘furniture’, but the £399 Intex 4-Person Inflatable Hot Tub offers a fun, affordable hot tub you and your friends can relax in throughout long summer evenings. ‘summer.

Pacha outdoor lounge chair with swivel

The Conran Shop is great if you’re struggling to imagine how the pieces will work in your garden: the virtual consultation service helps you figure out which pieces of furniture would work best for your home and garden. The designers are top of the line and the construction impeccable – an impressive proposition.

What are they selling: A range of tables, chairs, sofas and decorative accessories.

Ideal for rustic garden furniture: Okay

Orseno Dining Set

Let’s be clear – there’s more to Oka than just their rustic pieces, but they absolutely excel at it, creating pieces of furniture that look just right on the outside.

Their constructions are immaculate – cleverly built to make the most of space, beautiful to look at and supremely comfortable.

What are they selling: Tables, seats and garden accessories. Particularly skilful with furniture made of polyrattan and durable wood.

Our favorite room: The Orseno Dining Set pulls off the trick of associating the grandeur of Camelot’s round table with a laid-back, seaside vibe. Ideal for relaxed extended lunches.

Ideal for sustainability and eco-consciousness: nkuku

Kadai Reclaimed Iron Campfire

We don’t include Nkuku exclusively for its eco-friendly credentials, impressive as they are, as the brand is dedicated to using natural and reclaimed materials and crafting its furniture using traditional methods to reduce emissions.

All of this would be pointless if the furnishings weren’t so beautiful – often with a natural, weathered look – and extremely comfortable.

What are they selling: A full range of garden furniture, including lighting, and a particularly large selection of iron fire pits.

Our favorite piece: The Kadai reclaimed iron fire pit has a beautifully burnished look and comes with a grill to turn it into an instant barbecue.

Ideal for original French artisanal pieces: La Redoute

Mela Acacia Garden Dining Set

La Redoute sources and distributes furniture from French artisans, which means their furniture is impressively crafted, often bright and colorful, and utterly unique. Despite those impressive credentials, it’s also very steeply priced – you won’t pay more for something no one else will.

What are they selling: A bit of everything, but their garden dining tables are particularly great.

Our favorite piece: The Mela Acacia Garden Dining Set is ideal for extended lunches outdoors. The high oil content of acacia wood means this dining set will last season after season – and only get better.

Lois garden sofa

Oh, M&S, you’re so reliable. Marky’s range of furniture and accessories is wide, covering a range of current and long-lasting trends, and quality is assured. The prices are generally reasonable and the after-sales service is impressive.

What are they selling: from lounge chairs, garden sofas to dining sets and accessories – they have it all.

Our favorite piece: At £129, the Lois Synthetic Wicker Garden Sofa is a bargain – stylish and comfortable.

Ideal for handcrafted, expertly crafted furniture: bomb

Capri Black Dining Table

Want to know more about Bombinate – they are very, very good. Expertly crafted, artisan-designed and garishly elegant furniture will elevate your living space from functional to ‘coveted’.

What are they selling: garden chairs, tables, crockery, accessories.

New Hampshire Transformer Set

If you’re looking for basic garden furniture at a reasonable price, the range is a great place to look, offering a well-priced and expertly constructed selection of all the basic garden furniture you can find.

What are they selling: Everything you might need, from furniture to accessories.

Our favorite piece: The New Hampshire Transformer Set is a living room suite with table and ottoman that cleverly transforms to save space when not in use. Clever and comfortable.

Ideal for premium brands: Amara

Braided Rope Outdoor Rocking Chair

Amara sifts through high-end brands to find stylish and sturdy pieces. With a mix of traditional and modern styles. They are not cheap, but you can feel the quality.

What are they selling: All the classics of garden furniture, with a particularly impressive selection of Hanging Egg Armchairs.

Our favorite track: The Rope Weave Outdoor Rocking Chair, a perfect blend of iron and acacia wood, is the stuff of outdoor relaxation dreams: just add a good book and a drink.

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