Camilla filmed the “Antiques Roadshow” episode at the Eden Project

The Duchess of Cornwall (left) with BBC presenter Fiona Bruce during a visit to the Antiques tour at the Eden Project. (PENNSYLVANIA)

The Duchess of Cornwall filmed an upcoming episode of Antiques tour to the Eden Project, bringing with her two objects to evaluate.

Camilla has visited Cornwall’s well-known biome greenhouses and the treasures she has brought for appraisal will be revealed when the episode airs on BBC One next year.

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She took part in the ‘Guess the Mystery Object’ quiz with jewelry expert Geoffrey Munn, and strolled through the famous gardens of The Eden Project with the show’s presenter Fiona Bruce.

Bruce, who presented Antiques tour since 2008, the host has said the Duchess is a “good sportswoman” who “has the full roadshow experience”.

The Duchess of Cornwall during a visit to the Eden Project antiques fair in Bodelva, Cornwall.  Picture date: Tuesday September 6, 2022.

Camilla was said to be a “good sportswoman” that day. (PENNSYLVANIA)

“I think the Duchess really enjoyed visiting the presentation tour. She was such a good sportswoman and spoke to many of our visitors here, the crew and our specialists,” she said.

“She brought a few items, and our bookseller and silver specialist told her about them. So I’d say she had the full presentation tour experience – this is the last program we are filming this year and what a wonderful way to end with such a special guest.

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Camilla later met Dylan Kilpatrick, 16, and his mother Amanda Fishlock, from Cornwall, who had brought a painting by their ancestor, 19th century artist Robert Ponsonby Staples, of a family on a boating outing of sea.

When asked what Camilla thought of the painting, Dylan replied: “She said she was jealous, she said she really liked the figure in the foreground.”

The Duchess of Cornwall (left) with BBC presenter Fiona Bruce during a visit to the antiques fair at the Eden Project in Bodelva, Cornwall.  Picture date: Tuesday September 6, 2022.

Camilla and Fiona Bruce visited the famous Eden Project sites. (PENNSYLVANIA)

Camilla also spoke with Sandra Matthews, 77, who brought a prayer book she said once belonged to famous 19th century French actress Sarah de Bernhardt.

“Camilla was really interested because she knew who Sarah de Bernhardt was,” Matthews said.

Elsewhere, Camilla met the former cabinetmaker Christopher Thorp, who had a book of furniture prices printed by the London Cabinet Makers Union in 1811.

Thorp, who has since retrained as a tropical ecologist working for the University of Plymouth, said the Duchess asked him about his former profession and his interest in the craft’s history.

Antiques tour returned to BBC One for a new series on Sunday, with a guest bringing a pair of Queen Victoria trousers to review.

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