Cat-Furniture Boot Tuft & Paw Raised $ 1 Million With This Pitch Platform

  • Jackson Cunningham is the founder of the Tuft and Paw cat furniture and supplies brand.
  • He shared the pitch deck he sent out to investors to get $ 1 million in seed funding.
  • Cunningham recommends that every founder make a pitch deck, even if he’s not raising venture capital.

When Jackson Cunningham adopted his cat, Jiggity, he realized that there weren’t many options on the market for stylish cat beds and trees that matched the rest of the decor. her apartment in Vancouver, British Columbia.

“It was so cheesy and cheesy,” he told Insider. “It’s different when you live in a very small space as an adult with a cat than in a house as a child.”

So in 2018, he founded Tuft and Paw, a direct-to-consumer brand that designs and sells aesthetic pieces for cat lovers, as well as supplies like litter and food. Cunningham began by reselling products imported from Europe and Asia, but after selling several times he went on to develop the brand’s own items.

Tuft and Paw have raised $ 500,000 in previous funding rounds, according to Crunchbase, and raised $ 1 million in its last round, which Insider verified with documentation.

Even if your startup isn’t planning to raise capital yet, Cunningham recommended building a pitch deck. “It forces you to really clarify and focus your own thoughts as if you have to defend them,” he said, adding that doing a pitch deck also helped him plan for the next few years.

He shared his pitch deck with Insider and walked us through each slide.

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