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Martin Kemp, 60, is a highly regarded musician and actor known as the bassist for Spandau Ballet and for playing the role of Steve Owen in the BBC soap opera EastEnders.

Given Martin’s success and popularity, over the years he has amassed a large and dedicated fan base who enjoys discovering the details of his life behind the scenes.

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Something that not many people know about Martin is that he’s not the only famous face in his family.

Martin’s brother is legendary musician Gary Kemp, and the couple are known to appear together in the Spandau Ballet.

Additionally, Martin has been married to singer Shirlie Holliman since 1988, best known for her work with the band Wham! during the 1980s.

Martin’s son Roman is also a familiar face on radio and television.

The showbiz bug seems to run in the family, and Martin and Shirlie’s son Roman is a popular radio host known for hosting his own breakfast show on Capital FM.

Roman even entered the popular ITV I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here contest, and came in third place.

Another aspect of Martin’s life that he’s been incredibly outspoken about is his struggle for health in the past.

Martin Kemp has lived with epilepsy since undergoing brain surgery in 1995 and is passionate about raising awareness of the disease.

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Speaking in Health awareness , Martin said: “I live full time with epilepsy – I have been on medication for about 18 years, but with the right treatment epilepsy can be suppressed – and it is with me.

His epilepsy started after surgery to remove two brain tumors: “The things that happen to me after my surgery are the result of bruises and trauma to the brain and thank goodness most of the effects are gone.

“But obviously for a lot of people it doesn’t and they have to live with it every day.”

He continued, “I still have some scars, not just physical scars but mental scars from what happened over 18 years ago.”

Martin Kemp will appear on Celebrity Antiques Road Trip at 7 p.m. tonight (Friday, November 26) on BBC Two

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Celebrity Antiques Roadtrip: Martin Kemp on the more famous son and his 30-year marriage to a popstar https://fewandfar.net/celebrity-antiques-roadtrip-martin-kemp-on-the-more-famous-son-and-his-30-year-marriage-to-a-popstar/ Fri, 26 Nov 2021 18:30:00 +0000 https://fewandfar.net/celebrity-antiques-roadtrip-martin-kemp-on-the-more-famous-son-and-his-30-year-marriage-to-a-popstar/

Martin Kemp has a long history of his family’s involvement in his success, hitting hard with his brother and lead guitarist Gary as the bassist of the Spandau Ballet in the 1980s.

The Highbury-born star has a long history of working with various members of her family, starting with her brother and ending with her son Roman.

He’s back on UK screens alongside his famous former wife Wham! Backing vocalist and half of Pepsi & Shirlie, Shirlie Holliman on the antiques hunt on Celebrity Antiques Roadtrip this week maintaining a theme that has followed him throughout his career.

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Even after the Spandau Ballet broke up in the early ’90s and Martin became an actor, he collaborated with his brother Gary as they played the Eastern gangsters, the Kray twins, in the 1990 film The Krays.

Martin and his brother Gary with whom he has worked since the very beginning

Martin began to involve his family even more in his work in 2008 when he started his own production company and directed a 20 minute short film starring his brother Gary, his son Roman and his wife Shirlie.

Since then, his son has become more and more involved in his father’s work, with the father Martin happy to play alongside his son.

Martin and Roman would share the screen together in a factual series for Channel 5 called Dangerous Adventures for Boys which was the first time but certainly not the last.

In recent years, Martin has collaborated on several occasions with his son Roman.

Roman, who is also famous for presenting mental health documentaries and hosting Capital Radio’s breakfast show, appeared alongside his famous father on Celebrity Gogglebox and co-hosts a breakfast show on the weekend with him on ITV.

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The duo almost became a double number on television, with one appearing very often with the other.

Roman opened up about his close relationship with his father, telling Hello, “We have one of the best father-son relationships I’ve ever known.”

“I am very fortunate to live in a family where we get along.”

Martin also opened up about his son and how he raised him saying that he and his famous wife were not disciplinarians and always tried to be friends with their children.

He told Hello, “We didn’t sit around the table and talk about being celebrities. It was all about work – and when I see Ro now, he has a fantastic work ethic. “

Martin’s long relationship with his wife Shirlie was also the subject of an autobiographical documentary called Shirlie and Martin Kemp: It’s a Love Story. explores the relationship of more than three decades between the two.

The couple have been together for over 30 years
The couple have been together for over 30 years

The couple married in 1988 and share their son Roman and daughter Harley Moon.

Martin told the Daily Mail the first time he saw his future wife: “I had seen Wham! On Top Of The Pops sing Young Guns, and I couldn’t take my eyes off Shirlie.

“I thought she was the most beautiful woman I had seen. Two weeks later, we were at a VIP screening, and there she was.”

“I gave her my number, but she didn’t call me for three weeks.”

Shirlie admitted she was intimidated by her popstar status, but she finally called and the rest is history.

Martin said: “Shirlie and I met very young, and the key to a lasting relationship is truly true friendship. Shirlie is truly my best friend.”

Both will be on Celebrity Antiques Roadtrip tonight at 7pm on BBC2.

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Monday night my homework for antiques | Thomasville weather https://fewandfar.net/monday-night-my-homework-for-antiques-thomasville-weather/ Wed, 24 Nov 2021 01:09:00 +0000 https://fewandfar.net/monday-night-my-homework-for-antiques-thomasville-weather/

Click here to listen to this article!

I consider Monday night to be my homework night. I still watch the Antiques Roadshow on PBS. I learn something each time even though the episodes are reruns. It was there that I learned that there is a collector for every object known to man and somewhere there is a subject matter expert to explain it.

The Antiques Roadshow finds the experts and puts them in front of the camera to explain the items brought in by random people. We have no idea what anything is worth until these experts explain it to us. Watching them, I learned that old Beatles clothes are worth a fortune, like pretty much all aging sports memorabilia. Provenance is everything when you attach value to something. That is, if someone can trace an object back to a famous person because his great-uncle was a friend of said famous person, it is worth much more because of the stories attached to it. An example of this in a recent episode of Roadshow was a letter from Abraham Lincoln to a man’s ancestor. It was a personal letter in which Lincoln expressed his feelings in an emotional way to the ancestor who was a personal friend of Lincoln’s.

According to the expert, there were many letters written personally from Lincoln, but very few of such a personal nature where Lincoln revealed his feelings in such a moving way. The letter was worth several thousand dollars. Much of the value came from the story the owner told and his personal knowledge of how his ancestor was attached to Lincoln. Because he could prove the connection and the context, it really enhanced the value of the letter.

Another example from the same show was a photograph of Babe Ruth with a personal inscription to the father of the person who brought the photo. that the person had because their great-aunt owned a boarding house where the team stayed when they were in town. This particular set of ball team photos was worth… a million dollars!

Everything about the Roadshow isn’t that valuable, but you’d be surprised what it is. Who would have ever thought, apart from a small group of collectors willing to shell out the money for said items, that a collection of framed barbed wire could be worth six figures? Who would have thought that a three foot tall statue of little dude Alka Seltzer would be worth thousands of dollars? Admittedly, it was a collection of the greatest Roadshow hits brought together in one show. Not all shows have all of the elements that are superlative, but they are all outstanding or they wouldn’t be on the show. worth years later. I look forward to seeing if it’s worth more or less now. I like to try and guess for myself in the brief moment between showing the price at the time of recording and the price years later to see if the value has gone up or down. I’m not almost always right. The things I guess are worth more often turn out not to be. It’s like a quiz.

One thing that is often the big loser in value is furniture. For some reason, some really beautiful 200-year-old handcrafted pieces aren’t worth anything now than they were a few years ago. The year 2008 seems to be the turning point in the value of furniture. I think we can look back and think of that time as a little depression that we were in and didn’t really realize it. The period is already called the Great Recession, so we recognize that all was not well after the stock market plunged. This is how things go throughout history. Around three hundred years ago, tulip bulbs were considered such a valuable currency in Holland and other parts of Europe that they were worth hundreds of dollars for a bulb. Of course, it was a speculative market, and the bubble burst. What was valuable in the tulip bulbs yesterday suddenly has no value.

We have seen this happen over and over in the collector market. A few years ago, miniature stuffed animals called Beanie Babies were very collectable. Some were determined to be worth much more than others, for no rhyme or reason. The ones with the little tag that said the mark always on the ear of the little stuffed creatures were worth much more than the ones that had the tags ripped off by their little owners who had the temerity to play with the creatures. .

This fashion came and went. We still see Beanie Babies pop up in the market every now and then, but there are no frenzied collectors who come and rave about finding such treasure. Sometimes people go into ecstasy over unexpected objects, but this is usually due to a personal attachment to the object. For example, one day a woman from Mobile arrived and found a bottle of milk from a long-bankrupt Marengo County dairy.

The dairy had belonged to her grandparents and she had never thought of finding a moment there. It turns out that one of our salespeople is from Marengo County and found the bottle of milk along with a lot of other things. Funny how it works.

It is always interesting to hear about works of art on the Antiques Roadshow. Often times people have a painting that was in the corner of their basement collecting dust and just decided to grab it to bring it to the Roadshow just for fun because they won the Roadshow lottery tickets and had to choose something they owned to get it. evaluated.

Turns out it’s worth a lot of money, which brings me to another point. If the reviewers appearing on the Roadshow are not paid, what do they have to pay their own money to come? First, there is the name they make by being in front of the camera as experts. Second, although they are not allowed to buy and sell during the Roadshow, they may receive follow-up calls from people who have had items rated and then buy the items from the people or receive a commission from them when they do. they help the owner find a buyer for the item. Sometimes the reviewer will lose money over time when they pay a high amount for the item.

An appraiser recently talked about buying the Alka Selter plastic guy from the owner for the appraiser’s collection and over time the Alka Selter plastic guy was worth a lot less, but the appraiser said he did. liked and that he was happy to have the guy in his collection of toys and folk art. We all have stuff like this in our collections. Ask anyone who loves fine china. Those sets that we inherited or bought in the past are now worth considerably less than they were when they were purchased. They are beautiful, hand painted and trimmed with gold.

When I got married I collected a set called Rosalind by Havilland. It was sold locally by Lisenbe and Bedsoles, so I received a lot of it. I must have taken a lot of the plates that I received from Lisenbe’s back because it turned out that Sadie bought a lot of the de Havilland seconds and sold them in premium quality. They all had yellowish rims instead of the white intended by the manufacturer. I can talk about it now because she is dead and there was no damage since I was able to return them for other gifts.

Now, no one of the youngest wants it at all, whether it’s first or second quality. One of the reasons no one wants fine china is because it has that golden edge that makes it microwave safe. This is certainly a downside in today’s world. If it doesn’t go in the microwave to reheat it, it’s not very good for serving it. I definitely want something that I can throw in the microwave and the dishwasher. A lot of people wash all of their fine china by hand and I probably would too if I didn’t care about porcelain conservation.

I don’t, so I just put mine in the dishwasher and let it rip. I guess no more often than I actually use fine china, it can’t remove all the gold from the rim in a few washes. Today, cardboard plates are preferred for large family reunions. Such is the evolution of society. We move forward and leave the gold plating behind us. We collect items because of the personal meaning we attach to items. If we want a wall-mounted crank phone, we want it because we saw one of our ancestors standing next to it and talking into the mouthpiece. We don’t admire it as a thing of beauty except for what it reminds us of or because it comes from a time that we somehow feel attached to.

As I stop and philosophize about why I am in the antiques business, I realize that I love to sell memorabilia and meaningful items. I like to collect them myself and share the overflow with other collectors. As the holidays approach, we will be collecting more souvenirs. Someday we might be able to look back at the items from our Thanksgiving parties and say, “Do you remember those little disposable plastic jars with the red lids that we put the leftovers in?”

They were so nice. I wonder what happened to them. I wonder why we didn’t save them? Today we certainly collect those little glass fridge dishes from yesteryear. Of course, things were much more durable then because they had to last. Today we live in a disposable society. Wondering what people will collect in the future?

Are they going to dig landfills to collect all the plastic and styrofoam that collects there? The future of the collection is yet to be discovered. I know a guy who has a first computer motherboard framed on his wall as art and do you know what? It’s pretty. Humans are born hunter-gatherers.

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BBC Antiques Roadshow: Top 7 Reviews Featured Will Leave You Stunned | Television and radio | Show biz & TV https://fewandfar.net/bbc-antiques-roadshow-top-7-reviews-featured-will-leave-you-stunned-television-and-radio-show-biz-tv/ Mon, 22 Nov 2021 16:47:00 +0000 https://fewandfar.net/bbc-antiques-roadshow-top-7-reviews-featured-will-leave-you-stunned-television-and-radio-show-biz-tv/

The Antiques Roadshow has exhibited some of the UK’s most precious gemstones since 1979. There are winners and losers, with some hopefuls being told their possessions are worth next to nothing – but sometimes an unsuspecting collector will bring back an item. ‘worth several million. .

England Cup

A retired silver cup was brought in by former Leeds United player Eddie Gray in 2016.

Donated to the National Football Museum after being bought at auction in 2005, the trophy was valued at around £ 1million when it was valued on air by Alastair Dickenson.

The play rioted among some Roadshow fans, who said it didn’t matter because it wasn’t from someone’s attic.

Faberge flower

The most expensive item ever on Antiques Roadshow is a rare Faberge flower, estimated to be worth £ 1million in 2017.

The remarkable antique has a diamond center and is made of gold, silver, rock crystal and enamel – the timeless item even came with the original presentation box.

The six-inch-high flower is one of 80 surviving “botanical studies” created by Fabergé in the early 1900s and handed down by a regiment of soldiers for many years.

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Model of the Angel of the North

One of the most expensive items to appear on Antiques Roadshow was a prototype model of Anthony Gormley’s famous Angel of the North sculpture.

Experts valued the coin at £ 1million – more than Gateshead’s council paid for the 66-foot-tall sculpture itself.

The valuation was the first seven-figure sum in the history of Antiques Roadshow.
Barbara Hepworth sculpture

A school librarian had the shock of her life in 2012 when she brought in a bronze sculpture of Barbara Hepworth that had found new life as a paperweight.

The piece was donated by the deceased artist to a school in St Ives, Cornwall, before her death in 1975.

It turns out the coin was worth over £ 700,000 and now resides in a museum – not a teacher’s desk.

Mobile lover by Banksy

World famous artist Banksy is known for his street art and anonymity – and a painting was seen on a doorway opposite the Broad Plain Boys’ Club in Bristol.

The photo showed a man and a woman kissing while checking their phones.

There was a dispute over who owned the art, however, Banksy wrote to the club and said it was theirs.

The Boys’ Club sold the painting in 2014 for £ 403,000 and the money was used to keep the club going.

Crawley Money

In 1994, a young man came to Crawley to have an amazing collection of silverware estimated.

Appraiser Ian Pickford was stunned by his collection, with rare items like stirrup cups and an early wine taster.

The astounding collection was then sold for £ 350,000.

Antiques Roadshow is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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Pottery vase by Vally Wieselthier – AgriNews https://fewandfar.net/pottery-vase-by-vally-wieselthier-agrinews/ Sat, 20 Nov 2021 14:30:00 +0000 https://fewandfar.net/pottery-vase-by-vally-wieselthier-agrinews/

Artists often create works in many different mediums – ceramics, painting, sculpture, jewelry, and even metalwork. After World War I, many artists traveled to different countries and schools to learn new “looks” and new techniques. England, France, Germany and Scandinavia were prominent art centers.

Vally Wieselthier (1895-1945) was famous in Germany in the 1920s but almost unknown in the United States. She was born in Austria and studied with Michael Powolny from 1914 to 1920, then continued to work with the artists of the new Wiener Werkstatte. She was a leading ceramic artist and designer, making figurines, female heads, vases and more.

In 1929, she moved to the United States and worked in New York making large ceramic statues and also designed tableware for the Sebring factory in Ohio; ironstone tableware designs for Mayer Pottery in Trenton, New Jersey; and worked at Cowan Pottery, Ohio, where she introduced the Wiener Werkstatte style. She also designed glassware, jewelry, textiles, papier-mâché mannequins, furniture, and even metal elevator doors.

With all of its success and fame, few pieces are seen in American auctions. Neal Auction Company sold a 20cm tall Wiener Werkstatte vase made in 1925 and signed with both “WW” for Wiener Werkstatte and “VW” for Vally Wieselthier for $ 1,037.

My aunt gave me a perfume lamp 50 years ago. It is a figurative dog sitting and begging. It has perforations on the head, a place for perfume on the back of the head, and large glass eyes where light can shine through. Can you tell me something about scent lamps?

Maurice Berger, a French pharmacist, invented the perfume lamp in 1897 when he added perfume to lamp oil or other liquid fuel. Electric scent lamps that used a bulb to heat the scent were made in the early 1900s. The scent is emitted through small holes in the lamp.

Scent lamps have been made in many different figurative forms and have been made by manufacturers in several different countries. The lamp with a bulb, but without the scent inside, is often used as a night light. Today, a battery-operated or plug-in product, diffuser or spray can be used to pleasantly scent a room.

Current prices

Silver dish, bowl, Candara, smooth organic shape, marked, Lino Sabattini, Italy, 4 1/2 x 9 3/4 inches, $ 25.

Advertising, jar, Eat Tom’s Toasted Peanuts, clear glass, black lettering, overhanging lid, red button with Tom’s, 11 x 9 inches, $ 150.

Lure, rainbow trout, wood, painted, shades of green, pink and teal, tack eyes, Miles Smith, circa 1973, 9 1/2 by 32 inches, $ 280.

Jewelry, bracelet, bangle, Clic Clac, articulated with H-twist clasp, steel, inlaid enamel band, marked, Hermes K, 7 inches, $ 365.

Advice: You can safely store an old quilt by placing it on an unused bed and covering it with a plain blanket or sheet.

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BBC Celebrity Antiques Roadtrip: Robert Daws’ wedding to The Royal co-star who is linked to one of the Beatles https://fewandfar.net/bbc-celebrity-antiques-roadtrip-robert-daws-wedding-to-the-royal-co-star-who-is-linked-to-one-of-the-beatles/ Thu, 18 Nov 2021 17:00:00 +0000 https://fewandfar.net/bbc-celebrity-antiques-roadtrip-robert-daws-wedding-to-the-royal-co-star-who-is-linked-to-one-of-the-beatles/

A familiar face on television screens nationwide, Robert Daws, has had an illustrious career spanning nearly forty years.

As he travels through Lancashire in search of antiques on tonight’s episode of the BBC’s Celebrity Antiques Roadtrip, who is Robert when he’s offscreen?

Robert, 62, was born in Essex and educated at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in central London.

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From performing in 1982, he moved onto television in the early 1990s when he played the hilarious, silly Tuppy Glossop in ITV’s Jeeves and Wooster with Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry.

Over the years he has appeared on many other hit shows including Midsomer Murders, Doc Martin, Poldark and The Wright Way.

One of his most memorable roles was that of Dr Gordon Ormerod in the period medical drama The Royal, which took place between 2003 and 2011, set in the 1960s at the fictional “St Aidan’s Royal Free Hospital”. “.

Robert starred alongside his wife Amy Robbins as on-screen husband and wife Dr Gordon Ormerod and Dr Jill Weatherill in the hit medical drama The Royal

In The Royal, Dr Ormerod is a general practitioner and anesthesiologist who is at the heart of many The Royal stories and fights for his life after a hospital attack in the show’s final scenes.

Aside from making Robert Daws a household name, his role in The Royal saw him co-star alongside his wife, Amy Robbins, who played his on-screen sweetheart and wife-to-be throughout. series.

Amy and Robert tied the knot in February 2003, shortly after the first episodes of The Royal began airing.

In the show, Amy plays Dr. Jill Weatherill, a general practitioner and fervent promoter of maternal medicine.

On screen, Dr Weatherill and Dr Ormerod tied the knot in season four and had a baby, Jonathan.

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In real life, Amy and Robert share three children, Elizabeth, May and Benjamin.

With their children, the couple live in Bedfordshire.

It turns out that Amy has a solid background in showbiz, as she is the once estranged first cousin of famous Beatles member Paul McCartney and is also the aunt of the Inbetweeners actress and the star of I ‘ m A Celeb Emily Atack.

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Celebrating the Holiday Glow: Antiques from Yenke Peddler https://fewandfar.net/celebrating-the-holiday-glow-antiques-from-yenke-peddler/ Thu, 18 Nov 2021 15:00:00 +0000 https://fewandfar.net/celebrating-the-holiday-glow-antiques-from-yenke-peddler/

CLEVELAND, Ohio – The weekend before Thanksgiving, light up the Luminaria of Medina during the city’s annual candlelight walk. From tomorrow to Sunday, the city will be full of celebration.

Speaking of candles, a short drive (or walk) from Place de la Medina is the AI ​​Root store and warehouse at 623 W. Liberty St.

Amos Ives Root was born in Ohio in 1839 and as a teenager he showed great interest in several fields of science. He opened his first store as a jeweler and watch repairer.

The bees, however, softened his interest with their work ethic, and he became the leader of an apiary. By 1869, AI Root Co. owned beehives and equipment featuring Airline Bee Products. Amos has written on the gleanings of bee culture and has published a monthly magazine. He even did the Smithsonian writing about the Wright Brothers’ successful flight!

In the 1920s, he sold the business to his sons. Beeswax has become their specialty. In the 1960s, they introduced the scented candle. Today they are still known for the purest beeswax candles supplied to many churches.

Still operating in the fifth generation, this American-made candle continues to shine. Check out their awesome offers for your Christmas list!

Hello Brenda,

The internet is full of photos of the Henneberg brothers’ candlesticks, but nothing to do with our set. The marking corresponds to the period 1874-1883. Please review and let me know your thoughts.



Hi Hardy,

Your silver plated dragon candle holders are definitely antiques. They could also cover the period 1883-1897. This famous Warsaw silversmith began his work in 1856. Longevity was their story until WWII. The galvanic process (silver layer) has been imprinted within the GALW brand. With an Asian flair, this work demands an audience at the table. It looks like brass can shine through. One of the most reliable varnishes is Flitz, made in the USA. The value in this original condition would be $ 150 and up.

If you have an item to review, send a clear image with the history to Yenke Peddler, Brenda Yenke, PO Box 361633, Strongsville, Ohio, 44136. You can also send photos and information requests for Brenda to review To kenyenke@aol.com.

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Ryan Reynolds tried selling Red Notice props on Antiques Roadshow https://fewandfar.net/ryan-reynolds-tried-selling-red-notice-props-on-antiques-roadshow/ Tue, 16 Nov 2021 19:51:39 +0000 https://fewandfar.net/ryan-reynolds-tried-selling-red-notice-props-on-antiques-roadshow/

Ryan Reynolds tried to sell a prop from his new movie Red Notice on the antique tour.

Appearing in a sketch with host Lark Mason, Reynolds attempted to sell a so-called “Cleopatra Egg” which was used on the set of the film which also stars Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot.

Featuring Reynolds and Mason seated in front of the famous blue-clad table, the dead Pool The star attempted to sell the fake antique to the host.

After being asked about the history of the object, Reynolds replied, “This is not a family heirloom. My family denied me. They don’t like me. Rather, it is an inheritance that my good friend from the museum lent me. He doesn’t know he loaned it to me. It sounds a bit complicated. So maybe that will affect the value, due to regulatory issues. “

Lark goes on to describe the prop as “commissioned by Cleopatra at the end of her life” and playing up the plot of the film, he said it had been hidden “until recently”.

Lark then referred to Johnson: “An FBI agent, if I remember correctly – I don’t remember exactly, but a very muscular, handsome and talented man…”

Reynolds then asked how much the item in the film would cost, to which Mason said, “If we could elucidate the complications of how you acquired it, it could sell for over $ 100 million ($ 74 million). pounds sterling) at auction. “

Red Notice is Netflix’s most expensive release with an estimated production budget of $ 200million (£ 148million). It also received mixed reviews, but Reynolds claimed he had the biggest opening day for a Netflix release.

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American Sampler antique shop closes after 40 years on Montclair Church Street https://fewandfar.net/american-sampler-antique-shop-closes-after-40-years-on-montclair-church-street/ Sun, 14 Nov 2021 20:48:25 +0000 https://fewandfar.net/american-sampler-antique-shop-closes-after-40-years-on-montclair-church-street/
The owners of American Sampler, Pam and William Lamoglia, thank the community for supporting the company for 40 years. (DIEGO JESUS ​​BARTESAGHI MENA / STAFF)


American Sampler will close its doors at the end of 2021, after more than 40 years of activity on Church Street in Montclair.

Pam Lamoglia, who co-owns the store with her husband William, said it’s time for the couple to retire (although she will continue to operate her clothing store, Dobbs Limited, alongside American Sampler).

“It gave us a lot of fun, but it’s time to go. We are not getting any younger, ”said Lamoglia.

Lamoglia said the idea to open the store came when his friends and family were visiting him. They were fascinated by the furniture and antiques she had collected over the years.

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“So what happened was I sold a whole bunch of stuff in my house and then I said, ‘You know what, I’m just going to open a store.’ And that’s how it happened, ”Lamoglia said. “We brought in antiques and reproductions and all kinds of things that we loved, and we’ve been successful for over 40 years. ”

Lamoglia said he opened the store in 1981 with just $ 3,000.

Anyone looking to decorate a home could find a lot at American Sampler. There are large wooden wardrobes and desks. Small Christmas decorations. Frames and art. Hutches. Trinkets. Full of treasures of all sizes. And although the store appears to only carry antiques, Lamoglia said there are new items on offer as well.

“It’s a lot of decoration and personal help that we give to customers,” Lamoglia said. “So myself, my staff, my husband and my manager, Christopher, we have all really helped people, and still do. We have just finished a few houses where we have decorated them.

In her 40 years of American Sampler ownership, Pam Lamoglia said she had several fond memories. She said Christmas has always been great, with many customers returning each year to decorate. (DIEGO JESUS ​​BARTESAGHI MENA / STAFF)

Church Street was different when American Sampler opened 40 years ago, Lamoglia said. She said the street had a more diverse selection of retail stores and fewer restaurants.

“We had a toy store and a leather goods store and things that I thought were added to the street,” Lamoglia said. “And now it seems to be a little less interesting. But still, overall it’s Church Street. It is a famous street in the city. It is a famous street all over the neighborhood and people love to come here.

Lamoglia has many fond memories of the store and the community. She said Christmas has always been great because of the selection of ornaments, trees and decorations available.

“We have a gentleman who bought a Santa Claus every year for his house,” Lamoglia said. “And then people come every year for ornaments and decorations. Everyone says he’s going to miss this because we’ve always made some really unique decorations, not the kind of drugged stuff you might find everywhere. And so, for me, the memories of Christmas, where everyone is happy and looking forward to the season, I think those are the best memories.

The store has also had its share of famous guests over the years.

Lamoglia said Madonna came a few years ago. Singer Dione Warwick (who grew up in nearby Orange) and the late Olympia Dukakis (who lived in Montclair for three decades) also visited.

“All the stars of the soap opera who lived in Montclair came in, like Kim Zimmer [from the CBS soap opera ‘Guiding Light’]”Lamoglia said.” So a lot of people have come who are quite famous in the area. ”

The onset of the coronavirus pandemic last year and the closures it caused affected the store, she said.

“It was really heartbreaking,” Lamoglia said. “My husband and I are at an age where we have been through a lot and we never remember something so devastating.”

But the eventual reopening, as restrictions slowly eased, was a relief. Lamoglia said business was slow at first, but eventually improved. Yet the pandemic played a role in the decision to retire.

” We talked about [retirement] for a long time and when [the pandemic] arrived, my husband and I kind of said, “You know maybe it’s time. There’s so much going on in work and maybe it’s time for us to sit down and to have a little more fun, you know? ‘ Lamoglia said.

She said the store will remain open until the end of the year. Everything is on sale and she hopes most of the items will be gone by then.

“I’m going to miss all the people who came, who we worked with and got to know and fell in love with. What we do will be missed and people will be missed. It’s going to leave a void in our lives, but I kind of think that life is in cycles. So it’s a new cycle for us, ”said Lamoglia. “I hope everyone comes in, and even if they don’t want to buy, just come and say ‘goodbye’ – but come in, because we’re literally giving this stuff away. So come in, negotiate, let’s say ‘goodbye’ and let’s celebrate. “

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Many fans of soap will know that the actor is a father of three, with his eldest daughter also named Dani.

Dani Dyer, 25, was born in 1996 when her father was only 19. His mother, Joanne Mas, first met Danny when she was 14.

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They also have two other children; Sunnie, 14, and Arty, 7.

During an episode of Jonathan Ross in 2018, Danny Dyer appeared as a guest and was asked why he was calling his daughter the same name as him.

Danny with Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer, who were the winning couple on Love Island in 2018

He goes on to say, “We thought we were going to have a son and I was going to call my son Danny.”

Danny explains that they decided to stick with the name and just put an “i” at the end.

Her daughter rose to fame in 2018 when she appeared on the ITV2 reality show Love Island in 2018.

After more than six weeks on the show, Dani eventually made it to the final with Jack Fincham where the couple won the competition.

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The two even starred in an ITVBe spinoff show, Jack & Dani: life after the island of love later this year.

Dani and Jack broke off their relationship after nine months of dating after Love Island.

You can see Danny and Dani on Celebrity Antiques Road Trip on BBC Two in the upcoming 10th series.

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