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“We will buy winter clothes from Lithuanian companies for a few million euros over the next few months and hand them over to Ukrainian troops, which means that up to 25,000 Ukrainian soldiers will receive winter clothes,” Anusauskas said during a presentation on the country’s security situation in parliament on Tuesday.

The minister also informed lawmakers that the partial mobilization of Russia, announced last week, did not lead to an increase in the threat level in Lithuania, but the country responded by putting its rapid reaction force on higher alert. high.

“What the mobilization means for the security of our region is that there is no indication at the moment that the mobilization of Russia and its objectives are directed against the Baltic States, therefore, we do not do not consider as an increase in the threat level for Lithuania, but Lithuania had to react, and we reacted by raising the alert level of the Lithuanian army’s rapid reaction force, although there was no there is no real indication of provocations,” the minister said.

“Putin’s anti-Western rhetoric with nuclear threats” before the mobilization decision is an attempt to dissuade Western countries from supporting Ukraine, Anusauskas stressed and assured that Lithuania’s support will remain substantial.

“Lithuania’s support in the form of weapons and other military equipment so far amounts to around 209 million euros. Lithuania’s support to Ukraine continues to be substantial, and I would like just stressing that this is not a race for support between countries, we give what we can give, Ukraine asks for what it needs,” the minister said.

Anusauskas also mentioned that Lithuania had supplied 105mm howitzers and M113 armored personnel carriers to Ukraine and informed that 500 Ukrainian soldiers had been trained in Lithuania, adding that Lithuanian instructors would contribute to the mission of training in the UK from October.

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How to reduce energy bills: recommended clothes to heat the human and not the house https://fewandfar.net/how-to-reduce-energy-bills-recommended-clothes-to-heat-the-human-and-not-the-house/ Sun, 25 Sep 2022 09:19:00 +0000 https://fewandfar.net/how-to-reduce-energy-bills-recommended-clothes-to-heat-the-human-and-not-the-house/

With energy bills on the rise, Britons are keen to save money wherever they can. As we say goodbye to summer and approach the coldest months of the year, many dread turning on their central heating. A blog post from a forum of money-saving experts has shared a clever way Brits can cut costs and stay comfortable.

An article for Money Saving Expert (MSE) said: “We are heading into the colder months and – even with the government’s energy price cap guarantee keeping bills lower than they are would have been otherwise – many will likely have to drastically reduce their use.

“In this guide, MoneySavers shared their tips for ‘heating the human, not the house’ – and we’ve researched the cheapest ways to do it.”

The guide has put together some simple things UK households can do to cut costs for less.

A suggested method of keeping Britons warm in October and beyond is to wear heated clothes and shoes.

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According to the blog, an electric vest, rechargeable via USB, would cost people an initial £46 – battery included.

Based on the October 1 price guarantee rate (34p for each kwh on the energy price cap), this equates to less than 1p cost per hour.

Based on seven hours of use per day and five hours of charging, the cost per week is estimated at 5p.

Investing in a fleece-lined hoodie is another way to cut costs this winter while still being cozy enough.


Leanne Gale backed this up: “We all need it for the winter because the heating isn’t working.”

Jane Baker added: “I’ve already bought an Oodie, turned the heat down a notch, bought an air fryer and turned off the unused lights ASAP. Scary times.”

The Oodie is an oversized, wearable blanket, which comes with several adorable designs.

Currently the economy item is available for £59 instead of £84. A family pack of four Oodies is currently selling for £202, up from £336.

However, there are cheaper options. The Snuggle Hooded Heated Blanket, available on Wowcher, is currently £29.99 down from £59.99.

The hooded blanket has a large soft hood, long sleeves, a large front pocket, a fleece lining and a USB electric heating pad inside” to help you save on energy costs and heating bills this winter”.

The post has racked up over 2,000 likes to date and nearly 200 shares. Ann Dixon said: “I have one and it’s the best thing ever.”

MSE’s blog post added a few more suggestions for heating the human, not the house this fall and winter.

USB gloves, heated insoles and USB hand warmers are all budget options with an initial cost of less than £10.

Jane Emke seeks to renew Nearly New clothing store in Louisville https://fewandfar.net/jane-emke-seeks-to-renew-nearly-new-clothing-store-in-louisville/ Wed, 21 Sep 2022 09:04:17 +0000 https://fewandfar.net/jane-emke-seeks-to-renew-nearly-new-clothing-store-in-louisville/

With shelves of designer clothes, shoes, handbags and other items — all donated — the Nearly New Shop is one of the city’s best-kept fashion secrets, according to the Louisville chapter of the National Council of Jewish Women. .

Located on the lower level of the Mid-City Shopping Center in the Highlands, the 24,000 square foot store offers “lightly used” men’s and women’s clothing – ranging from formal wear to workout wear – children’s clothing, accessories, furniture, jewelry, china, glassware and even office tools and equipment.

Proceeds support the organization’s advocacy work, which focuses on child and family well-being, including a major fundraising campaign it led to reopen a family recovery court in Louisville for parents and children affected by drugs and alcohol.

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