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South Dakota clothing company competes with national retailers on Cyber ​​Monday, online holiday sales

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Higher Power Sports partners with The Barrel House to bring life back

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Business owners mix talents and create new ‘soft’ clothing line (5 photos) https://fewandfar.net/business-owners-mix-talents-and-create-new-soft-clothing-line-5-photos/ Sat, 27 Nov 2021 19:30:00 +0000 https://fewandfar.net/business-owners-mix-talents-and-create-new-soft-clothing-line-5-photos/ Sweet B’s bakery and Copper & Oak Designs have teamed up to create a “soft” clothing line just in time for Christmas

Bradford business owners Becca Mueller of Copper & Oak Designs clothing company and Bonnie Aguiar from Sweet B’s Bakery recently collaborated to launch their own line of sweaters and t-shirts with “soft” and smart designs.

Mueller and his business partner Kellie Martin just launched their business last spring and have grown steadily since. Martin is currently taking a step back from the business as she focuses on planning her wedding. Aguiar has been in business since 2012 with his home bakery and opened his storefront, known as “the best fragrant place in town” in downtown Bradford six years ago.

Mueller and Aguiar were in touch earlier this fall when Mueller reached out to Aguiar and other female business owners to see if they would be interested in entering a social media giveaway contest.

“Bonnie was one of the business owners I contacted and I immediately fell in love with her personality,” Mueller said.

Aguiar agreed to enter the competition, where she fell in love with Mueller’s design work, so much so that she ended up ordering a few bespoke sweaters for her staff as freebies.

“And we all fell in love with them,” Aguiar added. “So I approached Becca and asked her if she would be willing to team up with us to create a Sweet B’s clothing line and she enthusiastically agreed.”

“To be approached by one of Bradford’s most beloved companies to work together was a dream come true,” said Mueller. “The fact that Bonnie reached out to my little old man was something really hard to express. Everyone knows Sweet B is here and partnering with them is just an amazing step that makes me so deeply touched.”

This is not the first time that Aguiar has worked with other local businesses to offer a unique product or service.

“You can’t team up with other local businesses,” Aguiar said. “Not only are they your neighbors, the parents of your children’s friends, your coaches, etc., but they will also provide you with services and care that you won’t find anywhere other than locally. “

Sweet B’s currently has a partnership with The flower merchant in town where customers can add sweets to their flower deliveries, Don Cherry’s Sports Grill has the bakery’s signature brownies on their dessert menu, and 3 scoops of ice cream uses their cookies for cookie sandwiches.

In stores, she sells gift items from Custom creations by Katie Cook, cake decorations by Cute t-shirts, and personalized cards by Becca does.

Most recently, Aguiar started selling pickles and preserves made by Zest, a local catering company / private chef.

She also has a few uniform shirts for the staff, made by local companies. Obsessed with vinyl, with fun sayings like “This is how I roll” and “It will work for cupcakes”. Aguiar says she gets compliments about them quite often.

“I had in mind for a while that I would like to sell clothes inspired by baking,” Aguiar said of his recent partnership with Mueller.

The pair exchanged ideas on each other and eventually came up with custom designs. Women so far say the response has been “excellent”, especially from friends and family.

“They are excited to put on cute clothes and show their support!” said Aguiar.

The store is fully stocked for the holiday season and plans to offer new models in the spring “and beyond if they are as well received as we hope”.

“Bonnie and I have worked incredibly hard on the line and so far it seems to be a success,” Mueller said.

There are t-shirts, crew neck pullovers and hoodies available in various colors and sizes.

Regarding partnering with other local businesses, Mueller said she “would love to keep that door open.” She recently partnered with two other local businesses, creating clothing for staff members.

“It’s fun to think about what the future has in store for us and for now, I’m just living in the moment,” Mueller said.

Aguiar says the sense of community in Bradford has always been wonderful, and his goal is to work with as many like-minded local people as possible.

“These companies sponsor your kids’ teams, they work on your last minute orders and they scramble for a living. Keep it in ‘family’ as much as you can!”

The clothes are now available for purchase at Sweet B’s located at 4 Holland St. West, behind Kenzington Burger Bar.

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3 ways VR, AI and IoT will change the way we choose, wear clothes https://fewandfar.net/3-ways-vr-ai-and-iot-will-change-the-way-we-choose-wear-clothes/ Fri, 26 Nov 2021 17:24:24 +0000 https://fewandfar.net/3-ways-vr-ai-and-iot-will-change-the-way-we-choose-wear-clothes/
online shopping
(© Mymemo – stock.adobe.com)

Fashion. On the one hand, it is a colloquial word with a simple meaning – the latest style of dress. On the other hand, there is a whole universe behind this title. Fashion has always been a reflection of the historical period. Whether it is military uniforms or ball gowns, the clothing serves a variety of socio-cultural purposes. Thousands of different trends, multiple Pantone colors, extraordinary styles and unique prints – it’s hard to even mention all the transformations that fashion has undergone since ancient times.

The modern world is also bringing something new to 21st century fashion. In the age of global digitization, innovative technologies are influencing all aspects of human existence, so fashion is no exception. With the emergence of virtual reality, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, clothing has taken on a whole new meaning. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? So if you are interested in the future of smart clothing, read on and together let’s explore this exciting topic.

When did the smart clothing talk start?

Until the middle of the 20th century, clothing had two main purposes: to cover our body and to visually distinguish us from one another. However, in 1966 things changed dramatically thanks to Steve Mann’s study. “Smart clothes”: Portable multimedia computing and “personal imagery” to restore the technological balance between people and their environments. “

In this research, the author presents the concept of smart clothing: “Smart clothing is a step towards truly personal computing and better situational awareness, with less (or maybe no) reliance on it. centralized infrastructure. “

As you can see from this quote, Mann had described this interesting technology long before it became reality. Nonetheless, his ideas seem outdated to contemporary readers, as technologies have evolved faster than he could predict. Therefore, let’s take a more modern approach to this topic and look at it through the prism of trendy innovations, such as VR, AI, and IoT.

1) VR compatible smart clothing eliminates the border between the real and the man-made world

Exchange of information

Is it possible to merge the real with the virtual world in a whole new dimension? From a scientific point of view, this is impossible (for now). Yet smart clothes combined with VR Developments may make you feel like it’s real. Just imagine that a VR headset could send information about the heartbeat and temperature of the person inside the virtual world to the actuators built into the clothes. Thanks to sensory feedback, this haptic technology will allow users to live their virtual experiences through real-life sensations.

Gyroscope and accelerometer

These sensors capture the user’s movement in real life. Thanks to this motion capture technology, it will be possible to guide the avatar in the artificial world.

2) Clothing with AI improves sports performance and makes our life easier

Artificial Intelligence Sportswear

While wearable devices like watches and fitness trackers that measure a user’s vital signs are already in use in the sports industry, smart clothing can offer even more than that. For example, Sensoria offers a wide range of smart clothing for multiple activities, including t-shirts, socks and rugs. With the AI-based in-app coaches built into Sensoria’s clothing, users can dramatically improve their running performance. After all, the detailed analytics performed on the garment-generated data and intelligent AI-generated guidelines not only help users track their efficiency, but also save the time spent on benchmarking performance.

See news, weather and maps with a single tap

Designed for movement, optimized for the city. We’ve updated our iconic Trucker Jacket, incorporating thoughtful design details for active use in the modern city. 150 years of Levi’s® denim innovation meets Google engineering to create this revolutionary garment, with woven conductive Jacquard ™ yarn. The Levi’s® Commuter ™ Trucker Jacket connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth. With a push of the armband, you can control music, filter phone calls, or get directions. A few simple gestures keep you on track, staying in touch and connected. A classic for decades, reinvented for today.

3) IoT in smart clothing

An effective way to prevent sudden infant death syndrome

Sudden baby death is considered a parent’s bad dream. On the pace of this, its causes remain unclear. Most, if not all, parents got up during the night to check their newborn baby’s breathing, including fatigue and difficulty resting. Fortunately, an IoT fabric shirt can solve this problem. Unlike simple baby monitors, IoT-enabled clothing tracks a child’s breathing and alerts parents when breathing is irregular or impeded. For example, a New York-based startup Nanit has created such a portable device for modern babies to help their parents sleep better. According to Nanit statistics, “94% of parents say they sleep better with Nanit”.

A new level of communication

While IoT-enabled smart clothing is typically associated with the clothing’s connection to the wearer’s body, these innovative wearable devices can communicate with the immediate environment as well. Thanks to the built-in transmitters, smart clothes can be recognized and contacted individually. Let’s describe a representative example to illustrate this opportunity: Just imagine that visitors to the basketball game could use their t-shirts to purchase tickets or pre-order VIP seats and drinks.

What is the future of smart clothing?

There is no doubt that smart clothing is an incredible innovation that has just entered its first phase of development. Yet, as VR, IoT, and AI evolve rapidly, smart clothing also has a bright future. While today it is seen as something that is far from reality, it will soon become an attribute of every standard user.

Alina Kutsa story

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“Today Show” features locals; Ultra Suede at HogTown; CattyWampus Clothing Co., Restaurants Open on Thanksgiving Day https://fewandfar.net/today-show-features-locals-ultra-suede-at-hogtown-cattywampus-clothing-co-restaurants-open-on-thanksgiving-day/ Wed, 24 Nov 2021 16:12:34 +0000 https://fewandfar.net/today-show-features-locals-ultra-suede-at-hogtown-cattywampus-clothing-co-restaurants-open-on-thanksgiving-day/

Here’s a look at what’s going on in Northwest Arkansas sponsored by Dry Canada Ginger ale.

In case you missed it, a trio of local business owners featured on 3rd Hour of Today Tuesday, November 23. In a segment titled “She Made It,” Jasmine Hudson, Jae Merchant and Maudiya Willis were featured for their Black Paper Party, a company that focuses on diversity in seasonal products. It’s exciting to see people from the region on a national stage.

If you’re heading to the Razorback game on Friday, November 26, don’t forget about HogTown! Hogtown is the pre-game destination for Razorback fans of all ages and is located on Maple Street, just north of Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium. It opens for fans at 10:30 am. For this game, HogTown welcomes the group “Ultra Suede” from 11:00 am. Additionally, a recent change to the Town of Fayetteville’s Outdoor Refreshment Act means open drinking is allowed at HogTown for the pre-game party.

There is a big party at George’s on Saturday November 27. Cattywampus, a name made famous by Big Bot Design in Fayetteville, is starting a clothing business. The launch party takes place in two parts, both at George’s Majestic Lounge. Meet at George’s from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, November 27. In addition to Cattywampus clothing, George’s is currently emptying its safe for a rare indoor sale. And then come back at 7:00 PM to continue the launch party and celebrate with a performance of “Big Smith”. hey, get on stage at 8:00 p.m.

The Morning News Team challenges the Evening News Team in a virtual Red Kettle campaign to benefit the Salvation Army. We ask for your help and ask you to donate to the Morning Team Virtual Kettle. So far, you have helped us raise over $ 1,400 for The Salvation Army.

If you’re not in the mood for a Thanksgiving feast, there are a few restaurants open on Thanksgiving Day. Whether you’re craving steak, Asian-inspired fare, pizza and more, check out our list of open restaurants in NWA and the River Valley.

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Wes Iwundu aims to ‘unleash the future’ with clothing line – Basketball Insiders https://fewandfar.net/wes-iwundu-aims-to-unleash-the-future-with-clothing-line-basketball-insiders/ Tue, 23 Nov 2021 17:36:40 +0000 https://fewandfar.net/wes-iwundu-aims-to-unleash-the-future-with-clothing-line-basketball-insiders/

Before the start of each NBA game, photos of players walking the arena’s hallways showing their pre-game clothes can be found on social media.

Pre-game photos have become the way for players to show off all the latest fashion trends. While many gamers continue to make forays into the fashion space, some of the clothing seen is designed by the gamers themselves.

Most recently, Keita Bates-Diop of the San Antonio Spurs showed up to a game wearing clothing from the “Free The Future” clothing line. The line was conceived as a partnership between NBA player Wes Iwundu and fashion designer Eric Archibald of Diplomacy.

Getting into the fashion business was something Iwundu had wanted to do for a while and it finally came to fruition when meeting Archibald through mutual contacts a year ago.

“They kind of got me together for an affair late last summer and we got together, put our ideas together and what we came up with got us excited,” Iwundu told Basketball Insiders. “We said to ourselves, ‘let’s go with this’. Free the Future was born and we just kept working on it, putting more ideas into it and that’s where we are right now.

Where they are now is on Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles, California, which is home to several different little fashion boutiques. On a small strip of boulevard tucked right next to The Grove Shopping Center, you can find everything from clothes to sneakers.

For next month, there will be another pop-up store added to the mix. The boutique, also titled “Free the Future”, will feature clothing from the Iwundu and Archibald line, as well as Nouvintage eyewear and LUVV therapy products.

John Sciulli / Getty Images

The message behind the name of the clothing line was born during this first meeting in the summer of 2020. The country was going through a period of social upheaval alongside the COVID-19 pandemic. Iwundu was with the Orlando Magic at the time which didn’t make the trip until the bubble rebooted.

He used this time to help cultivate the clothing line as well as what he wanted the message to be. The garment features an astronaut as part of its design, a design that Iwundu says was intentional.

“This pretty much represents the daily struggle that the average person faces in today’s world. The astronaut is representative of growth, no matter where you start from, there is always a chance to improve and see continued growth, ”said Iwundu. “We just wanted to draw attention to this. There is always a way to get as far as you want as long as you keep working on it.

The line was originally launched on June 19, 2021, to commemorate June 17. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Houston Boys and Girls Club where Iwundu grew up. As the country continues to grapple with racial and social justice issues and the pandemic still looms large, Iwundu believes it is crucial to continue to spread the ‘Free the Future’ message.

“There are so many issues that we face today in the world as human beings,” said Iwundu. “It’s about finding ways to improve and become more,” I would say. It takes time, everything takes time. You have to start somewhere.

Wes iwundu 2

John Sciulli / Getty Images

And in addition to fighting for social change, the fashion industry is giving players the chance to embrace their creativity and carve out an outlet outside of basketball. NBA players are often compartmentalized in what they do on the court, and people sometimes forget that they also have a life off the court.

Getting into the fashion industry is something that several NBA players have done in recent years. Dwyane Wade, Stephen Curry, Carmelo Anthony, Russell Westbrook and Serge Ibaka are just a few who have dabbled in clothing. And of course, there’s the Jordan Brand line from Michael Jordan.

“It’s a different way of expressing yourself besides basketball. It’s easy to get caught up in the fact that we’re athletes, ”said Iwundu. “We are human too, we have other ideals and other things that fascinate us. These are just different ways of getting it out and expressing it, whether it’s clothes, video games, whatever. It’s easy to get carried away with it, especially as an average fan, but you just have to understand that everyone is human.

Part of what makes Iwundu’s partnership with Archibald so important is that Diplomacy is a black-owned brand. During the reboot of the bubble, when players made sure social justice was at the forefront, the NBA came up with a plan to launch the NBA Foundation.

The purpose of the foundation was to provide grants to black-owned businesses to continue building the economic power of communities most in need. Promoting the growth of black-owned businesses is something that Iwundu says is crucial when it comes to social change.

“We’re in a time where diversity with things and inclusion of diversity is a big point and I think it’s a beautiful thing to just have different contributions, different backgrounds, different stories that come together. all bring together. It’s a beautiful thing when you can do it as a team, I feel like it produces your best work, ”said Iwundu. “As a black owned brand, I want to see more. It’s just continuous growth. It’s about starting somewhere.

And while Iwundu has fun with his adventure in the apparel business, he still has his sights set on his NBA career. After spending the first three years of his career with the Orlando Magic, Iwundu signed with the Dallas Mavericks as a free agent during the 2020 offseason.

He ended up being traded to the New Orleans Pelicans on the trade deadline with James Johnson against JJ Redick and Nicolo Melli. The Pelicans then traded him last summer to the Charlotte Hornets as part of the trade for Devonte Graham, and the Hornets cut him at training camp.

Currently a free agent, Iwundu continues to stand ready in case that phone rings.

“I just got back into the bath, every day is a basic routine. I’m solid right now, just trying to stay with this routine, ”said Iwundu. “I know this call can come anytime, any hour, any minute. For now, just keep that routine, stay in shape, and stay prepared, that’s the whole process. “

While waiting for this call, Iwundu is convinced that he can contribute to another NBA team and show some of his game that he feels he hasn’t been able to show yet.

“I can bring a lot of things. First of all, the defensive versatility, and also my way of playing. I haven’t been able to show a lot of my game over the past two years with the ball in my hands, that’s something I want to come back to, ”said Iwundu. “It’s something that got me to where I was. I just get back to basics and do what I’ve done so far. It’s just take it from there and try to give me the best opportunity.

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Cheaper clothes: why coupons matter to you https://fewandfar.net/cheaper-clothes-why-coupons-matter-to-you/ Mon, 22 Nov 2021 18:22:50 +0000 https://fewandfar.net/cheaper-clothes-why-coupons-matter-to-you/

At present, there is no doubt that the world is working on the production and purchase of clothes, shoes and many different accessories. Especially now people have this urge to buy additional clothes that match their aesthetic and expand their wardrobe. However, the reality about this is that they can be a huge blow to your monthly budget.

Spending some of your income on clothes isn’t the best thing to do as it affects other aspects of your lifestyle, and it can be hard to resist a good top available. Fortunately, these companies have offered courses to get people to buy what they want while respecting their budgets. These come in the form of discounts such as a Macy’s Coupon etc.

What’s so special about coupons?

Most people who are familiar with coupons have probably seen TV shows showing people getting big discounts on their groceries or clothing purchases. However, there seems to be a particular take on a coupon that seems detrimental to viewers. Some even think that having coupons is something only the less fortunate would use instead. However, this is far from true.

Coupons are a “blessing” for anyone who seems to be running out of funds in their clothing budget. Imagine being so close to the amount you have to pay for a high quality pair of pants, and without a coupon you wouldn’t be able to take it home. Especially in a world that focuses on fashion and aesthetics, it wouldn’t hurt to have some available to you.

Economy! It is important!

Another fact about the world today is that a lot of things have now become more expensive than expected. Going back to the example of high quality pants, these will cost you a few extra digits in terms of price. Using a coupon will help you hit the prize, but a principle is more important than that.

Coupons are synonymous with being able to afford certain products, but they should be more related to the idea of ​​saving. It doesn’t matter if the discount was small or massive, amounting to a few hundred dollars. The fact that there is money saved is the most important.

With this, you will be able to save that amount of money for something else, like food and drink or a contribution to emergency funds.

Planning as well!

Another good thing to have coupons with you is to schedule your purchases within the given period. Whether for clothing or food and drink, dates are marked on the strips of paper or plastic.

This lets the user know how long these promotions last and, if they really want to take advantage of the product, allows them to develop a buying strategy. Things like how much it will be or how much I need to save each day are made more accessible by using the coupon.

In all fairness, people should stop looking at coupons from a vain perspective. However, the fact that they rely on small heels and sheets shouldn’t change their outlook on others.

These are golden opportunities that businesses give you to save and buy. But, other than that, they also give you a little lesson in budget planning and affordability.

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Fashion Tips For Singles To Experiment With Clothes Way of life https://fewandfar.net/fashion-tips-for-singles-to-experiment-with-clothes-way-of-life/ Fri, 19 Nov 2021 14:46:50 +0000 https://fewandfar.net/fashion-tips-for-singles-to-experiment-with-clothes-way-of-life/

New Delhi: Your best friend is getting married, and here’s your chance to party like no tomorrow. High Indian wedding season calls for the best bachelor parties, which range from lavish poolside activities to beach vacations and city tours.

When the situation calls for it, experimenting with clothes can be nice. There are a plethora of options available, including stripes, patterns, flowers, and ceremonies. We understand how difficult it can be to know what to dress for a bachelor party.

So here are some tips to help you choose different types of cool and quirky looks for a bachelor party:

Pool party

Bring a touch of cool to the party and enjoy it with a relaxed and comfortable print look. When paired with a coordinating ensemble, a pair of simple casual mules / slides will set the tone. Leave a few buttons open, add a few more accessories including bracelets, rings and sunglasses to complete the outfit.

The cocktail

Your cocktail look should be elegant; a black button down shirt will do, add to it and an old fashioned drink to help get you in the mood. To increase your style, layer it with a jacket / blazer and slip on dress shoes (oxford shoes add charm). A formal watch and ring go a long way.

House party

What could be better than showing up to a bachelor party wearing your favorite t-shirt? T-shirts are the easiest items to wear. In most cases, jeans in contrasting or similar colors are a good option. They can also be worn with bombers, denim jackets or cardigans, depending on the occasion. T-shirts go well with a wide range of shoes, from sneakers to leather boots and everything in between.

(Style tips by Snitch, a fast fashion brand for men)

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Clothing retailers relax their pricing power and Wall Street rewards it https://fewandfar.net/clothing-retailers-relax-their-pricing-power-and-wall-street-rewards-it/ Fri, 19 Nov 2021 13:19:49 +0000 https://fewandfar.net/clothing-retailers-relax-their-pricing-power-and-wall-street-rewards-it/

A customer visits the Macy’s flagship store in New York City, May 20, 2021.

Eduardo Munoz | Reuters

A series of major retail revenues this week has revealed a sharp divide in the industry between retailers who try to keep prices low for customers amid rising inflation, and those who are able to pass costs on. buyers this holiday season.

Big-box chains Target and Walmart were punished by investors after releasing third-quarter earnings reports, despite results exceeding analysts’ expectations. Both have adopted a strategy that largely consists of absorbing some of the rising costs of shipping, labor and materials rather than increasing sticker prices. Both companies spoke of the need to maintain a reputation for value.

“That’s our goal,” Walmart CEO Doug McMillon said in an interview with CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street”. “We save people money and help them live better lives. These are the words that came out of [Walmart founder] Sam Walton’s mouth. He liked to fight inflation. U.S. too.”

Walmart shares fell 2.6% on Tuesday in the wake of its results. Target stocks fell 4.7% on Wednesday, the day they were released. Walmart stock is now down slightly since the start of the year, while Target’s retains a gain of around 43%.

But if you sell a lot of clothes, that’s another story. Shares of department store operators Macy’s and Kohl’s, TJ owner Maxx TJX and lingerie retailer Victoria’s Secret rallied as companies touted their pricing power on Wall Street and reported leaner stocks.

Macy’s shares jumped 21% on Thursday, at one point hitting a three-year high of $ 37.95. Kohl’s shares rose more than 10%, while Victoria’s Secret shares climbed nearly 15%. TJX stock hit a 52-week high at $ 76.94 on Wednesday.

“Everyone was worried about the supply chain and inflation,” said Simeon Siegel, analyst at BMO Capital Markets. “But it’s literally the same as tight stocks and higher prices.”

“Each of these stock market pops represents this recalibration from worries about inflation to enthusiasm about low discounts,” Siegel said.

Macy’s says it’s give and take

All retailers navigate an environment where the costs of everything from fuel to labor are increasing. Inflation peaked in three decades in October. The Consumer Price Index – which includes a mix of products ranging from gasoline and health care to groceries and rents – rose 6.2% year over year, the highest since December 1990.

However, some categories experienced a greater increase than others. Food prices, for example, rose 0.9% in October, with meat, poultry, fish and eggs collectively increasing 1.7%. Clothing prices remained stable.

Macy’s, which is primarily a clothing destination, said it has conducted tests over the past three months to see which categories of goods consumers are more price sensitive and where buyers are more willing to shell out a few more dollars.

“We’ve clearly been through these inflationary cycles before, so we’ve had a lot of experience with them,” Jeff Gennette, Macy’s CEO, said in an interview. “And with fashion, sometimes you can convey that, and you can get a higher ticket and a higher sale price.”

In some cases, however, Gennette has said that Macy’s faces a “ceiling price” for basic items such as a basic t-shirt or a pair of denim jeans. “In some cases we own the retail and we take the higher costs and we take a shorter margin,” he said.

Another weapon that Macy’s has in its arsenal is lean inventory, Gennette said. This means he won’t have to discount excess products that don’t sell. Macy’s inventories in the three-month period ended Oct. 30 are up more than 19% from levels a year ago, but are down more than 15% on a two-year basis.

Earlier in the week, inflated stocks at Target and Walmart were a wake-up call to investors. In part, these companies were proactive in making sure shelves were well stocked for the holidays – and that could pay off if shoppers rush to stores in the coming weeks eager to spend. Walmart said its inventories were up 11.5% before the holiday season. Target’s stocks grew nearly 20%, or $ 2 billion, year over year.

“Retailers don’t want to scare a consumer,” said Naveen Jaggi, president of retail advisory services for commercial real estate company JLL. “They’re willing to manage their costs and pay the selling price because they don’t want to lose the motivation to buy a product.”

But if people don’t show up, or if they show up at Target and Walmart looking for something else that isn’t stocked, that bloated inventory could be reduced in January.

Notably, Gennette said that when Macy’s uses markdowns, it discounts locally rather than regionally. So the same shirt in a Macy’s store in Los Angeles could be cheaper than another five miles away, he said.

Kohl’s sees shoppers eyeing premium brands

At Kohl’s, CEO Michelle Gass said her customers have gradually shifted to high-end products as the retailer changes its assortment of merchandise. she quoted Tommy Hilfiger, owned by Nike and PVH, are two examples of higher-end brands at Kohl’s that sell for higher prices.

“We still have these great promotions, but less so it’s easier, especially for our new customers,” Gass said in an interview. “We now have sophisticated elasticity tools.”

Like Macy’s, Kohl’s also tightened its grip on inventories, which were down 25% year over year at the end of the third quarter.

Jefferies analyst Stephanie Wissink said Kohl’s profit margins were improving thanks to its current inventory position as well as the pent-up demand environment, allowing the company to sell more products at a premium. .

Victoria’s Secret also sold more bras and underwear at higher prices, increasing sales. Third-quarter revenue rose 7% to $ 1.4 billion, from $ 1.35 billion a year earlier. Its inventories ended up 4% from last year, and down 16% from 2019.

TJX CEO Ernie Herrman told analysts on a earnings conference call on Wednesday that the non-price chain had also not seen a pullback from consumers on the price hike.

“We thought there would be a handful of items here or there that we would have issues with, but that wasn’t the case,” he said.

TJX’s same-store sales for the quarter ended Oct. 30 were up 14% year-over-year, while its net sales climbed 24% to $ 12.5 billion. Its inventories edged up to $ 6.6 billion from $ 6.3 billion two years earlier.

-CNBC Melissa Repko contributed to this report.

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Shop Filson’s best fishing and hunting gear here https://fewandfar.net/shop-filsons-best-fishing-and-hunting-gear-here/ Thu, 18 Nov 2021 15:04:36 +0000 https://fewandfar.net/shop-filsons-best-fishing-and-hunting-gear-here/

The popularity of gorp and the resulting obsession with technical, cold-resistant clothing has surely touched even the most trendy among us.

We’ve seen styles of climbing and hiking popping up everywhere, with the fashion world fully embracing its practical sensibilities. We see it at Arc’teryx in collaboration with Jil Sander, Gucci in collaboration with The North Face and Salomon in collaboration with COMME des GARÇONS. And that doesn’t even touch the abundance of hiking shoes and climbing styles available from fashion brands outside of collaborations.

That said, we believe fishing and hunting clothing is the latest development in this function-driven field. The sport’s need for multiple pockets, resilient fabrics, and its penchant for using earthy tones and camouflage means this is a gold mine of unorthodox technical styles that are surprisingly easy to integrate. in an everyday wardrobe.

With the exception of South2 West8, the stylistic merits of fishing and hunting clothing have remained largely ignored. To answer that, below is a selection of parts from Filson, an OG in the field.

Shop for the best styling fishing and hunting clothes below.

Mesh Strap Fishing Vest

Half backpack, half technical vest, the storage capacities of this vest, originally created for fly fishing, are vast. Created with a lightweight mesh, a removable sheepskin patch is included to dry the fly at the end of your cane and add a plush contrast of color and texture against the brown vest.

Quilted jacket

Wear it alone or zipped up in a compatible Filson rain jacket on particularly cold days, this versatile piece fits easily into any wardrobe.

Camouflage backpack

When you are looking for a backpack, going for a backpack designed for hunting and fishing is a sure-fire way to get a high quality product. It is 100% waterproof thanks to a 900 denier polyester tarpaulin fabric coated with thermoplastic polyurethane.

Waterfowl hat

Created in collaboration with outdoor brand Mossy Oak, this hat uses Filson’s toughest oilcloth. Lower the ear cups and the loop that rests on the visor of this hat protects your chin.

Highlands Hunting Vest

Tear and water resistant, the orange accents on this two-tone design are added for visibility and give this design a striking stylistic edge. An expandable rear bag also ensures that you never find yourself without storage options.

Swiftwater rain jacket

Weighing just 13.4 ounces, you can easily carry this jacket with you and deploy it when needed. The 2.5-layer outer fabric manages to be waterproof, lightweight and durable.

Skagit Waterfowl Jacket

With two mossy oak camouflage patterns to choose from, this jacket was designed for use while hunting waterfowl. A term used for birds that frequent the water, this jacket comes with all the waterproof capabilities you could possibly need.

Wading jacket for aquatic birds

Also part of the Filson range for waterfowl hunting, a shorter cut to keep the jacket above the water while wading gives a boxy silhouette.

Fly Fishing Guide Vest

Being a staple when hunting and fishing, it is only fair to end with another vest. Featuring multiple pockets on the front and a huge backpack-like pocket on the back, this one even has a lined pocket for sunglasses.

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Shop for the best Arc’teryx clothing for winter 2021 here https://fewandfar.net/shop-for-the-best-arcteryx-clothing-for-winter-2021-here/ Mon, 15 Nov 2021 14:11:49 +0000 https://fewandfar.net/shop-for-the-best-arcteryx-clothing-for-winter-2021-here/

In the ever-changing brand rankings, one name has been climbing the charts over the past year, and it’s about to hit the top. Arc’teryx rode the roaring wave of gorpcore and techwear, picking up a range of celebrity endorsements and high-end collaborations along the way. All in all, it’s a very successful year for the brand, and we haven’t even reached its specialty yet: winter.

As the temperature drops and the rain begins to pile in, anyone wearing Arc’teryx clothing prepares to snap photos of the pearly water droplets skating on the GORE-TEX construction of their Beta AR jacket. That’s exactly it: high-end outerwear and gear can make the worst weather conditions exciting.

Since the label has just hit the pages of PCS, we thought it was high time to put together 10 Arc’teryx clothes that we swear by winter. From technical fleece to the brand’s famous GORE-TEX jackets, these pieces promise to make this winter an unforgettable memory. Why? Because 2021 will be the year you started hoping for bad weather.

Shop for the best Arc’teryx clothing for winter below.

Beta AR jacket

One of the big draws of Arc’teryx outerwear is the color palette that ranges from earthy neutrals to bold hues like this bright orange.

Beta LT jacket

If orange is too bold, keep things super stylish with this all-black iteration of the fan-favorite Beta LT jacket.

5 panel hat

Most caps fall out of favor when the sun goes out, but the Arc’teryx 5-Panel Label Cap stays firmly on our heads all year round. It is waterproof and pairs perfectly with the hood of your new Arc’teryx jacket.

Piedmont cardigan

Layering your winter cuts is essential for weathering the elements, and a sleeveless vest makes layering easy.

Zeta SL pants

It’s hard to describe the joy of walking in the pouring rain and being dry from head to toe. Test it yourself with the Zeta SL pants.

Blade 28 Backpack

While the Blade 28 backpack comes with all the usual tech trims, we’re just in awe of how it works naturally with fits of all styles.

Covert LT Pullover

The perfect gray crew neck does not …

Fisherman’s hat

While Arc’teryx is, by all means, a forward-looking company, it also recognizes the value of learning from the past. The Fisherman Beanie is a surprisingly traditional departure from the usual tech, but it gets the job done with a lightweight merino wool blend construction.

Concealed cardigan

Name cardigan, but much more than a medium cardigan, the Covert Cardigan forgoes wool for breathable and quick-drying Alpenex II ™ Heathered fleece.

Thermal Parka

When you invest in outerwear, you want to buy something that will last for years. We are sure that even in 2050 the Therme Parka will look at home on a spaceship.

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