Few and far clothing

Protective Clothing Market Expected to Reach US $ 9 Billion and 6% CAGR over the Forecast Period (2021 – 2030) – Market Research Blog

Work-related injuries and fatalities, strict government policy and the development of new products are the main drivers of protective clothing market. Protective clothing should provide protection against flames, chemicals, biological agents, punctures, insects, rain, cold, ultraviolet (UV) rays and extreme heat, etc. Few notable developments are super repellent coatings, electrospun …

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a tree planting business that sells clothes

Derrick Emsley, CEO and co-founder of the ‘first on earth’ mens and womenswear brand Tentree, explains, “Why focus on survival when we should focus on prosperity instead? “ Sustainable clothing brand Tentree gets its name from the fact that it plants 10 trees for every item sold and considers itself …

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