Clothes designed by PH5 that double as skin care: this is how it works


As we age, the levels of hyaluronic acid that our skin naturally produces to keep our skin plump and dewy begin to decrease. HydraKNIT releases these molecules into the skin on contact, forming an invisible water-filled barrier that traps moisture. The result is visibly smoother and softer skin.

For a few weeks, I alternated between two sets in the collection – a wonderfully shiny fuchsia tank top with matching shorts and an oversized t-shirt and shorts set – and I was surprised not only at how easily the clothes fit together. moved with my body, but also by the way it felt against my skin. The material was silky smooth and not stuffy at all, which is important for someone who tends to sweat easily. Needless to say, I was excited to slip into bed and see what would happen.

My skin is prone to dehydration and can get especially dry when sleeping in the air conditioning. Normally I wake up to the glow of my long evening after shower routine, but after wearing the PJ5s I have noticed that my skin not only looks the same as when I fell asleep, it was smoother, as if I had locked myself in a damp room for seven hours. Morning after morning, I could see the effect of HydraKNIT on my skin with little to no effort on my part other than putting on the clothes.

Along with the skin benefits, it’s worth mentioning that there is something really fun about being able to mix and match your colorful sleepwear. PJ5 offers a wide range: four tops, including a long-sleeved crew and a tank top, pair with matching bottoms in three colourways. There are also socks and eye masks, as well as traditional woven cotton pajamas. Creating a personalized set to give you the best rest was an important part of the collection, explained designer Zoe Champion.

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