Clothing trends are taking over the fashion industry in 2021


Fashion styles are constantly changing. As a result, there are many new clothing trends appearing every day. We see them on the catwalks and in the streets. Worn by celebrities and style icons who are changing the fashion game at the speed of light.

In general, the latest trends mainly combine comfort and style. You see fashion lovers pairing hoodies with blazers and office suits with sneakers. This means that you can mix and match different styles to create unique looks for every occasion.

However, among all the trends there are a few that stand out and are considered the favorites of all fashionistas. These trends feature much fresher and bolder designs that provide distinctive aesthetic appeal. To find out, this article gives you the ultimate list of the most popular clothing trends taking over this year.

Leather trench coat

The black leather trench coat has recently become the latest fashion trend among style icons who want to experiment with their style and give their outfit a touch of edginess.

Considered primarily as part of the gothic clothing trendy, this garment is also used to create many comfortable and fashionable looks. Plus, some combine it with an edgy graphic tee and a pair of denim jeans to create a casual look. Meanwhile, others pair it with a floral dress and fishnet tights to create a cool girlish vibe.

Clothing trends take over in 2021

Short cardigan

A vintage-inspired trend that has taken to the runways and streets this year is the cropped cardigan. Its style ranges from basic buttons to embroidered and printed knits. This makes it the perfect piece to compose a chic and cozy ensemble, whatever the season.

For example, most fashionistas choose to pair their favorite shrunken knit with a midi skirt and high boots to create a girly look. However, if you are looking for something more casual, combine it with lounge sweatpants and sneakers and stay comfortable all day long.

Matching sets in 2021

Matching sets

Matching sets are another popular sartorial trend that has recently taken over the fashion world. Sets can range from a crop top and skirt to a loungewear set combining the ultimate lazy girl vibe with chic.

What made them part of the new list of clothing trends is the colors in which they are offered. For example, matching pastel sets in shades of pink, blue or green are among the most sought after among style icons that choose to style them with a pair of comfortable white sneakers for a trendy and relaxed look.

Clothing trends take over in 2021

Large pants

The era of tight skinny jeans is over. Wide leg pants have made a comeback and have taken over the fashion world once again this year. This garment is very versatile as it comes in many styles, designs and colors. So you can pair it with any type of top to create an upscale look.

The most popular way to style them is with a cropped top and matching sneakers. Some fashionistas even decide to complete their look with a cute handbag and a pair of rectangular sunglasses.

Clothing trends take over in 2021

Tractor-inspired boots

When it comes to footwear trends, the tractor inspired boots are the most distinctive that have become a huge hit this year. With their stylish designs and variety of colors, there are plenty of options for fashionistas to choose from to complement their outfits with this popular boot style.

They are also very practical, practical and comfortable. Moreover, you can wear them with casual or dressy looks. The most popular way to wear them is with black leather leggings, a graphic t-shirt and a motorcycle jacket.

Clothing trends take over in 2021

Chopsticks bag

In addition to the many clothing trends, there is also a wide variety of accessories that are big this year. One of these pieces is the baguette bag. With its flat design and short sleeve, wear it with feminine, casual, streetwear or dressy outfits.

It is available in many colors, designs and prints and can perfectly take your look to another level. Also pair it with a matching loungewear set or with wide leg pants and a cropped top. Be decidedly chic, but also comfortable, wherever you go.

Final thoughts

Keeping up to date with the latest clothing trends can be tricky as these are new styles coming out pretty much every day. The key is to always look for something comfortable and chic so that you can wear it to any casual or formal event.

From the avant-garde black trench coat to the distinctive tractor-soled ankle boots. There are plenty of options to choose from to be up-to-date and stylish at all times.


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