Cobra Kai fans have a lot to say about Season 4’s clothing

“Cobra Kai” Season 4 sees the cast appear at various locations and events, each calling for specific wardrobe choices. Some are formal, and some are casual, no different from real-world settings. However, according to fans like u/mzjolynecujoh on Reddit, the wardrobe department messed up a lot of the characters in this batch of episodes. “The worst thing about Season 4 is the outfits,” they write, along with a handful of images from the show that more than prove their point. As it turns out, they’re far from alone in this line of thinking, as several people agree that the costumes could be pretty crude in Season 4.

Even though most strongly believe that the “Cobra Kai” Season 4 costumes aren’t the most appealing, they’re far from put together. Veteran costume designer Frank Helmer spoke to Decider about everything that goes into the “Cobra Kai” wardrobe, detailing the importance of having everyone’s outfits just right in any given scene. He explains that cultural anthropology is the key to putting together costumes that feel the most authentic for specific characters, so he steps into their shoes to do so. Helmer adds that it’s also important to make sure the clothing in question is usable during the action sequences.

Functionally and in terms of characters, the outfits of season 4 of “Cobra Kai” are appropriate. Whether or not they are fashionable, however, is another discussion.

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