Dame Deborah James’ clothing line raises £1m for her BowelBabe fund

Dame Deborah James has raised £1million for cancer research through the sale of her clothing line with In The Style.

The 40-year-old podcaster, known as BowelBabe online, shared a photo of herself posing with brand founder Adam Frisby and partner Jamie Corbett alongside a giant check.

The collection, launched in May, includes t-shirts with the words Rebellious Hope across the chest, and donations go to her BowelBabe Fund for Cancer Research UK.

The fund has already raised over £6.7million in donations.

Dame Deborah, who receives end-of-life care at home, wrote on Instagram: “WOW!! A MILLION POUNDS. Honestly, I’m so overwhelmed that we, thanks to @inthestyle, have raised over £1,000,000 for @bowelbabefund for @cr_uk!

“All of this is from sales of the ITS x Dame Deborah James collection and the ‘Rebellious Hope’ t-shirts I designed with @inthestyle. (One million is just crazy).

“I had a lovely little visit yesterday from founder @inthestyle @fr15by and his partner @thejamiecorbett who brought this lovely check and we had a little toast to celebrate. I can’t believe it!

“Funny thing is when @inthestyle released the first t-shirt we both said how amazing £50,000 raised would be so for me to still be there and see that’s more of a million pounds is so amazing!

“Rebellious Hope is what got me through the last few years and what keeps me going now!”

“Seeing all of your posts, tags, and support has been the best and I’m so grateful we got to do this together! Thank you all.”

Dame Deborah told The Sun she was preparing for an emotional Father’s Day on Sunday.

“It’s too hard to think about, the idea that I won’t see my son as a father,” she said.

Dame Deborah is a former assistant manager who was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2016 and kept her Instagram followers, who number more than 900,000, up to date on her treatments.

Last month she announced that she had written another book, titled How To Live When You Could Be Dead, documenting what she learned about having a positive mindset in the face of the greatest challenges. of life.

Although not slated for release until August, the book rose to number one on Amazon’s list thanks to pre-orders, with its royalties going to its BowelBabe fund.

She was also honored with a Dame’s Honor by the Duke of Cambridge at her home for her “tireless campaigning” efforts.

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