Don’t Shop, Rent! Even luxury houses are getting into clothing rental


Whether buying second-hand, recycling, repairing, upcycling or renting clothes, all of these alternatives to traditional fashion could help to significantly reduce the industry’s environmental footprint.

And even luxury brands are now in the game.

British luxury fashion house Burberry continues its efforts to make fashion more circular by adding clothing rental to its services, in partnership with the My Wardrobe HQ platform. While helping to mitigate the impact of fashion on the planet, this initiative also provides access to the brand’s essential pieces at a lower cost.

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And it’s a matter of urgency, according to a McKinsey report, produced in partnership with the Global Fashion Agenda, and released last year, which estimates that emissions from this fast-moving sector will reach 2.7 billion tonnes per year. year by 2030.

Many fashion companies are tackling the problem head-on by offering new approaches to the way we consume fashion.

Burberry’s expansion in clothing rentals shows how rapidly the market can grow worldwide.

The luxury fashion house offers some of its most iconic pieces, including the famous trench coat, for hire for a minimum of four days, and up to 14 consecutive days. And, if your rental item is too good to be abandoned, it is also possible to buy a given item second-hand, more affordably than buying it new.

The service is relatively easy to use. A person just has to go to the collection page of the My Wardrobe HQ website and choose the piece (s) you want to wear on a daily basis, for a night out or special event.

The choices can be quite comprehensive, from scarves to trench coats, T-shirts, dresses, pants and sneakers to multiple handbags.

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There’s plenty to build a complete outfit, actually. Once the selection has been made, all that remains is to select the duration of the rental (4, 7, 10 or 14 days) and proceed to payment, unless there is an item purchase preference (s ) directly second-hand.

For example, one of Burberry’s iconic trench coats, which sell for £ 1,750 (9,756) new, can be rented for £ 29 (RM162) a day, or bought second-hand for £ 875 (4 RM 878).

The service seems to be popular so far, as some parts are already unavailable just hours after launch.

It should also be noted that 40% of each transaction will be donated to the Smart Works association, which works for the reintegration of women into the labor market. – AFP Relaxnews


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