Eastman Exports Global Clothing on the road to growth, opening overseas offices

Image Courtesy: Clothing Resources

Despite the tough challenges faced by garment exporters, few companies are experiencing continuous growth and one of them is Tirupur-based Eastman Exports Global Clothing.

The company recently opened its office in the United States and is also in the process of having offices in the Middle East and the United Kingdom. The knitwear giant is also expanding its manufacturing capacity.

The 40-year-old company works with over 30 major brands and retailers like Gap, Tommy Hilfiger, Board Riders Group, Decathlon, Balmain and Harley Davidson etc., and has a turnover of over 250 million US dollars. In the long term, the company also has a plan to launch its initial public offering (IPO).

Satisfied with the general market conditions, said S. Prakash, full-time director of the company Clothing Resources, “Our US office is primarily a subsidiary that functions as a marketing office. The office also has an American designer and an Indian representative. We believe that being close to the United States, we can convert a lot of customers.

He added that despite the ups and downs in the market, India has a lot of export business opportunities, especially with regard to the opportunities that continue to grow, such as the government’s considerable efforts in of ALE. This is why the company will open offices in the Middle East and the United Kingdom.

Mainly offering fashion products for men, women and children, Eastman has vertically integrated operations and its own national brand “Hue Trap” is synergized in terms of technical know-how, infrastructure and design.

The company’s “Eastman Brands” vertical, a unique concept to support emerging brands and start-ups, also strongly marks its presence in the domestic market.

“We are not lacking on any front, be it manufacturing, marketing, export, domestic market or product category. Although we are a fashion products company catering to top brands and retailers, 3-4% of our total business comes from underwear exports,” says S.Prakash.

Although many companies in Tirupur, Coimbatore have their manufacturing units overseas as well as in other Indian states, Eastman firmly believes that there is still a lot of potential to be tapped in India itself – plenty of business opportunities. jobs can be created over time. add new facilities.

“Land and labor are integral to our industry and yes, there are few exporters who have moved to other states, but as far as Eastman is concerned, we believe that land and manpower are available in our state, we need to do a thorough study on this region and erect the facility accordingly,” confirms S.Prakash.

The company is also strong on the sustainability and CSR front, as it has taken many measures for its people as well as for society, covering skills development, education and scholarships for employees and their children.

“We have a dedicated manufacturing unit operated solely by women and almost 2,000 women are part of this unit. This is rare in the Indian garment industry,” says Prakash proudly.

Founded by N. Chandaran, Eastman Exports is now a 4-decade old group and it has many feathers in its cap as the company has its first dye plant in the region to achieve Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD).

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