Family Guy’s Stewie Becomes a Sandwich in Bizarre Food Fan Art

New Food-based Family Guy fan art transforms Stewie into a deconstructed sandwich, with the character’s iconic expression perfectly captured.

A new piece of weird family guy The food-based fan art turns Stewie into a sandwich. First broadcast in 1999 on Fox, family guy remains one of the network’s longest-running animated shows. The series is created by Seth MacFarlane and David Zuckerman. family guy follows a dysfunctional family living in Rhode Island – Peter, Lois, Meg, Chris and Stewie – as they struggle to cope with the various issues (normal and otherwise) they encounter in daily life.

MacFarlane is not only executive producer and writer of family guy, but also voices several of the central characters. In addition to Peter Griffin, the family patriarch, MacFarlane also voices Stewie, Brian, Glenn Quagmire, as well as a host of supporting characters who appear throughout the series. Stewie, who is technically a one-year-old baby, remains a fan-favorite character on the show, sporting a British accent and a level of intelligence and vocabulary far beyond what is appropriate for his age. In addition to character voices from MacFarlane, family guy features vocal performances by Alex Borstein, Seth Green and Mila Kunis, among others.


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In a new piece of food fan art shared by the official family guy Twitter account, artist Sarah Rosado creates Stewie from sandwich ingredients. The artist uses a bun to create Stewie’s iconic head with a tomato making up most of the character’s body. For the face, it looks like Rosado is using cucumber skin or some other green vegetable to capture the character’s hair and unimpressed facial expression. The family guy account writes that art “looks deliciously diabolical.Check out Stewie’s sandwich version below:

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Whereas The simpsons Still reigns supreme as the longest-running animated comedy, MacFarlane’s show has built up a solid following of avid fans over the past two decades. family guy is also a powerful example of MacFarlane’s voice work, with each character he voices sporting a completely unique and original voice. Despite the fact that family guy is about to enter season 21, characters like Stewie are still clearly entertaining audiences even after 389 episodes, with at least one artist feeling inspired to do a surprisingly accurate rendition of him from nothing but sandwich ingredients.

Stewie continues to be one of the funniest characters in family guy in Season 20, and still manages to walk the line between true evil and a caring member of the Griffin family. It remains to be seen what adventures await Stewie and the rest of the gang in future seasons of family guy, but audiences still have a few months to wait, with Season 21 set to release in late September. Despite the character’s cynical outlook on life, it’s likely that even Stewie would be impressed by the sandwich version of himself in this unique homage.

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