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Nothing flaunts self-expression quite like your wardrobe, but for people who choose not to conform to styles that reflect the gender binary, it can be difficult to find a way to feel comfortable and comfortable. to dress in a way that expresses who and what they are. they feel.

The majority of clothing brands and labels you see on the market today still classify their products as masculine or feminine, sticking to the standard heteronormative gender spectrum. This can force non-binary and genderqueer people to choose between a masculine or feminine look, and they become forced to choose a side or create their own alternative.

A study conducted by the Williams Institute, which focuses its research on sexual orientation and gender identity law and public policy, found that more than 1.2 million LGBTQ people in the United States identify as not binaries, or about 11% of LGBTQ adults in the United States.

Thankfully, the company’s recent efforts to incentivize a more fluid acceptance of the genre across various institutions has found fashion as a place to push things forward. These four gender-neutral clothing brands are just a few examples of how the fashion world is building more inclusivity into its products.


Established in 2005 and well known for its memorable slogan, “It’s not for you – it’s for everyone”, this premium unisex line has achieved global recognition years after its inception. Libero-American fashion designer and founder of the brand, Telfar Clemens, wants to create a space where self-expression is welcome for everyone, no matter how you choose to identify yourself.

Like many asexual labels, you won’t find a filtered “men’s” or “women’s” collection anywhere – just a clothing collection designed for anyone. Telfar is known for its relatively simple and mobile flavor with distinctly cut jeans, graphic hoodies and tees, crewnecks, sweaters, sweatpants and even socks. Telfar has just about everything you could possibly need for your wardrobe, plus gorgeous monochrome handbags ready to make a statement. This brand is for those with a monotonous color preference looking for a slightly experimental twist on everyday pieces.

wild fang

In 2012, Emma McIlroy, Taralyn Thuot and Julia Parsley decided they had outgrown their corporate life at Nike, Inc. and wondered why they could never find the clothes they needed that fit. their tomboy styles. They quickly cashed in their retirement and savings accounts to build what is now Wildfang.

Initially starting out in a studio in Portland, Oregon, Wildfang was born to create a space that broke free from outdated gender norms found in fashion that limit who can dress.

Their androgynous style incorporates their signature double-breasted blazers, patterned button-down shirts, overalls, jumpsuits and jeans, all in a myriad of colors. Wildfang is for anyone who can pair workwear with a hipster office party style.

Their brand also emphasizes sustainability at every stage of the supply chain, with factories that meet certified standards for energy and water conservation and wastewater management.

Since its launch ten years ago, Wildfang has donated more than $650,000 to organizations like Q-Center, Tegan & Sara Foundation, Planned parenthood and more in hopes of making a difference in the lives of the LGBTQ+ community and other causes.


A truly one-of-a-kind streetwear-inspired fashion brand with vibrant colors and design patterns, Nicopanda was launched in 2015 from the mind of innovative designer Nicola Formichetti.

The Italian-Japanese fashion designer, editor and director – who is also widely known for his frequent collaborations with Lady Gaga – created his all-inclusive label to bring bright, eye-catching style and creativity to the industry with a unisex focus, something that’s rare to find among popular streetwear brands today.

Nicopanda reinvents all kinds of everyday pieces. The brand has dreamed up supernatural designs of graphic hoodies, leather jackets, airy skirts and dresses designed for any gender identification. They also have furry coats, metallic pants and everything in between, sprinkled with as many complementary accessories as possible.

Enriching his CV with numerous but unexpected collaborations, such as Hello Kitty, Urban outfitters, Pepsi and even Amazon, Nicopanda strives to bring a playfulness and atypical vibrancy to an androgynous wardrobe, proving that gender-neutral clothing can extend far beyond monotonous color palettes. If you are a fan of graphic and colorful contemporary Japanese streetwear brands like BAPENicopanda might pique your interest.

me and me

This London-based denim and lifestyle brand, founded by designer and creative director Jessica Gebhart, is built on an ideology of protecting people. Whether it’s environmentally harmful consumer practices or restrictive gender binary ideologies that inhibit consumers’ true style identity.

Gebhart prides herself on her fashion designs on a completely gender neutral design process. Her fashion priorities are still style and fabric quality rather than gender labels and fleeting seasonal trends. I and Me’s inventory is defined by simple yet distinct striped sweaters, cardigans, baggy jeans, denim jackets, outerwear and embroidered tees.

Disenchanted with the throwaway culture of fast fashion, Gebhart also emphasizes sustainability at the manufacturing level, using natural yarns and authentic selvedge denim designed to be functional and built to last. I and Me is for those who yearn to create a casual and comfortable outfit on a cloudy Sunday morning.

If these labels prove anything, it’s that fashion really is for everyone. And these progressive designers want to make sure. Just a quick browse through these sites might have something for you.

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