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Mettlach, Germany is a town known for making beer mugs in the Villeroy and Boch factories since around 1842. They made all types of pottery.

It all started in 1809 when Pierre-Joseph Boch set up a business in the remains of a cathedral built in 786 AD.

To avoid destroying the trees used for the factory’s fuel, a charcoal kiln was developed in 1816.

Famous artists were hired to create the designs. There were eight V&B factories making ceramics.

In 1836, Mettlach merged with Villeroy & Boch, forming a company headed by Eugène, son of Pierre-Joseph.

Modern improvements have continued. They adopt new styles, new products such as tableware and new types of ceramics.

After a fire destroyed the factory and archives in 1925, they reproduced many old objects. Collectors since the 1970s have been paying the highest prices for pre-fire coins.

Earlyware Relief pieces were made before 1880. They were formed in a mould, often to look like a tree trunk and sometimes beige in color.

Vine-like castings were added and colored green or brown with platinum accents. Mettlach marks tell the story of a coin, with up to nine marks on a coin.

Q: About five years ago I bought a Madame Alexander doll at a sale. It came in the original box, which reads “Joséphine” and “1335”. She is 12 inches tall and wears a long chiffon dress adorned with embroidered ribbons and lace, a gold crown and jewels. Everything is in perfect condition. Is the doll worth anything or should I let my great-grandchildren play with it?

Beatrice Alexander Behrman and her sisters founded the Alexander Doll Company in New York City in 1923. The name “Madame Alexander” was trademarked in 1928, and Beatrice began using the name for herself as well as her dolls.

The business was sold in 1988 when Béatrice retired. It has been owned by Kahn Lucas since 2012.

Josephine is part of Madame Alexander’s Portraits of History series of dolls made from 1980 to 1986.

It represents Empress Josephine, Napoleon’s first wife. Dolls like yours are plentiful and sell for less than $30.

Current prices

noritake cupyellow bird with little chick, perched on a flowering branch, Mother’s Day 1973 in gold lettering on the bottom, slightly flared shape, 3 x 3 1/2 inches, $15.

Limoges jewelry boxpainted lid, To Mother With Love, bouquet of flowers, leaf sprig band, gold metal ribbon and bow mount, signed at the bottom, Chamart, Limoges, France, 1950s, 1 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches , $95.

InkwellZodiac pattern, patinated bronze, six sides, slanted corners, molded panels with zodiac signs and interlocking knots, glass liner, branded Tiffany Studios, 3 3/4 x 6 1/2 inches, $275.

iron boot scraperwrought, floral design with curved sides, Newport, Rhode Island, 18th century, 16 x 14 inches, $460.

Point: Never attempt to polish or clean bronze colored bookends. They have a bronze coating and collectors like patina. Cleaning decreases the value.

Taliban orders women to wear head-to-toe clothing in public https://fewandfar.net/taliban-orders-women-to-wear-head-to-toe-clothing-in-public/ Sat, 07 May 2022 15:18:00 +0000 https://fewandfar.net/taliban-orders-women-to-wear-head-to-toe-clothing-in-public/
Afghan women wait to receive food rations distributed by a Saudi aid group, in Kabul on April 25. On Saturday, Afghan Taliban leaders ordered all Afghan women to wear head-to-toe clothing in public. Ebrahim Noroozi | PA

Updated May 7, 2022 3:43 PM ET

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Taliban officials have announced that women and girls should stay home and, if they venture outside, cover themselves in loose clothing that only reveals their eyes — preferably, a burqa.

Restrictions on women’s movement and clothing are the toughest announced by the Taliban since they came to power in August. This suggested the growing dominance of the group’s hardline leaders, who appear to be behind the prolonged ban on most women and girls from attending secondary school.

Saturday’s announcement seemed to confirm the fears of many Afghans that the Taliban will remain unchanged after two decades without power. When the Taliban last ruled – from 1996 to 2001 – they also imposed severe restrictions on women’s dress and movement, and kept most girls out of school.

The news was greeted with dismay by some Afghan women.

“So much pain and sorrow for the women of my country, my heart is exploding,” tweeted Shaharzad Akbarthe former head of a major Afghan human rights group, who now lives in exile.

Rules would mean punishment for a woman’s male guardian

The directive on the dress of pubescent women and girls came from the Taliban’s Acting Minister for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, a known hardliner, Khaled Hanafi.

“We want our sisters to live in dignity and security,” he said.

However, it was not clear what – if any – legislative steps the directive still needed to go through to be implemented. Afghanistan’s state-run Bakhtar News Agency described it as a bill that had been “endorsed and implemented” by Taliban Supreme Leader Hibatullah Akhundzada.

“This is just one more step towards the dominance of these truly backward and out of touch elements of the Taliban,” he said. Ashley Jacksonthe co-director of the Center for the Study of Armed Groups based in Kenya, where she focuses on the Taliban.

“I think it also symbolizes the ascendancy of that base in Virtue Ministry, which in the 1990s played an equally outsized role.”

The Bakhtar news agency said the rules would be implemented gradually, through preaching and persuasion at first, then with penalties.

It is not the woman who will be punished, but her male guardians. Her brother, father, husband, or son will be responsible for enforcing the rules, and they will be held accountable if she defies them. The penalties would range from several days in jail to be fired from their jobs.

This turns Afghan women into minors in the eyes of Taliban officials, said Heather Barre from Human Rights Watch.

“The Taliban is really taking a very big step in terms of removing the autonomy that is still left to women and girls,” she said.

“They’re creating a situation where it’s not even up to the women and girls themselves to decide whether they’re going to stand up to the Taliban on this, what kinds of risks they’re willing to take with their security because those are the male family members who are at risk, not them.”

Rules could affect Taliban’s quest for international recognition

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan condemned the directive, saying it “contradicts numerous assurances” that the Taliban would respect the human rights of Afghan women and girls over the past decade.

“These assurances were repeated after the Taliban took power in August 2021, that women would benefit from their rights, whether in work, education or society in general.”

It also complicates the Taliban’s efforts to gain international recognition – even if it makes it more difficult for the international community to work with the Taliban to alleviate a humanitarian crisis across the country.

The UN estimates that 93% of all Afghans do not have enough to eat and just over 8 million are at risk of starvation.

Copyright 2022 NPR. To learn more, visit https://www.npr.org.

Transcription :


Many Afghan women feared that day would come. Today, the Taliban announced that women must veil themselves in public, ie wear loose clothing and cover their face except for their eyes. They gave them two choices – wear a burqa or a long loose dress and a face covering. NPR’s Diaa Hadid is online with us to tell us more. She covers Afghanistan from her base in neighboring Pakistan, and she is with us now.

DIAA HADID, BYLINE: Hello, Michel.

MARTIN: So tell us how it happened.

HAID: It’s true. Well, an announcement was made at a press conference held today by a particularly intransigent ministry. He has a long name. Bear with me. It is the ministry of spreading virtue and preventing vice. It is the ministry that guarantees public adherence to the Taliban interpretation of Islamic law.

MARTIN: And what are the new rules?

HADID: Well, women are told to stay home. If they have to leave their home for any reason, they must wear a burqa. It’s that all-encompassing dress with the mesh face covering. Or they can wear a long dress, a scarf and a face veil. Above all, it is her male guardian. It is the male guardian of an Afghan woman who will be punished if she defies these rules.

MARTIN: You know, I remember a lot of people thought the Taliban would do this from day one, but they didn’t. I wonder if you could talk a bit more about that.

HAID: No. Yeah – because in fact the Taliban had been walking relatively lightly on the issue of women’s clothing for months. And the reasoning was that they didn’t want to turn the Afghans against them by suddenly imposing all these harsh rules. But, you know, also to be clear, Afghan women dress predominantly conservatively. And so it’s really in urban areas like Kabul, where the more liberal women and girls wear slacks, long shirts and headscarves – they’re the ones who will notice the difference.

MARTIN: So why now?

HADID: That’s a big question, and there might be pressure from the Taliban base. You know, those fighters might want to see those rules put in place. After all, why did they fight for two decades against a Western-backed government they considered un-Islamic? It could be that the hardliners within the Taliban leadership are showing their muscles. They have come under a lot of pressure lately from moderates within the movement because it was the extremists who were behind the ban on girls attending secondary school – and a reminder that this ban is still in effect for most Afghan girls.

MARTIN: I wonder, how will this actually work in real life? Similarly, are women doctors, women who – performing vital functions in society, few in number today, now all expected to stay at home?

HADID: Well, working women can probably still work. If they haven’t been fired from their jobs by the Taliban, you know, until now, they’ll probably still be able to go out and work, but they’ll have to cover up. What this effectively does is it really restricts the movements of most Afghan women because when the Taliban says a woman should stay home, it’s really up to a local commander to decide how he’s doing interpret that. A woman’s movements could be more micro-policed. She could be further harassed if she tries to leave the house.

Furthermore, it deprives women of their legal right to be an adult. When the Taliban say that a male guardian will be punished for this, what they are doing is reducing a woman to the status of a minor in the eyes of their laws because she is not being punished for it. It is her male guardian who could be punished by being imprisoned or even losing his job.

MARTIN: I understand it just happened, but how has the international community reacted so far?

HADID: Well, the European Union representative for Afghanistan has already condemned that. The UN has just issued a statement saying that this directive contradicts numerous assurances given to them by the Taliban. What it really does, however, is further complicate relations between the Taliban and the international community. They sought legitimacy. They were looking for trade. They want open borders with other countries. It’s really hard to see how this will evolve.

MARTIN: It was Diaa Hadid from NPR. Dia, thank you very much.

HADID: You’re welcome, Michel. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

Repatriating a Polish art collection with a rich history https://fewandfar.net/repatriating-a-polish-art-collection-with-a-rich-history/ Fri, 06 May 2022 07:06:38 +0000 https://fewandfar.net/repatriating-a-polish-art-collection-with-a-rich-history/

The treasure of art history is hidden away at Le Moyne College, a small Jesuit school in Syracuse, New York. Hanging in the college’s Noreen Reale Falcone library, amid bronze busts of clergymen and statues of Jesus, is a collection of tapestries and paintings that were displayed for the first time in the Polish Pavilion at the exhibition. 1939 New York Universal.

They have been at Moyne since 1958, when a former assistant professor and Polish émigré named Stefan de Ropp donated them to the college. But now they have to return to Poland, to be exhibited in a new museum of Polish history in Warsaw.

Peter Obst, director of the Poles in America Foundation, said efforts to bring the collection back to Poland have been going on for decades.

“I have known the collection for a long time, because it is a legend of Polonia,” he said, using the term for the Polish diaspora in America. The local Obst Community Polish Cultural Center even has prints of the paintings hanging on the walls. “The copies don’t come close to the originals, though,” Obst said. “Not even 10 miles up close.”

Poles have been trying to persuade Le Moyne to repatriate the art since the early 1990s, when a group including Boguslaw Winid, former Polish representative to the United Nations and current adviser to Polish President Andrzej Duda, traveled to Syracuse to plead their cause. The mission proved unsuccessful, as were many subsequent attempts over the following decades.

Inga Barnello, director of Le Moyne’s library, said the college treasured the collection – known as the De Ropp collection, after its donor – and did not want to part with it for many years.

“We’re not here to donate our art collections,” she said. “It was a gift.”

Obst said that although the college was never antagonistic, it remained stubbornly committed to the works.

“Le Moyne, for a long time, blew people away,” he said. “There were just different points of view and misunderstandings that needed to be reconciled.”

“There are no bad guys in this story, except maybe Hitler and Stalin,” he added.

It was only a few years ago that the prospect of repatriation began to become a reality. In 2019, Obst and Deborah Majka, the Polish Honorary Consul for Southeastern Pennsylvania, secured a meeting with then-Provost Provost Rev. Joseph Marina, SJ. (Father Marina then served as interim president of Le Moyne from 2020 to 2021 and is currently president of the University of Scranton, another Jesuit institution).

Obst described this meeting with Father Marina as the “decisive moment” in the years-long quest to repatriate the collection. After the meeting, the college expressed its willingness for the first time to part ways with the artwork, provided it had a safe place and was on public display.

“I guess I managed to appeal to his Jesuit sense of social justice and fairness,” Obst said. “The Polish people will reclaim their heritage. That’s what motivated me. So even though it took a bit of time, I think the effort was worth it.“

The Polish Ministry of Culture, which had long wanted to repatriate the collection, asked if Le Moyne would consider sending it to Warsaw, to be exhibited in a still-to-be-built Polish history museum. After a few years of back and forth, Le Moyne agreed.

“Once we heard that they were seriously building a new national history museum in Warsaw, and that’s where they were going, we felt a bit better,” Barnello said.

On Wednesday, a Polish delegation arrived in Syracuse to sign an official agreement with Le Moyne and celebrate their mutual appreciation for art. The delegation included Piotr Glinski, Polish Minister of Culture, and Robert Kostro, Director of the Polish History Museum.

Le Moyne communications director Joseph Della Posta said the two parties had agreed not to release any details of a financial agreement associated with the repatriation of the art.

The artwork will travel in temporary exhibitions across Poland starting in autumn 2023 and will be placed on permanent display in 2024, when the Warsaw Museum is scheduled to open. The paintings depict important scenes from Polish history, highlighting the country’s contributions to democracy in Europe.

“The central point of the [Polish National History] museum will be the history of democracy and freedom in Poland,” said Kostro. “Le Moyne’s paintings are of great importance in this respect.”

A historic—and historic—collection

The De Ropp collection is made up of seven murals, all over two meters long, and four large tapestries. The paintings were all executed collaboratively by a group of 11 Polish artists known as the Confrérie de Saint-Luc; the tapestries were made by Mieczysław Szymański, a pupil of the founder of the Brotherhood, Tadeusz Pruszkowski. All were intended to educate an international audience at the World’s Fair about Poland’s place in the progress of Western civilization. Some of the scenes they depict include the establishment of the first writ of habeas corpus in Krakow in 1430; the Warsaw Confederation of 1573, which granted religious freedom in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth; and the Polish army repelling the Ottomans from Vienna in 1683.

The work adorned the central hall of honor of the Polish pavilion – an integral part of an exhibition which, for an interwar Poland newly independent of the Prussian Empire and not yet under German control, was crucial to establish a revitalized national identity.

“When Poland was reborn after 1918, people didn’t know they had their own country for over 100 years,” Obst said. “Performing in this pavilion was so important to them because it was about projecting their identity and national consciousness.”

“The paintings speak of Polish history, but they are also part of Polish history,” Kostro said.

The art never returned to its country of origin. In September 1939, just months after the pavilion opened, Nazi Germany invaded and occupied Poland. In the following years, the work was either sold to repay debts or acquired by cultural institutions. Many pieces from the pavilion ended up in the Polish Museum of America in Chicago; others have gone to diplomatic posts, such as the Polish Embassy in Washington, D.C. A statue of King Wladyslaw Jagiellon, who led the World’s Fair exhibit, has been erected in New York’s Central Park, where it remains to this day.

So how did these Brotherhood of Saint Luke paintings end up in a tiny Jesuit college in upstate New York?

Trip to Le Moyne

Stefan de Ropp, the curator of the Polish pavilion, found himself in two difficult situations after the 1939 World’s Fair.

The German invasion, coming just months after the exhibition opened, left De Ropp and his family, in addition to art, stranded in America. Cut off from Poland’s expense accounts for the exhibition, De Ropp paid off his debts by selling many of the exhibits after the fair ended.

After the war ended, Poland became part of the Soviet Union and De Ropp did not return. Obst said De Ropp tried to return the paintings, but the new Soviet government was not interested in art with such blatant nationalist and religious overtones.

“The paintings shared the fate of many Poles who had to emigrate because of the war and could not return because of the communist dictatorship,” Kostro said. “Finally today, when Poland is a free, democratic and independent country, they can come back to Poland, just like the history of the paintings.”

In the 1950s, De Ropp, adrift and broke, found a job at Le Moyne College as a part-time Russian lecturer. By then he had sold or given away almost all of the exhibits at the World’s Fair, but he clung to the work of the Confrérie de Saint-Luc, the centerpiece of the exhibition. In 1958, he donated them to his employer, to display them in the university library.

“He said, ‘Let’s put them here in this Catholic college – there’s a lot of Catholic history in [the paintings]“said Barnello. “And they were huge! It would have been difficult to store them.

“[De Ropp] wanted to keep the paintings, but he couldn’t afford to store them…the guy was against the wall,” Obst said. “Some people accused him of taking them without permission, but I think he did his best.”

During their first two decades at Le Moyne, the collection hung in a small old library, uncased and on display. Barnello says they were in poor condition until 1983, when then-university president Frank Haig had them restored and moved to a newly built library.

“They were dusty, dry. The children drew mustaches on the people in the paintings,” she said. “There was no glass on them. They were just reachable, in the old library.

After the collection was restored, Barnello became interested in the art of local Polish American heritage clubs. But for the most part, the pieces simply existed in the college library — grand and beautiful, she says, but far from the public eye.

“In recent years we have tried to promote programs and screenings,” Barnello said. “But there just wasn’t a big audience for them.”

A bittersweet parting

For Barnello, who has worked at the Le Moyne College Library since 1982, parting with the De Ropp collection is bittersweet. She plans to retire in June and says she hopes to be gone before the paintings are removed.

“I understand it’s the right thing to do, but I’m going to miss my friends,” she said. “I am happy to have been able to help promote them in a modest way over the past 30 years. It was really a pleasure.

Barnello’s post-retirement plans finally include a visit to Poland, the country she gained a deep appreciation for during the decades she spent caring for and studying the De Ropp collection. And she does not consider one day the possibility of visiting her old friends in their new home across the Atlantic.

She probably won’t find herself immersing herself in art alone. For the first time since the 1939 World’s Fair, the paintings and tapestries will be displayed to mass audiences – and in the country in which they were created, whose history they celebrate.

“It’s going to be a big problem in Poland,” Obst said. “My personal feeling is that in the first few weeks [of their exhibition]more people will see them than in the nearly 30 years they hung in the library.

This $26 Amazon Find Makes Cleaning Pet Hair On and Under Furniture Easy :: WRAL.com https://fewandfar.net/this-26-amazon-find-makes-cleaning-pet-hair-on-and-under-furniture-easy-wral-com/ Thu, 05 May 2022 19:10:20 +0000 https://fewandfar.net/this-26-amazon-find-makes-cleaning-pet-hair-on-and-under-furniture-easy-wral-com/

The products and services mentioned below have been selected independently of sales and advertising. However, Simplemost may receive a small commission from the purchase of any product or service through an affiliate link to the retailer’s website.

While pets fill our lives with warmth, companionship, and joy, there are a few downsides to having a four-legged friend. The fur, on the one hand.

Unless you have a hypoallergenic breed, chances are your dog or cat will be shedding hair all over the house, causing you to vacuum a lot more often than you would like. Of course, even when you’re vacuuming religiously, there are places that tend to get missed unless you’re doing one of those whole-house deep cleans where you move furniture around and go wild.

Under heavy furniture like your couch, bed, dresser, entertainment center, or bookshelves are prime examples.

Pet lovers — and general fans of a totally clean home — swear by a low-cost tool on Amazon that’s designed to get into tough spots and grab all the hair, dust, and grime that comes your way. ‘he touches. The secret to the Mega Floor Large Lint Roller by Smart Design is its simplicity. As the name suggests, this is a large version of the sticky lint roller that you would use to remove pet hair from upholstery and clothing on an extra-long handle.


The secret to this handy lint roller is its handle, which extends from 12 to 42 inches in length, so you can use it for many cleaning jobs. The sticky sheets are 10 inches wide, allowing them to cover a much larger area than most lint rollers.

The Smart Design Large Mega Floor Lint Roller sells for around $26 on Amazon, where it has around 3,000 reviews so far, many of them rave reviews. It has an overall rating of 4.5 out of five stars, with nearly three out of four users giving it a perfect rating.

Many positive reviews praise how sticky the sheets are, with one cat owner saying he was “both horrified and satisfied” when using the device. The horror came from the amount of hair and other beauties they caught than they expected. Other five-star reviews talk about how easy the whole process is and how effective it is in removing hair from the carpet.


About 10% of reviewers gave it a rating of three stars or less, with the most common complaint being that the sheets are hard to peel off and you’ll need to replace the roller often.

The initial purchase comes with a 25-sheet roll, but you can order more from Amazon, including a two-pack or six-pack of 50-sheet rolls. It comes to less than $8 per roll if you opt for the six pack.


Do you have any secrets for picking up pet hair in hard-to-reach places in your home?

This story originally appeared on Simplemost. Check out Simplemost for additional stories.

This $26 Amazon find makes it easy to clean pet hair on and under furniture :: WRAL.com https://fewandfar.net/this-26-amazon-find-makes-it-easy-to-clean-pet-hair-on-and-under-furniture-wral-com/ Thu, 05 May 2022 19:10:20 +0000 https://fewandfar.net/this-26-amazon-find-makes-it-easy-to-clean-pet-hair-on-and-under-furniture-wral-com/

The products and services mentioned below have been selected independently of sales and advertising. However, Simplemost may receive a small commission from the purchase of any product or service through an affiliate link to the retailer’s website.

While pets fill our lives with warmth, companionship, and joy, there are a few downsides to having a four-legged friend. The fur, on the one hand.

Unless you have a hypoallergenic breed, chances are your dog or cat will be shedding hair all over the house, causing you to vacuum a lot more often than you would like. Of course, even when you’re vacuuming religiously, there are places that tend to get missed unless you’re doing one of those whole-house deep cleans where you move furniture around and go wild.

Under heavy furniture like your sofa, bed, dresser, entertainment center, or bookshelves are great examples.

Pet lovers — and general fans of a totally clean home — swear by a low-cost tool on Amazon that’s designed to get into tough spots and grab all the hair, dust, and grime that comes your way. ‘he touches. The secret to the Mega Floor Large Lint Roller by Smart Design is its simplicity. As the name suggests, this is a large version of the sticky lint roller that you would use to remove pet hair from upholstery and clothing on an extra-long handle.


The secret to this handy lint roller is its handle, which extends from 12 to 42 inches in length, so you can use it for many cleaning jobs. The sticky sheets are 10 inches wide, allowing them to cover a much larger area than most lint rollers.

The Smart Design Large Mega Floor Lint Roller sells for around $26 on Amazon, where it has around 3,000 reviews so far, many of them rave reviews. It has an overall rating of 4.5 out of five stars, with nearly three out of four users giving it a perfect rating.

Many positive reviews praise how sticky the sheets are, with one cat owner saying he was “both horrified and satisfied” when using the device. The horror came from the amount of hair and other beauties they caught than they expected. Other five-star reviews talk about how easy the whole process is and how effective it is in removing hair from the carpet.


About 10% of reviewers gave it a rating of three stars or less, with the most common complaint being that the sheets are hard to peel off and you’ll need to replace the roller often.

The initial purchase comes with a 25-sheet roll, but you can order more from Amazon, including a two-pack or six-pack of 50-sheet rolls. It comes to less than $8 per roll if you opt for the six pack.


Do you have any secrets for picking up pet hair in hard-to-reach places in your home?

This story originally appeared on Simplemost. Check out Simplemost for additional stories.

Brimfield Outdoor Antiques Market to open at full capacity on May 10 https://fewandfar.net/brimfield-outdoor-antiques-market-to-open-at-full-capacity-on-may-10/ Thu, 05 May 2022 09:02:52 +0000 https://fewandfar.net/brimfield-outdoor-antiques-market-to-open-at-full-capacity-on-may-10/

BRIMFIELD – With its first full-fledged opening in May since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the Brimfield Outdoor Antiques Market is certainly back in a big way.

“If people haven’t experienced Brimfield, they really should get out,” said Kate Corriveau, co-owner of Brimfield Auction Acres. “It’s listed in ‘The 1,000 Places to See Before You Die’ and if we’ve learned anything from COVID, time matters and memories matter.”

After: Brimfield Shows Food Vendors Get Green Light; common fueling licenses not required

Last May, Brimfield Auction Acres, formerly known as J&J Promotions Antiques and Collectibles, at 35 Main St., was the only area open.

Due to the uncertainty related to COVID-19, the city’s select committee only decided on March 29, 2021 to allow the flea markets to open. Although the news was a relief, the owners of the flea market quickly realized that there was not enough time to inform the dealers, draw up a plan for the city health worker and organize the shows. .

But this year, Brimfield Auction Acres has a lot of people.

The May show, which runs from 10-15 May, is Brimfield’s first show of the season and traditionally May is the busiest show of the year. And, who knows, it might be the highest-attended show in years.

“Everyone is ready,” Corriveau said. “I think it will be one of the best years at Brimfield for a very long time.”

The Brimfield Outdoor Antiques Market will also be held July 12-17 and September 6-11.

Unlike last year, Corriveau said treasure hunting season will be in full swing next week with nearly 20 fields set up with thousands of merchants, all ready to sell their wares and souvenirs and artifacts. hard-to-find collection.

“Last year, starting with a show in May and then as the others opened up to shows in July and September, buyers and some dealers were still hesitant,” Corriveau said. “But next week it’s going to be great because we’re all going to be up and running. Everyone is ready, both resellers and buyers.

Young treasure hunters

Last July, Corriveau said he saw an increase in the number of “young people” in Brimfield who are looking for quality “vintage” or “retro” furniture and collectibles that are unique and made to last.

“We’ve been cut to the wings for a while here and now we can put our creativity to the test,” Corriveau said. “And there’s no place like Brimfield for that.”

With the absence due to COVID, Corriveau said she expects there will be plenty of great finds, as well as dealers eager to part with inventory that hasn’t been touched or reviewed. for about two years.

After: Despite the rain, heat and waning pandemic, Brimfield’s first ‘normal’ post-COVID-19 show continues

And Corriveau said you never know who you’re going to see treasure hunting.

Last July, Lara Spencer, the creator and co-host of “Flea Market Flip” and co-anchor of “Good Morning America” ​​on ABC, did live broadcasts from Brimfield, Corriveau said.

Also, in recent years, Corriveau had a close encounter with two famous Neils – Neil Young and Neil Patrick Harris.

fields of pleasure

On May 10, three fields will open at 6 a.m. while another eight fields are expected to open at sunrise.

Central Park Antique Shows, Green Acres Antique Show and Midway Antiques Shows will all open at 6 a.m., while Collins’ Apple Barn, Crystal Brook, Grand Trunk Antique Shows, Mahogany Ridge, Quaker Acres, Shelton Antique Shows, Stephen’s Place Antiques Show and Sturtevant’s Antique Fairs will open at sunrise. These 11 fields will be open until Sunday.

Brimfield Auction Acres will also hold a “Treasure Trunk Tuesday” event at 7 a.m. Tuesday, and Dealers Choice Antiques Shows will open for a one-day sale at 11 a.m. Tuesday.

After: ‘Best show ever’: Brimfield in September, fair for some antiques and art dealers

On May 11, the New England Motel opens at 6 a.m.; Heart O’ The Mart opens at 9 a.m. and Hertan’s Antique Shows opens at noon. The three fields that open on Wednesday will be open until Sunday.

The May Antiques Market will open at 9 a.m. on May 12 and run until May 14, and Brimfield Auction Acres will open at 8 a.m. on May 13 and 14.

And not only merchants and treasure hunters will be out in force. The same will be true for the Brimfield Police Department.

On March 14, the Select Board approved the use of “flea market funds” to purchase 25 traffic cones and three bicycles.

Police Chief Charles T. Kuss requested $600 for the cones and $2,600 for the three bikes with additional accessories. Kuss said they currently have 11 bikes. He said the newest was four years old and the oldest was 25.

Last fall, Kuss said Brimfield’s outdoor antiques market went well, with the only problem being people blatantly ignoring the orange ‘No Parking’ signs posted along Route 20 , because they only needed “a few minutes” to stop and load their purchases.

Kuss said while people don’t see this as a problem, it creates a difficult situation and can get in the way of emergency vehicles.

As for COVID, nothing is enforced regarding mask wearing and social distancing, but buyers and sellers will have to decide on their personal comfort level.

For more information, visit brimfieldantiquefleamarket.com.

Behind the company: sawtooth furniture https://fewandfar.net/behind-the-company-sawtooth-furniture/ Wed, 04 May 2022 20:48:00 +0000 https://fewandfar.net/behind-the-company-sawtooth-furniture/

JEROME, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — A few years ago, Lance Nichols had a dream.

“For the past few years, we kind of wanted a change of pace in our life and in our family,” he said. This dream was able to come true after the encouragement of friends.

“We started construction about a year ago, and it’s been completed,” said Nichols, the company’s president.

Within the last month, just off Highway 93 in Jerome, Sawtooth Furniture was born. The customization of furniture is one thing that makes it unique.

“You can come in and choose your stain, your wood species and if you want to customize it, you can do that,” Nichols said.

Perhaps the most unique feature of this business, according to Nichols, is that it is the only family-run Amish furniture store in southern Idaho.

“It’s solid wood furniture, there’s no particle board, it’s made by the Amish people of northern Indiana,” Nichols explained. You can find just about anything you’re looking for when you walk through the door.

“Tables, dining tables and chairs. We have bedroom sets, bookcases, china hutches, we have a range of outdoor poly furniture,” he said.

Nichols is grateful for the support he has received so far.

“We are very pleased, we are very grateful to the people who stopped and bought things and told us that they appreciate our presence here,” he said.

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Copper mining, like politics, is now the art of the possible https://fewandfar.net/copper-mining-like-politics-is-now-the-art-of-the-possible/ Wed, 04 May 2022 19:15:11 +0000 https://fewandfar.net/copper-mining-like-politics-is-now-the-art-of-the-possible/

In a recent note, Goldman Sachs summed up the changing nature of the industry in the context of copper thus:

“…fundamentals were once so tied to global growth that copper was considered to have a ‘PhD’ in macroeconomics.

“Yet today, ‘Dr. Copper no longer exists – with ESG, geopolitics and chronic underinvestment all driving copper fundamentals far more than overall global growth.

“In our view, Copper’s doctorate is about public policy, not economics, rallying around concerns about Chilean mining royalties, accelerating European demand for renewables and supply risks from sanctions. rather than falling global growth expectations.”

Possible is the new probable

Resources can be measured or indicated, reserves can still be labeled proven and probable, but deposits under development have become more uncertain.

In a presentation at the copper mining industry’s largest annual gathering in Santiago, CRU’s head of base metals supply, Erik Heimlich, stressed that while the scale of the supply shortfall long term of just over 6 million tonnes is in line with historical trends, closing that gap is a much more daunting prospect today.

Source: CRU

Most important is the fact that now, remarkably, half of the project pipeline for the supply needed in 2032 consists of entirely new projects in the possible category; Another 19% are speculative brownfield projects.

Comparing the 2022 project pipeline to that of 2012 is sobering. Of the 8 million tonnes per year capacity identified as potential new projects, 7 million tonnes remain untapped.

Heimlich says the preponderance of projects only classified as possible in the pipeline indicates the extent to which “factors beyond project economics play an increasingly important role” in determining whether projects become mines.

How brown was your valley?

Only about a third of 2012’s uncommitted brownfield projects, which are expected to be faster, easier and cheaper to build, are currently in production or under construction.

Notable projects from 2012 that stayed that way include Anglo American and Glencore’s $6.5 billion expansion at Collahuasi, which was supposed to boost production at the Chilean mine above 1 million tons and BHP’s Olympic dam project which began as “the mother of all digs” and ended as an exercise in debottlenecking.

If new projects are more missed than hit, it is up to life of mine extensions, operational efficiency projects and mine restart to make up the difference, but Heimlich warns that if “the intensity in capital from the debottlenecking project can be attractive, the additional tonnage is usually small”. and lack of scale can render such projects useless.

The success of mine restarts is also uneven, with few mines resuming production and those generally doing so on a small scale.

stop stop

Given the difficulty of bringing more projects online, life of mine extensions “in this cycle seem more necessary than ever,” says Heimlich, but even those projects can fall foul of environmental, regulatory and , community and political.

Anglo American had to cut its Los Bronces project by $3 billion for environmental reasons and will use the sub-level blasting method so as to have no surface impact in an area with many glaciers, but that means extraction of ore significantly lower than with block caving or open pit operations.

And that may not be enough for a green light just yet – just this week Chile’s environmental regulator denied the project an extension permit.

Technical Tonic

Can technology fill the void? Heimlich says the new leaching processes “are attracting significant interest and investment” and that the total addressable market for low-grade sulphide leaching is equivalent to about 10 years of current production.

“New technologies offer the most significant benefits for long-term production, but could exceed the time required.”

A bit like all those green, brown, possible, probable, committed and uncommitted projects that go beyond the required deadlines.

Exclusive: Antiques Road Trip welcomes new expert Mark Hill https://fewandfar.net/exclusive-antiques-road-trip-welcomes-new-expert-mark-hill/ Wed, 04 May 2022 08:12:29 +0000 https://fewandfar.net/exclusive-antiques-road-trip-welcomes-new-expert-mark-hill/

Eve Crosbie

Journey on the road of antiquities audiences will be used to seeing the likes of Philip Serrell, Roo Irvine, Izzie Balmer and Raj Bisram travel the UK to uncover incredible treasures – but now there’s a new face in the driver’s seat.

MORE: Did you know Antiques Road Trip star Natasha Raskin Sharp has a famous dad?

HELLO! can exclusively reveal that the expert in antiquities Marc Hill joined the line-up of the next series of the BBC One show, which is set to air later this year. Ahead of his debut, which will see him take part in a friendly competition with fellow expert Roo Irvine, read more about Mark here…

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WATCH: The biggest sale on Journey on the road of antiquities the story revealed

Mark, 47, is no stranger to television, having appeared on Antiques Tour with Fiona Bruce since 2007, as well as other BBC programs like collectors and Antiquities discovered over the years.

However, as Mark saysantique car trip, which consists in fact of going to antique shops, markets and garage sales, is much closer to his daily life as a collector and expert in antiques. “It’s basically what I do for a livinge. Finding treasures in antique stores is what I do, so doing it with that kind of added competition makes me very excited,” he says.

MORE: Antiques Roadshow: 7 of the most valuable treasures discovered at the show

MORE: Natasha Raskin Sharp Reveals Surprising Reason She Almost Lost Antiques Road Trip Role

Mark’s passion for antiques began when he was young. “When I was a kid, I would find these things – I’m afraid I’m a very geeky kid – and I would research the story, find out all about it, learn on my own. I remember, i bought a pocket watch when i was about 15 or something then sold it for more money and I thought, ‘Can I make a career out of this?'”

“I’ve always loved a story which I think is a very human thing. For me it was all about the object and the story behind the object,” he adds.

mark hill

Mark began his career at one of the UK’s oldest auction houses

© Tim JW Roberts

Mark’s parents were more than supportive of his dreams of making a career out of his love for antiques. “My father came to England from New Zealand in 1964 to pursue his dream of working for a Formula 1 team, so he encouraged me – they both did – to do what I wanted to do. .”

As a result, Mark went on to study the history of art and architecture at the University of Reading where, in his own wordss, his eye for a good find funded both his “books and his bar bill”. Even before he graduated, he joined one of the oldest and biggest auctioneers in the world, Bonhams, and it wasn’t long before he worked his way up to auction.

“I started at the bottom and I mean, literally at the bottom,” he explains. “I used to clean and hold auctions but it was probably the best learning I think I could ever get and I would recommend anyone to do it because you’re just starting to deal with so many different things, learning from clients and to learn from specialists.”


Mark joined the latest series of the BBC show

© Mark Hill

One of the first things viewers will notice about Mark is his strong sense of style – which also happens to be rooted in his love for treasures from the past. “Most of the clothes I wear are vintage,” he says. “It’s about quality and it’s also about sustainability and recycling like any other antique.”

“I love wearing these because, without wanting to look holier than you, you have to think about the future of the environment. One of the things I can’t do is fast fashion.”

As for how his career in front of the cameras started, Mark reveals that it was “by pure chance” that he was scouted to participate in Antiques Tour over 15 years ago.

However, he describes his new role on Journey on the road of antiquities as “very, very different” from the Sunday afternoon staple. “The format is obviously different but it’s very fast and I love that.”

The show also brings him together with many, many experts he has met in his professional life over the years and his first trip sees him travel to the Scottish Highlands with fellow expert Roo Irvine whom he considers a “dear friend “.


Mark was paired with Roo Irvine for his first stint on Journey on the road of antiquities

“Working with Roo is really great. She’s so much fun and I think what stands out is that they’re really two good friends traveling across the country with a competitive edge.”

As for how their first trip together went, Mark teases, “There have been a few occasions where I’ve had some really nice surprises. Really, really nice surprises, but you’re going to have to tune in! I will say that there are a few nice surprises with extremely pleasant results.”

MORE: Antiques Road Trip star reveals most expensive sale – and it’s seriously impressive

When he’s not in front of the cameras or at auction houses, Mark says he can be found at his London home which he shares with his partner and rescue cat, either curled up on the sofa reading a book, taking care of his garden or enjoying a good glass of wine.

However, he admits he spent last weekend at an antique fair because he couldn’t resist taking a look. “It was Confucius who said that if you find something you love to do, you’ll never have a day’s work in your life and i think that’s absolutely true. As deeply sad as it sounds, I’m just addicted to what I do. I love it.”

Antiques Road Trip is available to stream on BBC iPlayer now. Mark’s episodes will air on BBC One later in 2022.

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Best Online Garden Furniture Stores France 2022 https://fewandfar.net/best-online-garden-furniture-stores-france-2022/ Tue, 03 May 2022 08:51:35 +0000 https://fewandfar.net/best-online-garden-furniture-stores-france-2022/ Whether it’s a rattan dining set, a wooden lounge chair or garden sofas with decadent cushions, these are the online garden furniture stores to help you furnish your spaces. outdoors this summer

Best online garden furniture stores: from budget to luxury

Yes, we fully accept that the UK weather is as fickle as ever, but that doesn’t stop you from preparing your outdoor space for a summer of relaxation and restoration. Firm in our belief that “if you furnish it, it will come”, here are our favorite online furniture stores for superlative garden furniture.

You might think outdoor furniture is just a few aluminum lounge chairs and maybe a picnic table. And while there’s a lot to be said for keeping things simple, there’s plenty of more stylish furniture to check out.

Whether it’s a garden dining set, fire pits, parasols, hammocks or a plush outdoor sofa – the current ranges of outdoor furniture available are truly impressive and you allow you to cultivate your own haven of sunshine, no matter how limited the space you have, or how many people you need to organize your garden to entertain.

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Should garden furniture be left outside?

Let’s be honest: some of us will be conscientious about our garden furniture and treat it as it should – lovingly covering it overnight with a sturdy, weatherproof cover, or moving it into our shed. of garden.

But more of us, we suspect, will leave it outside all year round, regardless of the weather.

Whether or not this speeds up the disappearance of your outdoor furniture depends on the material of the furniture, its quality and its durability. Some of the most aesthetically pleasing pieces of furniture are made with a look first and foremost in the designer’s mind, but less concerned about its durability.

Here our advice is to make sure you read the product information carefully before ordering. Check – is it weatherproof? (you are golden). Rust resistant? Or just weatherproof (in which case you’ll have to treat it with kid gloves and cover it during the winter and in the rain)? Also pay attention to the weight – if you are in a windy part of our country, the weight will determine whether your furniture gets washed away or not.

Be sure to read the product information carefully before placing an order to check whether it is weatherproof, rustproof or weatherproof, and research the weight of the furniture so that it is not easily washed away by the wind.

What is rattan garden furniture?

Rattan outdoor furniture is currently having a ‘moment’ in the UK, proving to be an extremely popular option for people looking for outdoor furniture. You know the look: woven and a bohemian touch. But what is it?

First – it is not wicker, which is a style of weaving. Rattan, on the contrary, is the material used to make the weaving. This means that rattan furniture is most often not really rattanbut rather a synthetic material designed to mimic rattan.

The synthetic version is quite often cheaper and wears well, so it’s a solid option if you really like the look.

How do I start furnishing my garden with garden furniture?

As you would with your home – start with the basics and then you can further develop the “look” of your garden from there. It’s worth spending a little more on these garden staples, as they’ll likely last season after season, while garden accessories can be replaced more cheaply and more frequently.

The fundamentals ? A garden dining set – tables and chairs – is the best place to start entertaining, whether for others or just for yourself. If your space is limited, opt for a bistro or patio set – more jeweled, but perfect for lunching in the sun.

Got a little more space and money? Now add an outdoor sofa, lounge chair or deck chair. Once these cozy pieces are in place, you can expand the realm of lighting and heaters (or a fire pit, best of both worlds) to keep things going when the sun goes down, then aspects to make things more comfortable, such as sofa cushions and outdoor rugs.

What are the best online furniture stores in the UK?

Best garden furniture store: Made.com

Topa Garden Corner Dining Set

We love Made.com: their furniture sets are both sleek, contemporary and timeless, as well as comfortable. Even better, they offer a sense of luxury at far from exorbitant prices.

what are they selling: fire pits, sofa sets, dining table sets, garden tables, bistro sets – everything, really.

Our favorite track: The Topa Garden Corner dining set offers luxurious sofa seating and a dining table for persistent lunches. Summer entertainment perfection.

Best patio furniture store for investment pieces: Cox & Cox

Canopy day bed Cannes

Elegant, traditional, comfortable. Cox & Cox is British style at its best – totally bucolic, dare we say old-fashioned, furniture for seriously decadent outdoor living. They aren’t cheap, but each piece screams quality.

What are they selling: Dining tables and sets, fire pits and braziers, daybeds and lounge chairs, garden accessories, hanging chairs

Best brand of inexpensive garden furniture: Aldi

Intex 4 person inflatable hot tub, £399

Of course, you already know Aldi, the mega discount store that sells almost everything. They have cult status among shoppers for their dupes of more expensive garden pieces at very competitive prices – most legendary, the sold-out Hanging Egg Chair.

Although there is a natural depreciation in quality, their furniture offers an impressive and affordable choice for those who want on-trend pieces but can’t pay full price.

What are they selling: Lounge chairs, furniture sets, gazebos, bistro dining sets.

Our favorite piece: Arguably not ‘furniture’, but the £399 Intex 4-Person Inflatable Hot Tub offers a fun, affordable hot tub you and your friends can relax in throughout long summer evenings. ‘summer.

Pacha outdoor lounge chair with swivel

The Conran Shop is great if you’re struggling to imagine how the pieces will work in your garden: the virtual consultation service helps you figure out which pieces of furniture would work best for your home and garden. The designers are top of the line and the construction impeccable – an impressive proposition.

What are they selling: A range of tables, chairs, sofas and decorative accessories.

Ideal for rustic garden furniture: Okay

Orseno Dining Set

Let’s be clear – there’s more to Oka than just their rustic pieces, but they absolutely excel at it, creating pieces of furniture that look just right on the outside.

Their constructions are immaculate – cleverly built to make the most of space, beautiful to look at and supremely comfortable.

What are they selling: Tables, seats and garden accessories. Particularly skilful with furniture made of polyrattan and durable wood.

Our favorite room: The Orseno Dining Set pulls off the trick of associating the grandeur of Camelot’s round table with a laid-back, seaside vibe. Ideal for relaxed extended lunches.

Ideal for sustainability and eco-consciousness: nkuku

Kadai Reclaimed Iron Campfire

We don’t include Nkuku exclusively for its eco-friendly credentials, impressive as they are, as the brand is dedicated to using natural and reclaimed materials and crafting its furniture using traditional methods to reduce emissions.

All of this would be pointless if the furnishings weren’t so beautiful – often with a natural, weathered look – and extremely comfortable.

What are they selling: A full range of garden furniture, including lighting, and a particularly large selection of iron fire pits.

Our favorite piece: The Kadai reclaimed iron fire pit has a beautifully burnished look and comes with a grill to turn it into an instant barbecue.

Ideal for original French artisanal pieces: La Redoute

Mela Acacia Garden Dining Set

La Redoute sources and distributes furniture from French artisans, which means their furniture is impressively crafted, often bright and colorful, and utterly unique. Despite those impressive credentials, it’s also very steeply priced – you won’t pay more for something no one else will.

What are they selling: A bit of everything, but their garden dining tables are particularly great.

Our favorite piece: The Mela Acacia Garden Dining Set is ideal for extended lunches outdoors. The high oil content of acacia wood means this dining set will last season after season – and only get better.

Lois garden sofa

Oh, M&S, you’re so reliable. Marky’s range of furniture and accessories is wide, covering a range of current and long-lasting trends, and quality is assured. The prices are generally reasonable and the after-sales service is impressive.

What are they selling: from lounge chairs, garden sofas to dining sets and accessories – they have it all.

Our favorite piece: At £129, the Lois Synthetic Wicker Garden Sofa is a bargain – stylish and comfortable.

Ideal for handcrafted, expertly crafted furniture: bomb

Capri Black Dining Table

Want to know more about Bombinate – they are very, very good. Expertly crafted, artisan-designed and garishly elegant furniture will elevate your living space from functional to ‘coveted’.

What are they selling: garden chairs, tables, crockery, accessories.

New Hampshire Transformer Set

If you’re looking for basic garden furniture at a reasonable price, the range is a great place to look, offering a well-priced and expertly constructed selection of all the basic garden furniture you can find.

What are they selling: Everything you might need, from furniture to accessories.

Our favorite piece: The New Hampshire Transformer Set is a living room suite with table and ottoman that cleverly transforms to save space when not in use. Clever and comfortable.

Ideal for premium brands: Amara

Braided Rope Outdoor Rocking Chair

Amara sifts through high-end brands to find stylish and sturdy pieces. With a mix of traditional and modern styles. They are not cheap, but you can feel the quality.

What are they selling: All the classics of garden furniture, with a particularly impressive selection of Hanging Egg Armchairs.

Our favorite track: The Rope Weave Outdoor Rocking Chair, a perfect blend of iron and acacia wood, is the stuff of outdoor relaxation dreams: just add a good book and a drink.

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