Former students donate much-needed furniture to Mpopoma High

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Thandeka Moyo-Ndlovu, Senior Reporter
Mpopoma High School in BULAWAYO is appealing to supporters to help buy furniture for students and teachers following a donation from former students called the Titanians.

Founded in 1959, the school has 2,292 students, but most of its property is dilapidated and degraded.
Speaking at the donation of 40 chairs and desks yesterday by former pupils, headteacher Mr Christopher

Dube said they needed chairs, desks, lab stools, extra toilets and furniture for the staff room.
He said the school continues to prepare the country’s future professionals, but due to high enrollment, they need help.


“We are proud of how far we have come as a school and we currently have 2,292 learners hence the need for furniture as ours is old and has been damaged. We strive to continue to produce focused and hardworking individuals from our school who will become leaders in all areas,” he said.

Titanians leader Ms Mildred Ngwenya said the group was formed after a number of former students realized they could give back to the school that nurtured them.

“We remember in the past, we liked to learn in this school with access to everything, but the enrollment was not so high. We then decided to form a group which currently has 25 members and we are here to give back,” Ms Ngwenya said.

“It’s a humble start; it reflects the love we have for our school and we hope it will motivate other former learners to contribute to the development of this valuable school. We managed to buy 40 chairs and 40 desks so that at least some of the learners could have access to adequate furniture.

Ms Ngwenya urged other supporters to join the group and donate the necessary materials so that the school is able to provide quality education to its learners.

Laboratory stools

One of the members is Mr. Joe Kahwema who owns a local hotel.

He encouraged the learners to keep raising the Mpopoma High flag.

“Our wish is to see more learners from this school succeed and become influential professionals and business people in this country. We encourage students to take their studies seriously and not be put off by any factors, as we too have faced these challenges, but managed to soar and succeed.

“No challenge can hinder their success as long as they work hard and we know they have so many opportunities in this country despite everything we are going through,” Mr Kawema said.

Raised of Mpopoma

The chairman of the school development committee, Alderman Phineas Ndlovu, said that although parents have cooperated in paying school fees, inflation has made it difficult for the school to purchase furniture.

“We are grateful to the parents who support us and who did not disappoint by paying the fees and supporting every development of this school. Our major enemy is inflation because the resources we had only allowed us to buy 25 chairs. This is just a drop in the ocean considering the needs of this school,” he said.

“This school was built a long time ago for fewer students, but now that we have so many learners, we need additional toilets that can be used by staff members. Our teachers also need furniture because what they use now robs them of the dignity they deserve. – @thamamoe

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