Furniture sharing platform keeps furniture out of landfills

Clothing rental platforms have become a go-to for fashionistas who want to stay fashionable without turning to fast-fashion retailers. Now, there’s a similar platform available for furniture and home decor pieces in an effort to keep household items out of landfills.

Available in cities nationwide, Inhabitr uses a cloud-based system to help customers locate exactly the designer-grade piece of furniture they’re looking for. Depending on the part, customers can either rent it on a monthly basis or buy it new, used, or later, after their rental period begins.

Inhabitr even offers delivery and installation in just a few days after ordering. It is an option for those who need to provide temporary housing, business or rental properties.

When you are finished with the furniture, Inhabitr will pick it up at the end of your rental contract. The company then cleans and repairs the piece of furniture and makes it available to the next customer.

According to Inhabitat, Inhabitr reports that it has so far saved $5 million worth of furniture from ending up in a landfill.

“If you have no way to let used furniture get back into the mainstream, you will never solve the landfill problem,” Ankur Agrawal, founder and CEO of Inhabitr, told the site. “Through our technology, we’re creating a way that every consumer who wants to use a sofa for, say, a year, and wants to trade it in for another sofa, will have the ability to place their furniture in our cloud. Our cloud will then put it back in someone else’s home while allowing people to get the design aesthetic they are looking for and be able to create fair value for that sofa.

Inhabitr also offers home décor items like rugs, dishes, lamps, linens, pillows and more, so you can furnish your entire home with rental items, making moving house easier. Saving the planet has never been easier.

Olivia Harvey


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