Furniture supply chain issues? (Yes) An inflatable sofa could be the solution

In October I ordered a deep and delicious sectional canape. I pictured it perfectly sitting in my studio, welcoming me to get up after a long day at work and providing enough space for house guests to get a good night’s sleep. In December I received an email saying there was a backlog on my sofa. No sweating! What is a few weeks late? News and pop culture via Twitter had kept me well informed about supply chain issues affecting furniture, homewares and ready-to-wear amid the ongoing pandemic. But on January 24, the day I finally received a shipping tracking number for the sofa, I was alerted that it would be another minimum eight weeks.

I placed the order the same month I moved into a new apartment. Everything was timed to the partial reopening of vogue‘s World Trade Center HQ, and I was starting from scratch with a completely bare apartment. Eating, working, and sitting on the floor or on the bench of my small dining room table was fine, but less than ideal. Moreover, having guests was useless. I searched in vain for a temporary and affordable replacement sofa. The ones I liked aesthetically were either expensive or also prone to supply chain issues, and the ones that were affordable and delivered on time were really nothing I wanted to live with. Not to mention that the waste of temporary furniture puts me off.

That’s when I came across Intex’s Inflatable Sectional Sofa in an easy-on-the-eyes concrete color. The inflatable couch was under $150, had hundreds of five-star reviews, and would ship to me the next day. “It was honestly one of the best prices I have ever spent!!!” writes an Amazon patron. “If you’re in college or traveling for work like me, or on a really tight budget, this is the sofa for you. It’s inflatable, so it won’t be like a section $4,000 but it will do the job and keep you and your friends from sitting on the floor I would buy it a hundred times over People think I’m crazy but I brag about this sofa all the time inflatable! When I show them pictures and the price, they can’t believe it. I was almost sold but after sending the link to a few close friends, the resounding response was, “That’s kinda amazing Classy?” It was indeed rather classy. A friend said it looked like a Mario Bellini. A stretch, but I went for it.

Turns out the Amazon reviews were correct. The only catch is that it doesn’t come with a pump, and after giving one up at first (I’ve blown pool floats and mistakenly assumed it wasn’t so different), I ordered an easy to use pump that quickly gave me a canape in about 15 minutes. For an inflatable sofa, this corner sofa is perfect. I too might look crazy bragging about an inflatable sofa but it has made my weekends at home even more relaxing now that I have a place to meditate, relax with a good book and have some friends. until my more permanent solution finally arrived. And when it does, I plan to keep this one if a friend is having a backyard party this summer. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that you never know when you’ll need a sofa in the blink of an eye!

Here, the inflatable couch that helped improve my supply chain issues.

Intex inflatable corner sofa

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