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Cannabis was once associated with poorly dressed college-age stoners. But with legalization on the rise, it has spread far beyond these stereotypes and into lucrative industries. The last? Haute couture (seriously.)

With clothing made from cannabis-based materials and trendy leaf prints, cannabis sewing is a growing craze, and it just might stay.

Don’t believe us? Here’s a quick roundup of the hash-inspired trends that will put a little more green in your wardrobe. And yes, you can use that as an excuse to buy new clothes.

Cannabis trends in the clothing industry

Cannabis is more popular than expected in the fashion industry. Some designers use cannabis materials (hemp) as an alternative to cotton, and others use cannabis leaf prints and patterns.


Hemp has become very popular in the clothing industry. Candid magazine explains that the biggest appeal of hemp is that it is environmentally friendly. Hemp requires very little water for its growth and does not require pesticides.

The article goes on to say that hemp lasts longer than cotton and is easier to produce in larger quantities. Additionally, hemp is generally softer and more durable than cotton. For these reasons and many more, hemp is becoming popular in the fashion industry.

Cannabis Leaf Prints

The cannabis leaf emblem appears everywhere on shirts these days. Renowned rapper B-Real from Cyrpus Hill has his own clothing brand, Insane, and many of his products have the leaf print on it.

The cannabis leaf print is often used to appeal to young people. However, several creators are trying to incorporate the leaf print into a more upscale fashion. This use of the leaf appears to be an attempt to reject stereotypes and make cannabis elegant.

How designers are using these trends

Fashion designers are use sustainable materials like hemp in their lines. Designer Steven Tai used hemp materials for all of his designs during London Fashion Week 2018. Brands such as Nike and Levi’s are also incorporating hemp into their products.

Sheet printing is also experiencing significant growth in popularity among designers. Just a few years ago, New York Fashion Week had several models in designer outfits with the leaf print. These high-end designs give the sheet a more sophisticated look, defying stereotypes of stoner culture.

The leaf print is used in subtle ways by designer Gela Nash-Taylor and her son Travis. Forbes recently covered their cannabis-centric clothing brand Powerful products, which sells high-end loungewear as well as bags and jackets. Their prints have a moody romance quality with the occasional use of the leaf, giving cannabis a more luxurious image.

This print has always been popular among cannabis users, but its adoption by the fashion industry could be seen as a sign of the growing acceptance of cannabis across the country.


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