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A little over a year ago, I started a YouTube channel and started creating video content to help people become more impactful communicators.

Some of my videos have less than 10 views, others a few hundred views, but my most watched video to date (just over 10,000 views) is the topic of this column: How to Host a Wedding.

While many people will probably never have to worry about hosting a wedding, I wanted to create a useful resource for those who are asked to be a host, but have no idea where to start in. planning.

Tip 1 – Meet the couple in advance

Plan a month or two before the wedding to meet with the bride and groom to discuss what they have in mind for their special day.

There are a few things you want to determine when you meet the couple. The first is who they would like you to give special recognition to. This often includes family members such as parents, grandparents, siblings, or perhaps anyone who has traveled a long distance to attend the wedding.

The second thing to find out is what the couple thinks about the clinking of glasses. It is customary for the bride and groom to kiss each time someone clinks their glass at a wedding; However, not everyone is a fan of this tradition. Find out if the couple is ok with this, or if they perhaps prefer an alternative (like a game).

The third thing to ask the bride and groom is the description of their wedding party. I will usually give this to them as a homework project so that they take some time and write short descriptions of each member of their wedding party and why these people are special to them. This information is invaluable to a master of ceremonies at the start of the reception when introducing each member of the wedding party.

The next thing you’ll want to find out is what the general structEmbed code is:

ure of the evening is. While this is ultimately up to the couple to decide, be prepared as some couples may ask for your thoughts on how the night should go and you wish you could provide them with some helpful suggestions. When discussing the structure, be sure to ask who will be giving the speeches and the order of the speeches.

Finally, it’s a good idea to know if there is anything that is off limits from the couple’s point of view. Some couples are laid back and okay with edgy humor, but others may have family members who take offense easily, so knowing where the line is so you don’t accidentally cross it. with a joke or an offside remark.

Tip 2 – don’t fly away

A grand master of ceremonies is a prepared master of ceremonies. It is very important to train several times before the big event. The more you prepare, the more natural it will feel at the wedding reception. Once you’ve worked out a few times, you can always ask a friend or family member for their review, or consider checking in on your phone and looking back.

It is important to have cue cards or subtle notes on hand to remind you of things you need to mention (such as family members to recognize); However, you don’t want to write down every word you plan to say that night. Each category of notes should consist of a few key words that remind you of what to talk about.

Tip 3 – Arrive early

When it comes to a wedding reception, expect the unexpected. Slight agenda changes are likely to occur, and grand emcees will adapt and roll with the punches. By arriving early, you can be better prepared for these adjustments and mentally prepare yourself for the night ahead.

Arriving early also allows you to meet key people, like the DJ (if the couple has hired one). The responsibilities of a host and a DJ often overlap, so it’s a good idea to chat and be on the same page before the event. Another important person you need to introduce yourself to is the day planner (again, if the couple has hired one).

This person’s responsibility is to make sure everything runs smoothly, so consider having a conversation with them to make sure your expectations are aligned.

Tip 4 – Deliver with contagious energy

Once the wedding reception begins, it is extremely important that you are smiling and energized. This will likely start with the grand entrance and should be done throughout the evening. If you can inject humor early on and make the crowd laugh, it will set the tone for the night and your audience will be more relaxed.

Good luck, and remember: if you’re lucky enough to be invited to host a wedding, take it as a compliment. Whoever asked you the question asks the question because they think you are the best person for the job.

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