Incredible Elden Ring Fan Art Shows Malenia’s Mech Version

An incredibly talented Elden Ring fan creates Fan Art that depicts a Mech version of Malenia, one of the most famous bosses.

Since its release nearly two months ago, Ring of Elden emerged as one of the best-selling titles of the year so far. Ring of Elden has the most impressive sales numbers compared to previous FromSoftware titles like dark souls 3 and Sekiro, and also became the developer’s biggest launch on Steam.

It turns out that out of the millions of Ring of Elden gamers, a few are very talented artists. Many pieces of fan art have gone viral on the internet since the game’s release, depicting famous characters from the game. Ring of Elden player has created a fan art of Sir Gideon Ofnir, which shows the popular NPC surrounded by books.

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Following in the footsteps of these art enthusiasts, another Ring of Elden player showed his creative talent with innovative fan art. This fan art features one of the most famous bosses, Malenia, in a rather unorthodox and peculiar outfit. Reddit user Riisiwaanzz imagined Malenia in a futuristic setting rather than the fantasy world of Ring of Elden. The user named her creation “Mechalenia”, combining the words “mech” and “Malenia”. The fan art shows Malenia in metal armor and a face mask, giving her a more robotic look. Meanwhile, the art also shows Malenia wearing her winged helmet and wielding the katana known as the Hand of Malenia.

Even though Malenia is an optional boss in Ring of Elden, she is definitely among the most popular and hardest to beat. Like several other Ring of Elden characters, Malenia also has a tragic history, having been afflicted with Scarlet Rot since birth, causing her to use prosthetic limbs. Despite this great popularity, many Ring of Elden fans don’t know Malenia’s secrets, including her Scarlet Rot affliction and the mysterious circumstances of her birth.

While the majority of the Reddit community praised Riisiwaanzz’s fan art, some compared the art to Gundam. Gundam are giant robots from the Japanese media franchise of the same name, including several TV series, manga, video games, and more. Although the Reddit user did not intentionally create the art similar to Gundamthe gaming community may surprise everyone with such artwork in the future.

Ring of Elden players are notoriously famous for combining Ring of Elden along with other fictional universes in their fan art. Many of them have gone viral to widespread acclaim, including a combination of Malenia and Princess Zelda, a portrayal of Kirby in Ring of Elden armor, and a depiction of Thor and Mohg.

Ring of Elden is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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