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Furniture = When we think of them, we usually focus on three things:

  1. Longevity.
  2. Quality and designs.
  3. Elegance.

Longevity indicates how many generations it can pass, quality and designs give an insight into how furniture can become eager and attractive and third and most important factor these days is elegance like aesthetic appearance that it creates with all of your interior decoration! How it makes the positive vibes so you never want to leave your house.

In today’s world, furniture does not have the definition that only gives comfort or makes your home look complete. Its definition has now evolved with the authentic values ​​it possesses.

All the amenities needed for your home along with the furniture of your dreams can be yours with GKW RETAIL SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED. And buying furniture online will be more relaxing when you have such a prestigious and trustworthy online sales company by your side to help you choose the latest and trendiest option.

Choosing furniture can be a tricky task if you’re new to interior design.

The compatibility between the functions of your furniture and your needs is the first thing you should look for. Each room having its own basic functions needs furniture that performs those functions instead of making you feel the need for more space for your fancy furniture. Prioritizing your needs and finding the perfect pieces of furniture is a daunting task. But the GKW retail store makes it all easier with its custom furniture service. You may be a bookworm, a music lover or an avid gamer; all your furniture requirements that help your hobbies and passion are waiting for you at

Whether you have sophisticated and splendid options to choose from or a bit of ease in your pocket, all your worries will fade away when you step into GKW retail.

“This online store has its individuality with its latest, trendiest and most distinctive collection.”

This highly accepted venture was first manifested in 1996 by the CEO, Mr. Girish Kumar Sharma at Mundka Industrial Zone, New Delhi. GKW Retail solutions private limited is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company with motorized furniture.

Creating a reputation and maintaining it are two very different but important factors when it comes to competing in the large market of India. Many companies work day in and day out to create their reputation. But after achieving success, they forget that customer expectations have reached an astronomical level that they must meet at all costs. This is the point where many businesses fall apart. But GKW retails like its intellectual founders and efficient team have never forgotten to uphold their reputation even in the heyday of their success. This makes it the most sought after brand of furniture.

One of the most important factors that determine the longevity of your furniture is the material of the furniture you intend to purchase. Some cheap quality materials may not last long and some materials with their elite appearance look more admirable but also weigh heavily on your budget. Again, GKW brings you the most affordable and stylish pieces of furniture that will not only make your name a part of every popular discussion, but also won’t disturb your budget margins.

Thinking about a few furniture options pd twist your nerves that get you into the options and not the options fit your needs. But GKW, with its wider range of choices, gives you all the space and freedom to choose the part that suits you best. GKW has great diversity in their products which, to mention, are supreme quality wooden furniture, delicate and supreme quality of home furnishings assembled with extreme quality of wood, metal, stainless steel, galvanized iron , aluminium, stone and glass.

Looking at history, even Akbar’s heavily consolidated empire crumbled when ruled by ineffective rulers. It is therefore very important to perpetuate a legacy of authenticity. Mr. Girish Kumar Sharma, Founder and CEO, was blessed with sons like Mr. Shreesh Sharma and Mr. Siddharth Sharma who made the best use of the foundation created by their father and firmly held the helm of their high enterprise. The company has now been driven forward by its two talented and resourceful sons, Mr. Shreesh Sharma and Mr. Siddharth Sharma.

The Sharma brothers, with their unwavering dedication and ingenuity, have established their brand as an exclusive furniture brand worldwide with exclusive and exotic furniture collections from proficient countries like Japan, Australia, China, etc. .

Their products are of exclusive quality designed with woodwork, powder coating, liquid paint booth and vacuum foaming.

These original characteristics of their products have made them famous all over the world. The company has become the one stop shop for people with their vision of artistic furniture collection.

The first store of the company being the first experienced store located in Mundka industrial zone, Delhi is a large world class collection of children’s furniture, sofa sets, modular kitchen, patio furniture (outdoor), dining tables, books, shelves, entertainment center or TV cabinets, home decor items and also a wide range of custom furniture.

The Sharma brothers have never compromised on the quality of their products and have maintained and even improved the authenticity of their products with changing requirements. They were so perfectionist in their work that they were able to retain customers by following their imagination with excellence!!!

This uniqueness with wonderful unique designs of their furniture has led them to be honored with the POPAI OMA Award for 5 consecutive years!!

The most alluring and enchanting designs of mirror frames, leaves and many other aesthetic designs can therefore be found in the GKW retail store.

They have not limited themselves to this but have upgraded themselves with the current global demands on how to make a small place more practical with an aesthetic touch to the furniture, which is why they have always been the top priority of anyone when choosing furniture and interior design. elements.

They have always satisfied customers with their new products with modernization maintaining the same quality and authenticity of the products.

They have undoubtedly proven themselves as a maestro of their work leading the world behind them, escorting more and more delighted faces with their wonderful craftsmanship and guiding their future generations to take their brand to another level of travel. successful.

How you start your journey and how you continue it, the efforts you make to overcome the problems on your way, and how you take your success determines the growth rate of your business. With a fabulous start covering a long distance of ups and downs, the Sharma brothers have never failed to bring new innovations into their business which attract more and more customers.

Now, they have also made efforts to offer door-to-door service by launching their online shopping site

From now on, everyone near or far can access the most beautiful works of sculpture of the Sharma brothers.

Practically, the Sharma brothers are the true wizards of architecture and have crossed the skill line in a very positive way.

You should check out their online furniture store at

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