Interactive Mirror allows retail customers to virtually ‘try on’ clothes

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CALGARY, Alta., December 7, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Retail clothing stores of the future are likely to have fewer clothing, checkouts, dressing rooms, employees and square footage. Instead, you’ll likely see more self-service consoles that allow shoppers to “try on” virtually any garment.

According to NOBAL Technologies, Inc., of Calgary, that future is here now, with NOBAL’s iMirror product, an interactive mirror that promises to revolutionize the customer experience in retail, just as it already does in host institutions.

Explains Royal Bissell, NOBAL Innovation Director: “With a few taps from a customer, the iMirror’s built-in 3D camera takes an accurate scan of the entire body, from which the buyer can create a realistic avatar of themselves. They can then browse the products on the iMirror and, using their avatar, see exactly what the clothes will look like and fit their body.

Customers can make purchases directly from iMirror. NOBAL would work on a Tap to pay solution to further facilitate the eCommerce functionality of iMirror.

According to NOBAL’s CTO Daniel Maher, unlike other body modeling software whose avatars end up looking cartoonish, “the photo scan taken by the iMirror contains over 200 measurement points, producing a photo-realistic avatar that is 94% “accurate in measurement. “When this avatar is dressed in clothing with equally precise measurements, the customer can see exactly what that garment will look like and in shape-on them.”

A big plus, NOBAL reports, is that once an avatar is created, a customer can download it to their smartphone and use it on future visits to any store using the same technology.

Bissell adds, “The convenience for the customer is enormous – they can instantly see what multiple garments look like on them, minus the tedious process of a physical dressing room. “

In the wake of the pandemic and thanks to innovations like iMirror, many retailers will not be bringing back real changing rooms. The advantages, Bissell notes, are numerous: “The absence of dressing rooms means significantly reduced shrinkage. Plus, without changing rooms and with fewer or no checkouts, a store’s total footprint can be much smaller. Then there’s the precision of our imaging technology, which means better “virtual adjustments” which, in turn, means a lot less feedback.

Another important benefit for retailers, according to NOBAL, is the increase in “basket size”. According to Bissell, “With physical dressing rooms, a customer decides based on the limited number of clothes available in the store where they try on. In the virtual dressing room, the iMirror can make suggestions based on what the customer has already seen, as well as the entire store inventory or even warehouse items, which are related to iMirror.

NOBAL CEO Bill Roberts adds, “Customer satisfaction is increasing as retailers now have endless deals, even though these garments are not physically in the store. Roberts also notes that their retail customers have reported basket size jumps of 15-20% using iMirror, adding, “They are finding their ROI on the product is less than a week. “

Depending on the company, there may also be a psychological aspect to the proven increase in cart size provided by iMirror. Bissell Notes: “We haven’t fully unboxed this idea, but we suspect that customers may purchase more items when they virtually view them, while those who try on real clothes are more likely to decide not to buy. one or more donated items. “

When it comes to 3D images of clothing that customer avatars will “try on”, retailers could provide their own image library, or NOBAL, using its 3D imaging technology, can help retailers create these libraries.

Bissell sums it up: “We want to replicate the real experience of a dressing room and the confidence that comes from physically trying on a garment and knowing it fits. This is now possible, given the precision of our system. All of this adds up to a cost effective solution with many substantial benefits for customers and retailers.

For more information on NOBAL’s cutting-edge iMirror products, visit or contact:

Ms. Lindsay Panchyshyn, Director of Marketing
NOBAL Technologies inc.
403-589-3322 | | [email protected]

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